Sunday, December 31, 2017

Fallyn // Week 30

Fallyn, Week 30 of your life was a little rough! By the time I got off work Thursday night, you had a fever of 101.3 (I think) on 16th. You were burning up!! I called the nurse, we gave you meds to bring down the fever and the next day I took you to the doctor. You had the same thing that Finley had.. it started out as sinus and turned into a cold. All of us, except Daddy, we put on Amoxicillan to cut the crud. Your very first cold! You were a trooper tho and I could tell as soon as the meds got into your system after a couple of days, you felt so much better! Yours and Fin's cough was horrible tho! We ended up back at the doctor again, and Mommy even ended up getting sick but I actually had Strep throat. I was very worried that you had that after getting worse after going to the doctor the first time, but you had a strep test done and you did not test positive for it. It was such a rough week for all of us and I was so glad to see the sickness go and my babies feeling much better!

You can tell here in your face that you do not feel well.

Sister sister playing!

As soon as we got to the doctor this morning, you were CACKLING outloud! I even got it on video--You were making a liar out of Mommy for sure! Laughing and smiling practically the whole time we were there getting checked.

We made a stop by Toys r Us to return some things and you didn't mind one bit.

We went to visit Mama Jane this week! She didn't mind the sick snuggles and wanted to see her grand babies so bad.

Hanging out with Daddy!

Starting to get around all over the place! And so happy about it!

Nap time snuggles. Oh my goodness have I told you how much I love your snuggles?

Mommy got home from a Monat even in ATL and I gave you your bottle and you passed out. I just held you and snuggled and had to document.

Morning smiles!!

Weezie gave Fin these PJ's and I just love them! That strawberry on the booty!

So happy ! Love your big smile!!

I love the love y'all have for one another!

Thanksgiving Day!! Going to eat some great food!! 
And of course, couldn't resist these super cute MJ outfits! 

While we were having Thanksgiving at Christines, Emily and Caleb asked y'all to be flower girls! How precious!! The note was so cute!

Thanksgiving at Mama Jane's!

 (nov 17-23)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Fallyn // Week 29

What a sweet morning!!
You took your bottle and crashed -- something you hardly ever do! I think maybe twice now -- You snoozed for awhile in my arms after your bottle and then woke up just KISSING all over me! The absolute sweetest thing ever. You just grab my face and incoming with that huge grin of yours and plants 'em all over my cheek!
I'm so thankful for these sweet mornings! Not having to be at work at any set hour and soaking up all these moments that I would miss if I had a 8-5 job. It's such a blessing and something I don't take for granted.

On the way to Gammas in your pj's! So happy.

Gamma and Pa took all of us to see Sesame Street!
It was loads of fun watching you girls. You did so good and had such a great time watching Elmo, the Cookie Monster, Big Bird.. everyone! You sang with them too! 

I don't have much pictures of you girls from this particular week because the Friday night we went to see Sesame Street, Finley was coming down with a cold.
By that Monday, it was off to the doctor with Fin and later on this week, you ended up getting it too (as much as we tried to keep y'all off each other). Its just the inevitable.

For y'all to be sick tho, y'all sure did hang well for the most part during the day!

You can see your runny nose here!
This is one of the first times that you sat for just a couple seconds by yourself!
Me, you, Daddy, and Fin Fin played in your room this night and it was such a great night!
I was so shocked to see you sitting like this! Getting so big so quickly!

Nov 9-15

Finley's TWOtii Fruitii Party

Back in August, (just a little behind), we celebrated Finley's 2nd Birthday!
July was a little crazy and with Shane traveling, we waited for things to slow down a tad and of course so he could be home to celebrate with us. No leaving Daddy out!

Finley's 1st Birthday was HOT and our house just isn't big enough or laid out right to host parties so we held it at an ice-cream shop in my hometown. I had been trying to book a water park and who knew you had to reserve those place a year in advance?! I was starting to feel really defeated on a place but it just hit me all of a sudden one day to call Swirlee's and the rest is history!

We invited family and close friends and just kept it simple. I did have SO much fun with this decor tho! So much fun planning and decorating for this one.

Arriving for the PARTAY!

Loved these party hats!

My cousin made the cake and cookies and they were SO DELISH! 

La La made the banner and now its hanging from her mantle in her room. Its so pretty!

I wish Finley would've worn one of the hats but she didn't care to.

I think Finley had the most sugar drinks she's ever had in her life this day! But she didn't eat her ice-cream for some reason. I think she was having too much fun with her cup and juice!

Opening her gifts!

She LOVES her shopping cart and goes shopping all the time!

Can't believe how much she has grown already since August! Her hair is longer, her face even looks a little different now and a little taller too. Oh em gee. Sissy looks so tiny too!!

Happy Birthday Fin Fin!! We love you so much!! What a fun party!

Getting into her gifts at home...

love that she has her baby in the front just like where she sits and Sissy sits.

Uncle Ko Ko and Aunt Michelle came by afterwards since they couldn't make it to the party.
This facial expression cracks me up! Love it!

Finley, these past 2 years have been amazing with you! I cannot imagine life without you little one. Days after your party, you started singing, "happy to you". And now when we pass Swirlee's, you say "happy to you" too. So cute. We've been back since a couple times and you have eaten the ice-cream .. ha! Not sure why you did not want any this particular day. 
We had so much fun with you and it was such a wonderful party!

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