Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Pickin' with the Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

For the past several years, Coach and I have been going to a Methodist church here in town to get our pumpkins. This year, we were #hopperpartyof3 with our sweet, whittle addition picking out the perfect pumpkin!

My Mom got her this shirt and it was so much fun dressing her up for the occasion! I just wish we would've left earlier in the afternoon when she was happiest... just didn't happen due to a couple of things.. BUT we were still able to get some pictures and some of these just seriously crack me up.. bless Finley's heart, she had fallen asleep in the car and woke up to all this orange. She didn't know what was going on!

Perhaps she was just a little upset that her jeggins had somehow ended up under her armpits?? Ha! Bless her..

Nothing says 'pumpkin patch' like Bojangles... I've loved getting our pumpkins from here but I'm looking forward to new traditions and visiting Burt's Pumpkin Farm or Washington Farms.

And then, Mom had a bright idea to go sit in the baby pumpkins...

And this would be the conclusion of our 1st pumpkin pickin' fun as a family of 3! So excited for the years to come and this made me even more excited to dress Miss Finley up for her first Halloween!

I can't help but to wonder if I was pregnant in last year's picture and didn't know it.. Dr. Elder said Finley was a Halloween baby.. I'll have to double check and see exactly when we went last year.

We'll be carving pumpkins this week! Now that the fall baseball season is over, I'm looking forward to getting our family time started! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Finley // Week 13

Oh my goodness.. It's quite obvious I took way more pictures this week than I did last week!
I try and delete pictures off my phone that are blurry but it's just too hard to delete any pictures of you! Or videos for that matter..

Your Daddy LOVED these pajamas! And you were in the BEST mood this day.. October 15th to be exact.. You were actually cackling your first time may I add and my phone actually decided it was going to work that day and I caught a little bit of it on video! You were cackling and cooing up a storm. It was a great moment and I'm so glad we have camera phones these days to help capture memories at times. 

This was a Thursday and Mommy got to stay home with you ALL day! I only had one client and I moved them to Friday. It was a great day!


Your diaper rash started to clear up and then came back a little more.. I called the Dr and they gave me a recipe to try. If it doesn't start clearing up, I'm calling the doctor first thing Monday to see what they think. 

We came back from running errands one afternoon and you had your first blowout in your car seat. Thankfully, it only got on the padded part that can be removed so I threw that in the wash along with your poopy outfit.. and then you had your own bath time.

We even had our fist poop in the tub this may have been your 12th week to be exact Thank goodness for the 4 Moms tub we have.. I LOVE it and highly recommend it to any expecting Mom's out there.

As far as teething, you are starting to drool at times, not all the time tho, and your Daddy even called me at work a couple times telling me how fussy you were and if you were down for a nap and woke up angry, he would rub Orajel on your gums and you would pass right back out after a few minutes. I've even given you Tylenol a couple times.. I know it has to be bothering you because you have really picked up on having your fingers in your mouth and your blankets and even your shirts if the extra material will reach your mouth. I got out one of your teething rings and put it in the fridge, but you haven't shown much interest in it at all. 

Your milk coma faces crack me up.. and, in the past several weeks, you have started keeping one eye barley cracked.. like you for sure don't want to miss anything.

Mommy loves holding and cuddling with you like this!

You have gotten to be such a big girl we have moved up to your 3 month clothes! You can wear some 6 month 'leggings' but only a couple pairs.. some of your 3 month pajamas are way too long in the legs but you will just have more time to wear them.. there are still 2 NB onesies that were much bigger than the others that you can wear. I love that they are pink!

You hung out with Mommy as long as you could this morning while I was getting ready... Then I turned the hair dryer on and you started screaming. This really surprised me! It may have been you were just ready for your morning nap and that just did you in..

As you can see, your baby acnevhas cleared up very good. I've noticed a couple of bumps here and there.. and at times you've had dry skin behind your ears and in front of your ears.. so after bath time I apply some vasaline and it clears right up.


For the most part, you have moved yourself up to 6 oz! Healthy, growing girl!! It seems during the day you will only do 4-5 and in the morning and night before bed you take 6. You are still on Gentlease with your Zantac.


Ohhhh myyy, you scared Mommy big time Thursday October 15th.. Your Daddy normally has in the middle of the night duty and at around 5:30AM he came to bed and told me you hadn't woken up.. I have never jumped out of bed so fast!! When we are used to you getting up about every 4-5 hours and then you sleep for that long, that's just something we were not used to! You continued to sleep for another 2 hours and I'm pretty sure I even woke you up checking on you. You were all smiles tho!

 I was praying for round 2, but Friday night you woke up at midnight again.. I tried to rock you back to sleep but you were just ready to eat. Saturday and Sunday night, you continued again with sleeping all night. I think the prayers are definitely working for restful, peaceful sleep and Maaayybee you have picked up your Daddy's sleeping abilities.
So, on those long nights, you've put yourself to bed between 7:30-8:30 and woken up between 6:30-7:30.. There was one later night that was around 9pm.
Now Mommy just needs to learn to go to bed when you do!
Sometimes you've woken up screaming and others I wake up to you cooing and just having a good ol' time by yourself. You are all smiles when I get to you and if you are upset you calm down pretty good.

I've checked on you several times and this is how you are with your pacifier around your face.. you've even started throwing your arm where it covers your face when I rock you, and I've even noticed the blanket gathered too.. I guess it gets nuzzled at your chin where you have been gnawing on it... 


Your Daddy's teams played at the Gwinnett Braves stadium this past weekend at Coolray field. Gigi went with us and we had a great time! You hung in there so well but there were a couple times you got a little fussy. One time you squealed so loud, your Daddy turned around and looked up where we were sitting. Ha! There weren't very many people there, and I just got to where I would walk out when you needed soothing. It was such a beautiful day but towards the end of the game, the wind picked up and started getting a little chilly. I was ready for the game to be over with and was getting ancy so you may have been picking up on my vibes.
Just as I was about to pack up and leave tho, the game was over and your Daddy even got to come home after that!

I really wanted a picture of all of us on the field but it didn't work out.. 

I'd say you do love your shirt tho I had made for you just for this game! It's so fun dressing you up!

 On Sunday, we went to Whitney's sisters baby shower and you got to meet little Briggs for the first time!

You were really fussy when we got there.. it was pretty loud so maybe it was all the noise or a tummy ache.. Abba (Whitney's Mom) got you to sleep and you took a nice little nap after everyone left and then you woke up ready to be Miss Social Butterfly!

Well Briggs isn't so little anymore..he's gotten so big! It seems like yesterday I was getting a phone call that Whitney was having him early!

You got so excited when Whitney was talking to you...

Briggs was so excited to meet you! Y'all two were seriously cracking me and Whitney up.

It's going to be so fun watching you two grow up together! Only 4 months apart..

You love spending time with your Daddy and he really enjoyed having you all to himself when he was home this week and Mommy was at work.. I know he can't wait to see you when he gets back from his last trip of the fall season!

You cracked me up this particular morning because when I went to say hey to you, you had two fistfuls of blankets and you got excited and covered your face up like you were playing peek a boo.

We took you to your first Pumpkin patch on Monday!
You were SO excited to go!

I'm sure when you get older I'll hear about posting this one!

It warmed back up, so the clothes that you didn't get to wear because of the cold snap, you've been wearing. Your Daddy doesn't say too much about your outfits but he said, "I love this shirt!" Ha! 

Picture overload! I can't just post one from each outfit..
And shortly after, you passed out and took you a nice little nap in Mommy's arms.. right up until the moment somebody pulled up in the driveway and Kyli started barking her head off. 


Sox has still been smelling you a lot more.. Kyli is still super sweet and Mara got put into the 'doghouse' because she rolled in the perfume. Yuck.

Hee hee!! Happy naked baby alert!!

You can tell you were talking up a storm here having a great time!

And, I almost forgot to mention you had your 3 month pictures taken.. It was such a gorgeous day but we may have missed some of the best lighting because you got seriously angry, mad fussy as soon as Lizzie got started. You really started smiling at the very end and I. CAN'T. WAIT. to get the rest of them! I've got some canvas' to make and it will not be easy choosing!

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