Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Pickin' with the Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

For the past several years, Coach and I have been going to a Methodist church here in town to get our pumpkins. This year, we were #hopperpartyof3 with our sweet, whittle addition picking out the perfect pumpkin!

My Mom got her this shirt and it was so much fun dressing her up for the occasion! I just wish we would've left earlier in the afternoon when she was happiest... just didn't happen due to a couple of things.. BUT we were still able to get some pictures and some of these just seriously crack me up.. bless Finley's heart, she had fallen asleep in the car and woke up to all this orange. She didn't know what was going on!

Perhaps she was just a little upset that her jeggins had somehow ended up under her armpits?? Ha! Bless her..

Nothing says 'pumpkin patch' like Bojangles... I've loved getting our pumpkins from here but I'm looking forward to new traditions and visiting Burt's Pumpkin Farm or Washington Farms.

And then, Mom had a bright idea to go sit in the baby pumpkins...

And this would be the conclusion of our 1st pumpkin pickin' fun as a family of 3! So excited for the years to come and this made me even more excited to dress Miss Finley up for her first Halloween!

I can't help but to wonder if I was pregnant in last year's picture and didn't know it.. Dr. Elder said Finley was a Halloween baby.. I'll have to double check and see exactly when we went last year.

We'll be carving pumpkins this week! Now that the fall baseball season is over, I'm looking forward to getting our family time started! 


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