Friday, February 5, 2016

Finley // 6 Months

**Now going to monthly posts because I just can't keep up with weekly anymore. I haven't been here since my last post because my laptop is so full it's about to crash. I've called Apple support and deleted, deleted, deleted so much stuff and I guess there is still something that's causing my iDisk to be full. It's already shut down in the middle of me trying to get this one finished (which I've been working on for 2 weeks now!) It really stresses me out when I'm not here! EEEk!

Finley, time is certainly flying by SO quickly and you are just growing growing growing like a weed! We are so thankful for your health and how God has really blessed us with you being a healthy, happy, full of life and love angel baby! 

You had your 6 month check up on January 25 and all was great! You weighed in at 15 lbs and 8oz and have grown to 25 inches long. You got another round of shots this visit but did so good. You jumped and cried out immediatley but when I picked you up you calmed down and you didn't cry as long this time as you did the last time. While we were waiting on Dr Setia you loved playing with the paper and just tore into it like it was Christmas morning! You got pretty angry when Dr Setia was checking you.. you did NOT like him poking and looking and messing with you at all! Unless anything happens we will go back in April for your 9 month check up.

This is Mommy's dress from when I was a baby! Grandma Kathy has my picture in this dress and going to get it to me soon.


You have done so great with your eating! Sweet potatoes are definitely your favorite! You love apples and prunes.. bananas, peaches, and are trying to like peas, green beans, squash, and zucchini. I make everything in your Baby Bullet except for prunes, bananas, peas, and green beans. After your checkup, I made you chicken (which you really like too) and carrots. We've let you chew on fresh pineapple and you loved it. I know the coolness had to feel good on your gums. I also made eggs one morning and let you try that but you were NOT interested at all. I think sometimes the prunes and bananas are tart, and you do this gagging face, stick out your tounge, and shiver. I wish I could capture this on video because you make a shiver sound and shake your whole body. Oh my goodness you keep us laughing with your personality. 
You eat so well that sometimes I feel like I'm over feeding you but you certainly let us know when you are full. You had been throwing your head back and arms out to the side when you didn't want anymore..

.. Dr Setia told us to give you water with your solids and you have learned to take a good bit at times! We are pretty much down to 2-3 bottles a day and you get so excited for your bedtime bottle.

Grocery store trip in your carrier. We love this thing! I need to check the max weight on it and make sure it's still safe. You had been going thru a time when you didn't want to be put down at all and wanted everyone undevided attention, so when we needed to get things done, this is how we worked! Mommy LOVES carrying you like this and I have a new carried picked out.. just need to order! 

You are seriously such a happy baby!

One of my favorite things is going to church with you! During worship, you just take it all in and sometimes almost fall asleep you seem so peaceful. There have only been a couple times that you have gotten loud, and we just excuse ourself.. one Sunday me and you listened to the service in the bathroom in the rocking chairs. I think we were just have an off day, so I just rocked you when you fell asleep and kept listening to Pastor Arlene preach. I'm not sure why I'm not ready to drop you off in the nursery.. I just love having you with me in church. But this past Sunday, I felt like it's getting closer to time for you to go... we got pretty loud for a few seconds. Oops.

You got your Valentine pictures made on January 16 and sat up all by yourself! You were still a little wobbly but did most of it on your own. The night before we were playing with your toys and you just sat straight up by yourself.. seemed like it was literally just over night!


You have started sleeping a good 11 hours at night! I guess you've got your belly full and you love your sleep! You are out anywhere between 8-9.. there are times where you have cried out but you just go right back to sleep.

Caught you smiling in your sleep! This is the last time you napped in your bassinett swing. You started sitting straight up in it and almost went face first into the floor one afternoon. Mommy packed it up and took it back to Whitney.

You love your Daddy! You were so sleepy this afternoon that you fell asleep on your Daddy's chest without even taking your paci.

We played dress up so much over Christmas break and even wore Christmas into January. Hee hee.

You love your Bumbo seat! And Mommy does too because we have no room really for a high chair.

This was the only time you wore this outfit.. you got really upset trying to get this on.

New Year's Eve! 


The 3 Amigas still love you! We had family over and Kyli snapped at Brooks. I honeslty feel like she was being protective of you because he was sitting next to you, then got up, and that's when Kyli acted out. All of them try and lick on you (except Sox because she has great manners). Kyli loves to cuddle with us on the couch.

Bless your heart, Mommy had to get some stuff done and I realized that you had gotten pretty quiet and went to check on you... You went down for a nap. 

No. More. Pictures. MOM.

Melt my heart. You love to nap with your Daddy in the mornings. I've tried to lay down with you like this but the dogs ALWAYS find something to bark about and it never happens.

This is one of the few times that you have hung out on your belly. We were at Mama Jane's after church and you had fun rolling around in the floor for a bit.

You love playing with all of your toys and just yesterday starting scooting around on the floor some. You love to sit up and will lean forward for toys out of reach and have even rocked a couple times on your hands and knees.

You were cracking us up this afternoon just being all over the place and making yourself at home in your Daddy's lap. Something caught your eye on TV for a good few seconds and you just continued to hang out!

We attended Grandma Kathy's pj party to get her ready for her stay at Emory. You were super happy and everyone loved seeing you!

I love your overalls!

You can definitely tell when you are reaching for us now..
you only take your paci at nap time and bed time..
I haven't seen you suck your thumb in some time now..
You have started propping your elbows on the back of your car seat when I sit you down to strap you in..
When you are excited you really do show it!..
You don't like anything on your feet.. one afternoon I put shoes on you to go to the grocery store.. I walked from the living room to the nursery and both were in the floor before I could get in you in the car seat! They were the right size too and not too big...
You follow us when we walk about the room or when you hear the dogs coming or something loud..
You love your bath time!..
You have given us kisses on the cheek.. oh my goodness SO SWEET..
you pull Mommy's hair and even play with it sometimes when I'm rocking you..
You have started pinching our necks with your strong little fingers..
You've pulled your bows off a couple times..
You also saw your first snow a couple weeks ago and we may get more this Monday/Tuesday??! ..
You will pull up on Mommy's shirt when we are in the floor playing and you will stand when you hold on to Mommy and Daddy's fingers..


I still really don't feel back to normal and not sure when and if that will really happen? I have another GYN checkup in a couple weeks since I had an abnormal pap at my 6 week follow up. I've got LOTS of questions for my doctor. 
These last 8-10 lbs are hanging on tight so my wonderful husband held up his end of the deal and got me a trainer at the gym. I love her! She's really helped me as far as learning what my strengths and weaknesses are, I'm learning new workouts, and she's helped me adjust things with my eating. I've lost a few pounds but I really need to stay off the scale because I'm also gaining muscle. I'm noticing some areas are starting to tone up and I feel stronger too... just need some of the fluff to start disappearing! I read where the pregnancy hormones start leaving your body at 6 months post?? 
I also ordered a Bellefit girdle which I was really enjoying! I felt so much support with it but then one day, my stomach really started hurting when I would wear it so I discontinued. I'm not sure if I need to start back wearing it to see if it was just a fluke or no?


Notes from Finley's journal ::

12.31.15 // squealed at changing table // when I was taking pictures in front of the Christmas tree she rolled from her stomach to her back all the way under the tree. Face was priceless // started sleeping in crib // arches back in bassinet swing // still dislikes being on stomach but will roll around on us like she is wanting to crawl // there were a few nights didn't sleep at all and then slept for 12 hours // has started hanging out on our bed 

1.04.16 // having fussy fits // not sleeping well (teeth) // always wants to be held or have your attention

1.07.16 // rolling over again // one morning the dogs started howling and I found Finley on her stomach in her crib .. it's never happened again so I'm curious if it startled her so bad somehow she rolled from her back to stomach // throwing head back at feedings when finished // staying up longer during the day // opening mouth before spoon gets to her and grabbing spoon // having good diapers since starting on apples and prunes // has started to dislike having diaper changed and clothes changed

1.15.16 // slept 11 hours

1.17.16 // visit at Mama Jane's : holding head up high and rolling over good // didn't sleep well the night before // trying to talk (moving mouth making more noises) // when we hold Finley she pushes on us // have a video of Finley saying "Mama" said it three times this day

1.18.16 // up all this night .. nothing that we tried satisfied and even tried letting Fin cry it out in her crib. Finally, I put Finley in the bed with me and held her the remainder of the early morning until I had to get up. Even when I tried to lay next to me in bed would cry. // left side of gum is still swollen and always chews most of the time on that side

1.25.16 // cried out twice in the night but went back to sleep on her own // first time trying sippy cup. Did take a couple of sips but chewed on it more than anything // making sounds like "da da" and "ma ma" // pooped in the bathtub 


Finley, you are such a joy and such a blessing to all of us. We are so thankful for you and I'm so blessed and thankful that God has blessed me and your Daddy with you! I seriously can't get over your beauty.. when we were at your 6 Month pictures the other day, I just stared in awe of you! I love seeing you happy and seeing you smiling and so full of joy.. I love watching your excitement when you learn something new and look forward to seeing more of these moments. We love you Finley so much!

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