Tuesday, August 30, 2016

1st Family Vaca // Finley's 1st Beach Trip // Day 3

Almost every day, I would get Finley from her pack-n-play and she would have whatever of her bottle she wanted, and then I would start cooking the infamous pancakes, canadian bacon/eggs. I was going to try and wean her off the bottle this week but it didn't happen.. and to be honest, I really think morning bottles are for me to have that extra cuddle time.

After breakfast, I would get myself ready, we would sunscreen up, get Finley dressed and all of our stuff together and if Shane wasn't ready for the beach (aka sleeping in) me and Fin would make our way to the beach. I just don't think people realize the love I have for the beach! When I'm awake... I want my toes in the sand! Yes, I know I'm annoying about it too. I had intensions of getting up early enough to see the sunrise too but I just couldn't make myself get up. There was SEVERAL mornings that I was awake at 4am - 430 and couldn't go back to sleep for a couple hours.. then the next thing I knew, I was waking to Finley crying.

After being called a boy one too many times, we opted for the pink bathing suit on day three.

We tried so hard to get to the beach during Finley's happy time but sometimes it didn't happen. It did get hotter during the week we were there and that may have had something to do with why she just seemed "over it" this day. And I tried so hard to get her to nap on the beach but she wouldn't have any part in it.

So we would hang out for a little bit, get showers once we were back at the cottage, eat some lunch, and she was O - U - T. Sweet snuggles with Daddy.

I would either go back out by myself or we would all go back out together.

She loved being in the water! The sea was really rough these couple of days and there was a red flag one day.. I forget what day it was, but a lifeguard was constantly up and down the beach calling people out of the ocean. You didn't even have to go out far at all and the current would just about take your feet out from under you.

One of my favorite things.. collecting sea shells with Fin! We would find some and take them to Daddy. I know I can get the fake sand at Hobby Lobby but I wish I would've remembered to get some from the beach and put our shells and broken sand dollars we found in a jar.

After our beach afternoon, we all came back up, Fin napped again and I was able to have some alone time. It actually sprinkled on me a little bit but I did not care. I just sat and watched the waves and people watched and took it all in. I also walked the beach a bit.

After dinner, (we cooked at the cottage), Shane heard the ice cream truck and we treated ourselves to some sweets. 

Finley even tried some of my cone but she was only interested in a few bites!

We caught a little of the sunset on our evening walk. The only night that we made it. Like I said, I could stay out there from sun up to sun down... I'm pretty sure I just about had Shane talked into moving but then he got home and stayed on his tractor all one afternoon. Ha! He's still been asking me questions about it soooooo maybe?!

Monday, August 29, 2016

1st Family Vaca // Finley's 1st Beach Trip // Day 2

Well, waking up to Day 2 was one for the history books! I had heard Finley "stirring" around, but she wasn't fussing, so I was giving myself some time to wake up a little more.. then all of a sudden she started crying so I got up. I didn't have my glasses on and I am blind without them, but the closer I got to her, I could see that something was all over her face. I thought for a second it was blood but then the smell hit me and when I got to her I could see that it was poop. 

Oh. My. Gosh.

Needless to say, for whatever reason, she had gotten into her diaper and was playing with her poop. She had it all over her blankets, her sock monkey, on her face, in her hair... just about everywhere.

I called for Shane to get up and me and Fin made our way to the shower, with Daddy gagging right behind us. He was gagging so hard I thought he was going to vomit. We got THAT mess all cleaned up and were ready to get our day started! 
What a WAKE UP CALL! Ha!

Happy Baby! While we were at the beach, Miss Independent wanted nothing cut up for her. She wanted to be able to hold the whole banana or whatever it was and bite off of it. The only problem with that is she filled her mouth full and could hardly chew!

Getting ready for the beach!

This outfit is what we were wearing when Finley started getting called a boy. Bless it. We only had one pink bathing suit and this and the other long sleeve is all I could find in her size. 

Finley's Aunt Tacie gifted this chair to her for her birthday and it was a hit! She loved sitting in it playing in the sand like a big girl.

She LOVED watching the birds!

Ahhhh.... take me back please.

We had taken Finley back up to the room for her lunch and nap. Bless her heart, even tho she slept ALL thru the night before, she fell asleep in the middle of eating. I have often wondered if and when that would ever happen and it did! 
Shane doesn't like to be out on the beach 24/7 like me, so he didn't mind me going out by myself while she napped. I was so thankful for that. While I was enjoying just sitting, I thought I had noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't playing tricks on me! 

After Finley's nap, her and Shane made their way back to the beach for a couple hours that afternoon. We borrowed a tent but it was way too heavy to carry down everyday and load up every afternoon. So Shane opted to rent the beach chairs and umbrella for the week. They picked them up everyday at 5, and if we were out there at time, we would pack up and go in. 

The first day we were out there and rented, there were no clouds in the sky for a sun break. So after Shane noticed Finley having so much fun, Daddy decided that he had to figure something out. He was going to buy our own umbrella but then just decided to rent. There was no space in our car to bring anything back.

I can't tell you how happy I was that Finley loved the beach so much!

Ready for dinner!! 

We decided on Bochamps and had a peaceful dinner on the deck overlooking the Destin Harbor. There were fans and that definitely helped with the heat and kept us comfortable. Fin fell asleep on the ride there and even napped almost thru appetizers.

Shane loves his oysters!

I always get a little worried how she's going to do in a restaurant but I have to brag on this little one. There were times that I felt like we had to entertain just a little bit, but she did so good! I think the server noticed that she had been back and forth from her high chair to me a good bit, so she brought her a Bochamps stuffed dog to try and help. So sweet of her. I don't remember her name but her parents had just moved to Blue Ridge Mountains.

We had such great food that I couldn't tell you which was my favorite. This is definitely a close first.
Our server suggested "The Original" Snapper Destin.. I had already been looking at that and when she suggested it, I ordered with no hesitation. It was SO delicious!! Shane even loved it. 
We both definitely recommend this restaurant if you are ever in the area!

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