Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sassafras takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. 
At some point thru out last week we were individually called out to do the challenge and the Sassafras decided that it would be fun for us to do it TOGETHER! So in one night it ALL came together and thankfully we all had a few minutes to spare at the same time! Karen has a friend that is working with the Jefferson Fire Dept soooo AWESOMELY enough <------- is this even a proper phrase? Just kinda came out on the page they were able to take a hop, skip, and a jump down the street to assist us in the matter.
Thanks sooo much JFD! 

Whitney, Robbie, Deneen, Bre, yours truly, Karen, Cari, & Sha

And, please excuse my voice. Do I reeeeallly sound like that? I have ALWAYS hated how I sound on voicemail recordings. YIKES. 

Y'ALL. That mess was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G. 
The ice had probably been sitting a good 20 minutes in the water before the fire dept arrived. In the words of Karen, it was almost torture because not only did you feel the freezing water dumped on you, but you felt it hitting all around you. 
We had a BLAST tho raising awareness for ALS and we are sending off our donation this week!

Were you challenged by anyone? 
A few videos I have seen are pretty hilarious!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy National Dog Day

So I learned today that it was National Dog Day!
I was going to spare everyone on social media because, if you couldn't tell already, I am CONSTANTLY uploading pictures of my sweet pups. But then I was seeing everyone's pictures and I couldn't leave my loves out.
So here are some of my FAVORITE pics of them. There were WAY too many to choose from! 
Just FYI: this almost didn't happen because my first collage crashed and I had to start ALL over again.

We have certainly been blessed with these sweet angels! They are full of love they don't mind sharing either, they do some of THE funniest things, and my goodness they are the BEST snuggle buddies ever.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Defending the Title

Well they have done it again!
Team Elite has defended their title, winning the Met Ball Classic for the second straight year. The best 8 teams in the country were invited to play in this championship at Citi Field in New York. SO SO PROUD of the coaches and players! 
How exciting!

Candid shot. Ha.

What an AWESOME way to start out the fall season boys!
Stay humble, continue to give 110%, and lets finish this 2014 year out strong!
So many of you players have a huge future ahead of you.



Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday all! 
Hope you have enjoyed this beautiful day.. it has been sunny and breezy here in my neck of the woods. Me and the pups have relaxed most of the day except for us making our way outside for some bath time. Whew it was still sticky even with the breeze.. Georgia humidity for ya. Kyli is JUST now coming back around to me and worn out. That little heifer always puts up a fight, especially cutting her toenails too. Needless to say she was pretty ticked with me.

Anyway, joining up for Sunday Social this evening!

1. What are you most looking forward to about fall?

Tall boots.. leggings.. tall boots.. leggings.. huge scarves.
Saying goodbye to humidity.

2. What is your favorite sports team?


I guess the Falcons as well to support locally however my favorite is college football.

3. If you could go back to college, what is the one thing you would change?

I don't think I would change a thing. I loved our class and my teacher... made some lifelong friendships with a couple of sweet ladies that I still keep in touch with today. Its actually way past time for us to get together and hope we can soon!

Lindsey, Tanner, and me sporting some AWESOME wigs!

4. What is your favorite class you ever took? HS or college.

In HS, probably Art when we had a student teacher that was a Photography major. We made pinhole cameras and got introduced to the dark room. SOOO much FUN! I wish I had a dark room at home and could develop my own pictures. Oh man how cool that would be!
And in College, I would say being on the salon floor in the end. Finally getting to actually do real hair and not on a mannequin. 

5. Reach into your purse. What is the first thing you grab?

An Ingle's grocery store receipt.. ha. Probably time to clean my purse out.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Met Ball Classic

My traveling baseball husband is back in New York, WITHOUT ME AGAIN ggggggrrrrrr, for the Met Ball Classic. They are already off to a great start defending their title from last year. They won 6-5 over D-Bat today and they will continue play tomorrow in a double header at Citi Field. 

They attended the Met Classic dinner last night just like last year...

... And he was sweet enough to send me a pic of the city lights he took during landing. I bet it's even more beautiful in person.

Right now I believe they are enjoying a fancy, schmancy dinner with a players parent who is actually from New York. 

Good luck to Team Elite Baseball tomorrow! 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Monday ride with Trio

 Me and the SIL had plans for Sunday to ride our horses but right as we were headed out mother nature showed herself. Black cloud, monsoon, lightening... you name it. 
All of that = reschedule for Monday.

The weather was absolutely nice with the sun not glaring down on us. Trio, Snuggles, and Chester do so well together! 
There could NOT have been a better horse that was dropped off into our pasture. He is absolutely the sweetest, and most docile horse ever. 

So glad for such a wonderful evening with him.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Deep in the Heart of Texas // Success School 2014

 Helllloooo AT&T Stadium!! Home of the Dallas Cowboys in Texas. This is where AdvoCare's National Success School was held this year. 
It if weren't for the 100+ degree weather I seriously may have rocked my Cowboys Starter Jacket from back in the day. OK totallly joking here.. I think that jacket has had its run. HA. 
Coach dropped me off at the ATL airport and I landed at DFW around 11:30AM Friday. Doors didn't open until 5 so I had plenty of time to get a shuttle to the hotel, grab some lunch, and meet up with my team. I could NOT WAIT to get to the stadium for this awesome weekend that lied ahead of all of us!

I knew it was gonna be and even more awesome weekend when I sat down in seat No. 17.. really?? Out of ALL the seats I could have sat in and this was the one.. How awesome was that. :)

The beautiful Cayci. She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside friends!

SO AWESOME walking out onto this field!

Opening started at 8 sharp and SURPRISE!! Here comes the Cowboys drumline and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! 

 Talk about just and absolute UUH-MAZING time! It is absolutely true you walk out a BETTER person at the end of the weekend than when you walked in. Being surrounded by thousands and thousands of POSITIVE, UPLIFTING, ENCOURAGING people friends. Yes, friends. There were many people I met for the first time and we immediately clicked. 
Meet Nikki, Cayci, and Emily. Super, super sweet ladies who I am so thankful we were able to meet. Definitely am blessed to have made lifelong friends!

Wish I remembered o get pics with everyone!

Oh , who is that, you ask? That's just Rich Froning. 4-time CrossFit Games Champion and just one of the many Endorsers for AdvoCare. (BTW all endorsers receive a product allowance in exchange for their endorsement.)

OH! So I made some new Advo friends on the way home the more the merrier!!.. sat next to them on the plane.. One of the girls relatives forgive me I can't remember how they were related.. I hate flying so I was a little distracted took these family photos of the Froning's! Martha May Photo Design <----- Check it out for yourself!

Danielle, who I first met when doing her hair in college and who got me introduced to AdvoCare back in 2012. So thankful for this lady and her husband and for their "YES". 
Absolutely amazing people!

If I had to pick one of my favorite parts of the weekend it would be the optional chapel service that was held on Sunday morning. Michael W. Smith led worship and I was BLOWN away at how many people chose to be apart of this.. the presence of the Lord was certainly in that stadium and I am so thankful and blessed I was able to see him here.

UM. Stop Traffic. I think I have a total girl crush... on Jenny Donnelly. 
I made a bee line for the field after worship in hopes of meeting this awesome lady! Isn't she precious? I was even able to meet her husband, Bob, who is super nice! They have touched thousands and thousands of people's lives!

You may have heard of AdvoCare but if you haven't they are a nutritional company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, energy, and sports performance. 
Lets go back to April of 2012, Coach and I were engaged and I was looking to get in better shape for our wedding. Every bride wants to look the best she can in her dress right? Like I said earlier, Danielle had gotten me started on the 24 Day Challenge and I got AWESOME results! I lost 6 lbs, inches off my waist and, and my ENERGY shot out the roof! I was definitely on my toes for all the wedding planning. BONUS! Another bonus for me was how much lighter I felt.. heaviness be gone!

I had these pants in my closet for I don't know how long because they fit just a little too snug and the next time I put them on I couldn't wear them because well.. just see the above! And ya know what? Still too big for me.

Meet my friend Logan. She completely ROCKED her challenge! She just finished a few days ago and doesn't she look AMAZING?? So proud of this sweet lady! 

Soon after my challenge, my friends and family started noticing a change in me.. I simply started sharing and HELPING them with their goals and shortly after I got my first check in the mail for $116! WHAA?? Yes!! AdvoCare has a great compensation plan and pays for referrals! DOUBLE BONUS because remember I was planning a wedding and anything extra was going to be a HUGE help for us! Shane and I were able to pay cash for several parts of our wedding. Just by sharing and helping family and friends on a PART-TIME effort.

Fast forward to present time. We have been doing A LOT of talking lately about our future. Being both self-employed there is no 401K that is set up for us. Yes, we have been working on putting back from our current jobs but is it enough? That is where the business part of AdvoCare has come into our life. This amazing company has given us the opportunity to earn full-time income on part-time efforts.. which will help us with building that retirement fund we need. 

There were so many stories we heard at Success School of ordinary people (like us) who are earning extraordinary income. I know it may not be for everyone but that is how the company was designed. So many families are living life on THEIR terms.. not someone else's. Example of a story: there was a hairstylist who shared her story with us. She did love her job but she was able to walk away from those long hours behind the chair and be with her children. She is now able to be present at her children's travel baseball games because of this vehicle called AdvoCare. No, Shane and I don't have children but if it IS God's will and we are blessed with one or two, I wouldn't want to miss one second of any part of their life.

Me just telling you this one story does NOT do it justice.. these stories from everyday people like you and I were POWERFUL in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium! So many people's lives are being changed whether that be getting in the BEST SHAPE of their lives or getting Financial/Debt FREEDOM.

As I have said it may not be for everyone, but my thoughts are if THEY can do it, I can do it. 
And if I can do it then,
why not YOU, as well? 

I just heard this quote not too long ago..

Anything could change in a second, and Coach and I certainly do NOT want to wait until it's raining to make repairs. 

Couldn't help myself on the Rangers ballpark. We were not far at all from it. This is the best shot I could get on our way to the airport.

Since I didn't get a sunset shot for the evening, I thought I would leave you with these beautiful shots from soaring in the clouds.


I just finished up my own 24 Day Challenge, but if you are interested 
Here is a great video that explains the challenge or you can check out this link to take a deeper look and get more of an idea of what each day looks likes, etc.

You are NOT in this alone! I'll be here to coach you thru, answer any questions, and there is also a Facebook group available for recipe ideas, tips, support, and encouragement!

If you have any questions about the price, how to get a discount, any of the companion products, or anything else, feel free to email me at {} and I will be happy to answer your questions!

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