Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who got married??



You are looking at Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Shane Hopper!

November 17 was by far one of the BEST days of my life... And if you asked Coach, he would definitely say the same.

The atmosphere was great, the weather ended up being absolutely gorgeous, the decor was just what I thought it would be and more.. EVERYTHING was perfect.

The only thing remotely bad I have to say about it is it FLIES by! It is over before you know it and you wish you could rewind the day and do it all over again.

But that won't happen, so to have these pictures to look back on makes me SOOO HAPPPY!!! Coach's cousin even video'd the ceremony for us and I can't wait to see!

Here are a few more than a few of my favorites from our special day!

A sweet surprise from my future hubby at the time!

Hopper Wedding!

Gettin' the hurr did!!


Me and Mom!

Lovely cousins/twins/friends, Jennifer and Georgia!

Wendy, my MOH. I heart her.

Dad and I.. 

Love Pastor Arlene. So many people have complimented on her. She did an amazing job.

LOVE this! We wish we knew what song was playing!

Break it down HUBBY!

Me and sweet Sandy!

Who knows.. we were having an amazing time..

Going for the garter!

My bro and I going low, low, low, low, low, low....

My beautiful flower girls! They were precious.

Lots of Love,


Monday, November 12, 2012

5 days...


Who knew it would get here so fast???

I certainly didn't think it would get here so quickly! 

Everything I feel like is falling into place.
I feel like I was on the phone all day making phone calls but they were PRODUCTIVE phone calls. 
Hey.. that's all that counts, right?

Things are lining up just nicely.

I am so thankful for every. single. person. who has lent a helping hand so far. I am forever grateful and I would probably be going a little lot of crazy right now. 

Yesterday, my sweet Mother surprised me with this:

It was absolutely perfect.

It is a little rainy right now but I know the weather changes and I am just praying for another beautiful, sunny Saturday.

Coach says the Ceremony site looks beautiful. He sure has been working his booty off down there the past few days.

I love you Boo and I sure do 'ppreciatcha!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How many days??


Until I walk down the aisle to my best friend.

I had our last shower this past Sunday and it was absolutely wonderful.
We are so blessed to have family and friends who support us. 
We can definitely feel the love around us!

Someone has all of the action photos and one of me and Kinsey!
Will share soon!

I've said it before, time is flying by soo fast!

Everything is coming together and everyday more and more gets finished. 
I am so thankful for everyone who hosted the shower and for all the gifts we were showered with!

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