Friday, August 14, 2015

Finley's Nursery

I love the way Finley's nursery came together! 
There are still a few things that I want done.. like order her a wooden monogram for her room It just didn't get done before her arrival and a couple more things need to be hung on the wall.

One of my favorite things is her bedding and curtains!
Amber and I got together one afternoon, she showed me lots of galleries of fabric I could choose from, I found one that I liked and we went from there!

 She also has a second crib sheet with a huge 'F' monogrammed on it.. I ended up loving the fabric so much I want to have more of that in her room somewhere.

A nursery isn't complete without a mobile! I found this one on Carousel Designs.
I originally found it for 20% off, forgot to order, BUT got it even cheaper than that when they ran a July 4th special.. score!! 

The mantle is decorated with several items from one of our showers..

A girl can never have too many hair bows!

Several more items from our showers.. 
The Sassafras also sent us the puppy and balloon while we were in the hospital..

 My Mom found this rocker and I decided to paint it and add her name..

Changing table.. this thing has already became a hot mess at times..

Love love love how the diaper holder turned out! 
Oh my goodness it's perfect.

Funny story about these curtains.. Amber and I could NOT get them up and they still were down when we went into the hospital to have Finley. As soon as we came home, Coach got on this project ASAP. Had to get them up for his little girl.

This is my toy box that my Paw Paw made me years ago when I was a little girl. He had his own shop and made some amazing wood pieces. Goodness, I sure do miss him! Me and my cousins Jaime and Wendy got one.. I'm SOOO excited to have this in her room!

 As you can see, I need to make another headband holder. They are overflowing!
I didn't think to get a close up of the wall decor but it reads Jeremiah 1:5.

Amber made her lampshade and I found the stand at the dollar store for $7.

Love all her books she received in place of cards.. looking forward to reading these to her and together when that time comes.

One of her baby books and her first baseball.. Mommy needs to get on filling in the info.

Bedding: Kumari Garden/Awesome Amber
Mobile: Carousel Designs
Chifferobe & Dresser knobs: Hobby Lobby
Wall Decor & White/Burlap picture frame: Hobby Lobby
Antiqued open frames: Hobby Lobby
Rug: Target


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