Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday's Letters

Dear Sleep, it feels so amazing when we meet at night.... well really anytime we get to meet these days. // Dear Hair Appt, I am SO excited for you today! I still have no idea what I want even tho I've been scanning Pinterest and Google for the past couple days. Another reason why I'm excited is because I get to see my Sassafras peeps for a lunch date before. I miss them all dearly! Reading this before 1?? Any hair suggestions? // Dear Hormones, you can straighten yourself out any day now. This emotional roller coaster I'm on isn't that much fun. // Dear Kolton, I hope you get to write us soon. I check the mailbox everyday hoping we have received a letter. I'd love to be writing you too! And, I am praying for you. 
Dear Sunshine & New Deck, our time together yesterday was wonderful. I just imagined that me and my lounge chair were catching those rays at the beach. Maybe I will have a chance to have a date with you again this weekend. // Dear Shane, thank you for becoming the world's biggest GrillMaster ever since the deck got built. The food you have been cooking is amazing! // Dear Jamie Eason, My 6 week checkup is Sept 3rd and if all is good, we will be meeting that day. I can't wait to start back! I've already checked out your Post Pregnancy trainer that leads straight into the Live Fit. 
So. Flipping. Excited. 
Dear House Chores, you can wait. I've got a precious baby to love on. // Dear Fall Weather, it has been so great to have you around in the mornings and evenings. Hopper, Party of 3 is enjoying it so much! I may even see an evening stroll to the pond in the near future. // Dear 3 Amigas, thank you so much for being so wonderful with Finley. And Sox, why do you insist on rolling in horse poo when it is THE most inconvenient time ever? // Dear Prayer Warriors, I have an unspoken prayer request. If you could just add me and a very close family member to your list, I would appreciate it so much. 
Dear Finley, you are the most precious angel baby! I hope you are enjoying your new schedule because your Daddy and I certainly have been. I'm sure you are liking being on a routine! Forgive us if you were miserable.. we are rookies but quickly learning. P.S. I love being home with you and your Daddy all day! 
Dear Readers, I hope you have an amazing, blessed weekend!


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