Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekending // Baby Weekend Out

My first Weekending post in what seems like forever and its just taken me all day. Ha. That's what happens with a new boss in town.
So before Miss wakes up again.....

Friday was a big day!
I had a hair appointment, FINALLY! Oh my goodness I couldn't wait to have my hair done. After I had Finley, I couldn't get a comb thru it and it was just a wreck!
First we went to lunch at one of our favorite places, The Savory Spoon, it was delicious. I got a burger paleo style and too bad I didn't get a picture. Finley was a little fussy in the restaurant and I didn't want to be "that parent" so needless to say I was a little preoccupied.

We made it to the salon and Mrs. Hormonal here still didn't know what she wanted to do with her hair. We were running late and Finley was ready to eat so we were just hot messes for a few minutes while I was trying to tell Whitney what I wanted to do with my hair. 
We just kept it simple with doing a little signature root with a few lo lites pulled thru the back.. I shortened my bangs a little and just decided until I know what to do for sure we'll wait.

It was so nice to have help in the salon with Deneen and Whitney taking turns holding Finley.

Finley's first salon visit!

Whitney straightened it Friday and it felt soo much better! This was Sunday for a baby shower.

After lunch and hair, we stopped by my Mom's and had a little visit to La La's house, too.

Saturday, me and Finley just hung around the house and napped all day long. It was wonderful. I think Friday wore both of us out being gone all day.

Mara and Kyli did get a bath later on that evening because they like to roll in all sorts of perfume.

Sunday I had my step sister Stephany's Baby Shower. 
She got tons of amazing stuff! Any day now Hadlee can make her arrival and we can't wait to meet her!

While we were downstairs having some fun, Finley had some Big Pop time upstairs. 
They swung on the front porch and then she napped beside him until it was time for her to eat.

P.S. Big Pop is not asleep in this photo.. he was demonstrating Finley babbling to him while outside and then how she just all of sudden passed out. Ha!

After visiting some more with just family after everyone left we made it home!

 Daddy-Daughter time..
oh and don't forget Kyli.

 Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday's Letters

Dear Sleep, it feels so amazing when we meet at night.... well really anytime we get to meet these days. // Dear Hair Appt, I am SO excited for you today! I still have no idea what I want even tho I've been scanning Pinterest and Google for the past couple days. Another reason why I'm excited is because I get to see my Sassafras peeps for a lunch date before. I miss them all dearly! Reading this before 1?? Any hair suggestions? // Dear Hormones, you can straighten yourself out any day now. This emotional roller coaster I'm on isn't that much fun. // Dear Kolton, I hope you get to write us soon. I check the mailbox everyday hoping we have received a letter. I'd love to be writing you too! And, I am praying for you. 
Dear Sunshine & New Deck, our time together yesterday was wonderful. I just imagined that me and my lounge chair were catching those rays at the beach. Maybe I will have a chance to have a date with you again this weekend. // Dear Shane, thank you for becoming the world's biggest GrillMaster ever since the deck got built. The food you have been cooking is amazing! // Dear Jamie Eason, My 6 week checkup is Sept 3rd and if all is good, we will be meeting that day. I can't wait to start back! I've already checked out your Post Pregnancy trainer that leads straight into the Live Fit. 
So. Flipping. Excited. 
Dear House Chores, you can wait. I've got a precious baby to love on. // Dear Fall Weather, it has been so great to have you around in the mornings and evenings. Hopper, Party of 3 is enjoying it so much! I may even see an evening stroll to the pond in the near future. // Dear 3 Amigas, thank you so much for being so wonderful with Finley. And Sox, why do you insist on rolling in horse poo when it is THE most inconvenient time ever? // Dear Prayer Warriors, I have an unspoken prayer request. If you could just add me and a very close family member to your list, I would appreciate it so much. 
Dear Finley, you are the most precious angel baby! I hope you are enjoying your new schedule because your Daddy and I certainly have been. I'm sure you are liking being on a routine! Forgive us if you were miserable.. we are rookies but quickly learning. P.S. I love being home with you and your Daddy all day! 
Dear Readers, I hope you have an amazing, blessed weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Finley // Week 5

Finley, this has been another great week at home. I love being home with you kissing on your squishy cheeks any chance I can get!! A couple days were much harder than others because I don't think the new formula was settling to you, your reflux may have been bothering you, and we certainly were not on any kind of schedule until the last couple days. 


You had your 1 month checkup on Tuesday August 25th and our favorite doctor in the whole world said you were perfect! 
You weighed in at 9 lbs 13 oz (50-75%), you grew another 1/2 inch so you are 21 1/2 inches long (75%), and your head circumference is 14 3/4 (25%).
Despite that your sleep time was interrupted you did so good! Even when you got your shot you only cried out for just a little bit. It was so pitiful!! I mean you REALLY screamed and lost your breath. It was the first time I've heard you cry out like that.
 I wondered when we got in the room if you would be getting any shots and sure enough you did. And you filled UP your diaper too. The last time you peed on the table and this time you had an extra special gift for Dr Setia.. a super duper poopy! I had already changed you one time and had to again before we left.

You have a dry spot in between your eyes on your forehead and sometimes you get sleep in your left eye. 


On Saturday, August 22 when in a frenzy about you not being settled, I texted Danielle and she gave me a couple of great pages from a blog about BabyWise and info on Moms on Call. Even tho it was late in the afternoon, that evening I started swaddling you again, oh my goodness you did NOT like this, and we somewhat started the 'schedule'. 
Monday when you got up, we tried to start from the very beginning and by the late afternoon/evening, we were starting to get the hang of things. At your 7ish feeding, I swaddled you, tried to rock you a little bit, you were not interested in settling down, I put you in your crib and as heartbreaking as it was, I let you have your little cry fest. I would soothe you for 5 minutes at a time and we did this until you finally fell asleep. I REALLY think you try and fight sleep.

You slept in your crib the whole time until you woke up to eat again around 10:30ish, we kept it 'boring' for you, swaddled you, and put you right back to bed in our bedroom in your bassinet and you slept for 4 hours!! WHOO HOO!!! I wish I would have been able to sleep this whole time but I think insomnia has crept in on me again, I'm always listening for you, and I've started having dreams about you climbing out of your crib.. although you are no where near being able to do that yet!
You stirred the next time at the 2 hour mark and your Daddy got you settled back down and then we woke up again around 6:45/7 to eat and this 'started' our day. After this feeding, we had some Mommy/Daughter time, I swaddled you again, tried to rock you a bit but you wouldn't close your eyes, so I just laid you back in the bassinet and you soothed yourself to sleep. You and I both woke up hours later and I cannot tell you how HAPPY this made me!

 I hate we had a doctor's appt because I didn't want it to interfere with your day but I think I got you back on track last night. In the early evening you woke up 2 hours early before you were supposed to eat, I gave you 2 ounces and you settled back down. I don't know if I should have but I woke you up for your evening feeding 2 hours later and fed you again. You did great, only fussed a little bit when I tried to rock you, I laid you down, you stirred a little while later to burp again, and then you were back settled. I've been praying this continues to do well and get even better! 
Thank you so much Danielle! And after we do this for a few more weeks, I hope to have a post of my own about our Baby Wise schedule/experience.

You are starting to use your hands more and more!

I will say, I've gotten so used to holding you whenever that it's extremely hard for me to put you down. I seriously could just sit and hold you forever. BUT, I know that you need a routine and just like your Daddy said, in the long run it will be better for all of us. I may or may not have had a cry fest over this.

La La came to visit you this week and brought you a couple of gifts! Gorgeous headbands and crochet diaper cover. Soooo cute! Your Daddy is NOT going to like the headband for you to wear in a couple of months.. It. Is. Massive. But oh my I LOVE it!


Still eating 4 oz every 4 hours and every now and then you will eat 2 more ounces in between. The Wonder Weeks app says you are going thru your first official leap and seeing your growth I can see why you are wanting more at times.
Dr Setia did put you on Enfamil AR but I took you off Sunday and went back to Gentlease because you acted like your stomach was killing you. After the whole first day being back on it, you seemed SO much better! I wondered what Dr Setia would think of that at your appt but he said that was fine. As your Mother, I just made the executive decision to do so and I think it was a good one. 
Your Zantac is still helping you with reflux and we can really tell a difference in your spit up. With you sleeping longer on your back I'd say its a success!


The 3 Amigas are still loving you! Kyli kissed you on the face yesterday, which she got in trouble for.. Mara has been giving you more kisses too on the back of the head.. and Sox really has kept to herself. After Kyli bowed up on her last week, I'm wondering if she's nervous to come around you. They have really been enjoying the new deck too! 
When I am rocking you, Kyli and Mara will walk into the nursery, stare at us, and turn around and walk back out. Guess they need to check on both of us! Sometimes, Mara will follow us and lay down in front of your rug.. I think she knows already she is not allowed on it.


This picture just cracks me up. We were having a rough day and you and Kyli just piled up cracks me up. And, as you can see, you have lost some of you hair on the top and it's just cracking me up because you still have all of it on the sides and back.
We were all 3 sitting on the porch Sunday afternoon, I was wiping your face with a damp washcloth and wet your hair too.. after it dried it really does have texture to it like it could be curly! The back looks like it's getting longer and in certain light it looks like a strawberry color. 
You are starting to grab onto my hair and not let go.. now I understand the mommy chop??

I was wondering when this was going to happen! You found your thumb on August 20th. I wish the picture wasn't so blurry but I had to be quick! It didn't last long and you haven't found it since but your hands do make it to your mouth somewhat often. That's why it's so important for everyone to wash their hands and they have all done a great job of that.. #newmomprobs.

Your Daddy loves doing 'stretches' with you and I think you enjoy it!

We had some play time on your mat for the first time this week. You got really fussy after this so it didn't last long but you were very zoned in while it lasted.

On the way to your checkup.. love your cheeks! You are changing so much already.

 You are so loved little girl! We got this in the mail this week from the head baseball coach at Georgia Tech and his family. Absolutely LOVE this! I cannot wait to get my maternity and your newborn session pictures so I can hang some on here!

And, you got your first official bath in your bath tub! 
I'll have to download those pictures later.
The tub is a little too big and you kept sliding down. You were really calm and didn't get fussy until the end.


Emotions and hormones are still all over the place. I woke up a couple times this week with night sweats.. that hasn't happened in awhile. I'm soooo ready to be back in ALL of my clothes. I haven't lost anymore weight and the scale is still hanging around 145/146. Gym pants are so comfortable around the house but if I go out, I'd really like to be able to wear my favorite jeans.
Yesterday, I did a speed walk across the road to check the mail.. On my way back, I had to pick up my uterus off the double yellow line.. O. M. G. PUH-leeze tell me this feeling goes back to normal too. Needless to say, I'm just ready to have my pre-baby body back... but does that really happen?!
Thursday, I started feeling faint period like cramps.. this could have held off a little longer but I knew it would come sooner or later. For some reason, insomnia has totally started and it takes me forever to fall asleep. Which is really annoying especially now that Finley is starting to sleep for 4 hours at a time. I'd love to get some deep sleep during then!
My hair is AWFUL! It is so tangly and these roots are horrible. Thankfully, I get it done this Friday and I'm so excited to see my Sassafreaks! Now to figure out what I'm going to do to it...


When I burp you, I love feeling your little, soft fingers on my arm.. its just the sweetest! You have still been focusing on us more when we talk to you and I absolutely love it! I still don't want to go back to work and I will not be going back full time.. I know you growing up will fly by and I want to enjoy and soak up all these precious moments!

Monday, August 24, 2015

On the Farm // New Additions

Just one more reason I've enjoyed being home on leave is actually being home when things are being done around the house!
In no particular order... 

Joe Dirt Hauling.. aka my Dad and step-mom .. so lovingly brought us some gravel to make a parking spot for the trucks and a walkway to our new porch steps! Shane also put some under the new addition to the barn and we even had enough to go all the way down the driveway.

He did such a great job!

Speaking of our new porch steps the puppies have really enjoyed the new addition to the house. They actually stay in the backyard now and just enjoy the sunshine. Sox was so funny at first with the porch.. she would NOT walk on it. Mara and Kyli have loved it from day 1. Kyli will go to the corner facing the driveway and just stand there like "I'm the queen of the porch!!"

 And Coach had to take a break and do exercises with Finley.. ha.

And, Mama actually had time at some point to make Paleo Banana Pancakes. So yummy!!

I even made my face wash recipe again.. check out the original post here.

Shane pressure washed the back porch and the front porch.. and then Sandie decided she needed to post up in the doorway. I know they enjoyed being out of the coop for a couple days.

In other news, we are working on the Baby Wise schedule! Man it's been really tough because all I want to do is still hold her as long as I can, kiss on those squishy cheeks, and just watch her grin while she dreams.. and oh man the crying! Self soothe sweet girl.. we gotta learn to self soothe.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

B - L - O - O - P - E - R - S

Fun post for y'all today! 
So this chalkboard picture that was recorded every week was NOT the easiest and certainly entertaining at times. And it was a flippin' production. We had to take down the picture above my head, move the sewing machine, set up the table and chalkboard, of course put everything back when we finished.. make sure the lighting was decent and even then I had to brighten it up with photoshop because it was too dark. 
Sometimes Shane wasn't even home to take it when it should've been taken and obviously he was there on the days when I was not feeling the picture taking.
I think at times he had way too much fun with the camera just clicking and clicking away. We definitely got cracked up several times!

Wait.. action??

This just cracks me up.. what kind of face is this? HA!!!

Obviously something was very funny here.. wish I could remember what it was!

 This one was more entertaining! I mean dogs everywhere!

And one thing I've realized... why in the world did I do all these with the hand on the hip?
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