Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekending // Baby Weekend Out

My first Weekending post in what seems like forever and its just taken me all day. Ha. That's what happens with a new boss in town.
So before Miss wakes up again.....

Friday was a big day!
I had a hair appointment, FINALLY! Oh my goodness I couldn't wait to have my hair done. After I had Finley, I couldn't get a comb thru it and it was just a wreck!
First we went to lunch at one of our favorite places, The Savory Spoon, it was delicious. I got a burger paleo style and too bad I didn't get a picture. Finley was a little fussy in the restaurant and I didn't want to be "that parent" so needless to say I was a little preoccupied.

We made it to the salon and Mrs. Hormonal here still didn't know what she wanted to do with her hair. We were running late and Finley was ready to eat so we were just hot messes for a few minutes while I was trying to tell Whitney what I wanted to do with my hair. 
We just kept it simple with doing a little signature root with a few lo lites pulled thru the back.. I shortened my bangs a little and just decided until I know what to do for sure we'll wait.

It was so nice to have help in the salon with Deneen and Whitney taking turns holding Finley.

Finley's first salon visit!

Whitney straightened it Friday and it felt soo much better! This was Sunday for a baby shower.

After lunch and hair, we stopped by my Mom's and had a little visit to La La's house, too.

Saturday, me and Finley just hung around the house and napped all day long. It was wonderful. I think Friday wore both of us out being gone all day.

Mara and Kyli did get a bath later on that evening because they like to roll in all sorts of perfume.

Sunday I had my step sister Stephany's Baby Shower. 
She got tons of amazing stuff! Any day now Hadlee can make her arrival and we can't wait to meet her!

While we were downstairs having some fun, Finley had some Big Pop time upstairs. 
They swung on the front porch and then she napped beside him until it was time for her to eat.

P.S. Big Pop is not asleep in this photo.. he was demonstrating Finley babbling to him while outside and then how she just all of sudden passed out. Ha!

After visiting some more with just family after everyone left we made it home!

 Daddy-Daughter time..
oh and don't forget Kyli.

 Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


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