Thursday, April 30, 2015

KEEP CALM // It's.....

Show your hairstylist some love and tell them how much you appreciate them today!

To my sweet Sassafras heffas, love each and everyone of you and I love doing salon life with you, as well as everyday life! We are more than just a salon family and have something so rare that most salons don't have. I'm so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life!

Now, lets go CELEBRATE!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BUMPDATE // 27 Weeks

I almost forgot this post!

HOW FAR ALONG // 27 weeks

27 weeks belly pregnant belly pic chalkboard

BABY SIZE // About the size of a cauliflower

Baby Hopper weighs about 2 lbs and is roughly 14 1/2 inches long and about the size of a head of cauliflower.
She is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers.
With more rain tissue developing, your baby's brain is very active now. The lungs are still immature, but they would be capable of functioning - with a lot of medical help- if she was born now.
Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few moments, and they don't bother her, so just relax and enjoy the tickle.

MY SYMPTOMS // This was a good week. Just tired at times which I'm sure is normal. I had the glucose test on Wednesday and it really wasn't that bad. I did get a little worked up the night before but I knew I'd have to get my blood drawn (BIG BABY OVER HERE) and I was worried I would get sick within the hour and have to come back for the 3 hour test. All was good! I just had a few waves of nausea and a killer headache but after food and a nap when I got home, I was good! Thank you Lord!
Sometimes it gets hard to breathe.. sometimes I feel like she is dancing on my bladder and I have to RIGHT THEN! Warming TMI coming up, started working on kegals this week.. anything to help with the bladder situation and not peeing on myself when I sneeze.. good times folks..
My legs have felt so much better after wearing my maternity compression tights.. I am thinking about getting another pair..
If I sit for some time and get up, it feels like there is a ton of pressure right above my tail bone and takes me a few seconds to get going..
A few headaches but I'm sure its the high pollen count and I'm trying to stay on drinking water too.

MATERNITY CLOTHES // Still a mix of maternity and some of my pre baby clothes.

SLEEP // Tart cherry juice all the way and I sleep wonderfully. I have about six hunnit n fiddy pillows on the bed and I love it. I have one body pillow behind me, one I lay my head on, one in between my knees, and one that I hold on to since Coach has made the couch his bed. Bless him, he works on his emails at night and then I don't think he wants to disturb me by trying to get in the bed so late.

MOVEMENT // Yes! Sometimes its like clockwork when I know she gets started and it goes on all day and other days its here and there. I wonder if she gets worn out. 

CRAVINGS // Wendy's Spicy chicken sandwich .. can't get enough spicy! 

GENDER // Girl!

WHAT I MISS // Being able to bend over comfortably.

WORK OUTS // Hope to get to walking/lunges/light arm weights this week since cutting back at work.

EMOTIONS // I love watching her dance across my belly.. I was able to get a short video but had trouble uploading it.

DREAMS // Nothing stands out.

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // As always, he is loving on my belly and talking to his little girl. I have to brag on him cooking me dinner when I just don't have anything left in me to do it.

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // They have been super cuddly!


All 3 of us went fishing..

can't wait to get back!
 And attended a wedding! It was great to get out of the house and go somewhere other than work, grocery store, and beauty supply. Busy busy busy!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekending // House, Wedding, and Fishin' Shenanigans

Another weekend in the books.
My how they fly by quickly.

Friday, turned out to be a gorgeous day and we got a new roof!
#fail on the after picture but it looks awesome!
We are down one chimney tho.. it needed to be taken out so we only have one now.. it's a little weird not seeing both of them still.

Work was good .. just a little tired but can't complain. 
27 weeks..

Coach cooked us an awesome dinner. He's been doing an awesome job in the kitchen when I don't feel like cooking.

Saturday was a nasty rainy day but cleared up somewhat for Mark and Megan's wedding. We took a little road trip to ATL so flippin' glad I do NOT have to drive in that mess everyday People seriously need to learn how to drive.. slow people in the fast lane, nobody uses their blinker anymore, folks weaving and bobbing in and out of lanes like they just left the Fast & Furious movie set. Ugh.

Anyways, this was the FASTEST catholic wedding I have ever been to.. well the only one I have ever been to but I hear they are pretty lengthy. We were out of there in 25 minutes. 

Service was over around 3, we had to wait until after 4 for cocktail hour and then it was another hour and a half for dinner. Not really sure what happened with all that but this mama was HUNGRY and just as I was asking Shane to take me to Chic-fil-a down the street, they opened the doors.

I loved all the flowers, table decor, and the monogram on the wall.

Team Elite family was seated at Table 5...

I could have seriously jacked this centerpiece and sprinted for the door.. I may have thrown my back out tho in the process HA!

This was my first formal, sit down wedding.
The potatoes were sooo good and oddly enough I was able to eat the salmon over the chicken, even tho I haven't been able to do fish the past 6 months.
No dessert for us since they hadn't cut the cake yet when we left.

Picture fun!

Brittany, Laura, and Romas...
Laura just found out not too long ago she's expecting too!

Had such a great time with all these ladies!

Coach was totally playing around here but I can't pass up sharing this with him looking so proud! 
So funny!

Love this!

And because Brittany's phone takes way better pics than mine... 

The groom with some of the TE coaches...
After one slow dance and witnessing some crazy dance floor action, we called it a night around 8 and started our 2 hour treck back home. 

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!! 
We slept, I worked on several things around the house, Coach and I went and grabbed lunch, napped, and then he took me fishing ...

The clouds on the way to the pond.. So pretty!

After a quick lesson, we made our way around the pond for our first fishing spot.. Coach got his line caught in a tree shhh don't mention it to him after that we moved to our second spot ..

And finally, after several casts here, I got one on my line!

My first bass! I couldn't believe it! And I caught him right on the lip, which I was proud of, because Coach explained that you don't want them to swallow the hook. Whooo hoo! 
Coach was a little ways down the bank and said "why didn't you tell me you had one?" I really wasn't quite sure if I had caught a limb or a fish until I pulled him out of the water! 
I'm ready to go back again!

It was such a pretty night. There was a breeze blowing, just the right temp most of the time, and so peaceful. We saw 5 ducks and one baby and two snakes.. well, I didn't see them but Coach did. No. Thanks.

The sunset was pretty and pink clouds were all around us.

Perfect hubby-wifey Sunday! 
It was SO nice to have him all weekend, we were both off and able to enjoy a great weekend together.

Happy Monday friends!

Friday, April 24, 2015

101 in 1001

So I have seen this in the past month floating around and wanted to join in on the fun! It's taken me a little bit to work on my list but finally here it is! 
I'm happy for it to be on this little space of mine, where I can see it, and get things accomplished. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get things done and reach your goals?

The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Why 1001 Days?

Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple challenges such as New Year's resolutions or a 'Bucket List'. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities.
source: About Day Zero Project

Start date:: Friday, April 24, 2015
Finish date:: Friday, January 19, 2018
calculate here

HEALTH {1-9}

get back to Phase 3 Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer after Baby
try more healthy recipes
run one 5K
get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
lose/tone up extra as a bonus
successfully complete 24 Day Challenge with NO cheating
add stretching to my day at least 3x a week
go on a hike
get down 1 gallon of water in one day at least once

CRAFTS {10-17}

start & finish Amy Butler bag
start on our scrapbook/ includes dating photos, ticket stubs, all paper memorabilia
design & order our engagement Snapfish photobook
design & order our wedding Snapfish photobook
design & order our honeymoon Snapfish photobook
design & order our 1 Year Anniversary Snapfish photobook
make a pregnancy keepsake book for Baby Hopper
complete at least 5 Pinterest projects

BEAUTY {18-23}

attend a hair show
continue building makeup kit
watch at least 2 makeup tutorials every month
learn a new braid upstyle
have a girl date to Tame Style Bar in Athens
teach an updo class at salon

TRAVEL {24-28}

take Baby Hopper to the beach
get back to the mountain for some snowboarding
swim with the dolphins
see the Grand Canyon
visit a city/stadium where Shane played baseball

FAMILY {29-34}

get Pop to teach me how to make his biscuits
visit with my grandparents every week
Hopper Party of 3 eat dinner at the dining room table
make an ancestry/family tree of my Dad's side of the family 
plan something for Aunt Tammy's 50th birthday this year
take my Mom to the Margaret Mitchell House & museum 

BLOG {35-42}

have 300 followers
post at least 4x per week
write our Love Story
guest post for a blogger
host a guest post
learn about sponsorship
blog about at least 30 items on my list and how I accomplished them
inspire at least 5 people to join me on this challenge

HOME {43-50}

sew kitchen curtain
make our 2 yr anniversary canvas for bedroom or living room
purge kitchen
clean out milk barn
add a craft/sewing room to the house or milk barn
order pictures for dining room chicken wire frame 
purchase a Kitchenaid mixer new/used
purchase new lamps


paint scripture canvas for nursery
take her to some of her Daddy's games
start an email address for her of pictures/memorabilia
learn how to make baby food or learn about Baby Led Weaning
print her hand in keepsake 
cuddle with her every chance I get
print off pictures of grandparents for nursery
greet Coach at the door with her upon his arrival home
start a savings account for her
start and continue with baby book

ME + COACH {61-71}

have a picnic at the pond
go fishing together
plan at least 2 date nights/month after Baby arrives
pay off some debt
cook Coach his favorite meal
eat this dinner by candlelight
get our gun license
continue to do better with his Love Language(s)
plan something for Coach's 40th birthday this year
go on a mountain getaway weekend at Big Canoe
stay at a Bed & Breakfast one night 

FOR ME {72-80}

take a photography class
learn all settings on my camera
learn how to keep cactus/succulents alive
pin down a devotional time during the week and stick to it
read 10 new books
clean unnecessary pictures off laptop & backup the rest
learn how to make Amber's homemade soap
paint a picture of the pond using watercolor paints
update software on my laptop

THE 3 AMIGAS {81-83}

throw the ball with them at least 4x a week
brush them afterwards and make this a habit
paint pottery dog bowls

FRIENDS {84-88}

cook Amber dinner
help host a baby shower
host a bonfire/cookout at our house
send birthday cards in the mail to each of my friends 
go on a bowling double date

RANDOMS {89-99}

pay for a persons meal behind me in drive-thru
find Coach's school paperwork, get his signature, and send it off for his college diploma
cook dressing for Thanksgiving
sponsor a family at Christmas
go ice skating
print off favorite Instagram photos & put into photobook
donate money to the charity of my choice
cook a challenging recipe 
tip someone 100%
mail a thank you for serving box to someone in the service
send someone flowers just because 


put aside $10 for every project/goal I complete
make 101 in 1001 Round 2 list


I'll be updating this list as I get them done.
Leave a comment if you want to join me... I'd love to hear if you are!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thankful Thursday

There are so many things to be thankful for in our busy lives and here are just a few that have been on my mind lately...

I'm so thankful 

..for my business and how God is blessing it! I have some of the best clients and coworkers a gal could ever ask for....
.. that these storms Monday didn't turn into anything worse. We had two rounds of it.. there were tornado warnings all around and all we got were dark clouds, strong winds and rain...

.. puppy cuddles. Kyli was actually saying here that she was over all the bad weather...

.. this glucose test wasn't worse than what it was. The orange truly did taste like an Orange Fanta, I only had a couple waves of nausea, I didn't hurl, and only had a fierce headache by the end. Coach took me to Outback, got my belly full, came home and had the best nap ever, and felt like a million bucks after. Thank you Jesus because I had to work. I can still do without needles tho.
Now to just get the word that I passed! Certainly don't want to take the 3 hour test...

.. for this gorgeous getaway behind our house. It is so beautiful and peaceful and I can't wait to spend more time with Coach down here...

.. I've gotten SO much cleaned out of the future nursery. All I can say is there is going to be one massive yard sale!

.. for shorter days starting next week. I want to keep working like I am but by the weekend, I am zonked and can't get to the things I really need to work on. So I'm listening to my body even tho my mind says to keep going.

.. for a client who is helping me on finding info on my family's ancestry. My Dad's Dad, Dad's Mom, and my great grandmother, had some serious Cherokee Indian in their blood and I want to find out exactly where we originate from. She is still working on it, I have some questions for my Nanny, and then we'll she'll continue.. Can't wait to post what she finds out!

.. for great doctor visits. Heartbeat has been great, no complaints in the weights dept (not even sure what the number is), and all is measuring good.

.. for my amazing husband who has seriously been the best during this pregnancy and doing his best to make me even more spoiled rotten than I already am. Seriously tho, he just makes me melt.

.. for my massage this week.. WOW it was amazing!

.. for God's goodness, blessings and love.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Welcome to Make-up Monday! 

This post should have already been out today, however, my day got flipped and it's just now being live.. which I'm glad because we had some gnarly weather here today and I would have been out and about in all the thunderstorms/hail/tornado warning weather. Yikes!

So as I mentioned a couple posts ago, I have a new favorite lipliner/lipstick combo that I put together this week and I love it so much I wanted to share!

My favorite makeup that makes up 99.9% of my kit is MAC. I seriously love ALL their products!
Are you aware of their Back-to-MAC program? Turn in six of your empty containers and you get a FREE lipstick. This is how I have scored most of mine. Whoop whoop!

Without further adieu...

Lipliner: Whirl
Lipstick: Peach Blossom 

I LOVE it! 

My goal for Makeup Monday is to share with y'all any and everything beauty related.. my favorites, tips and tricks, new fave additions that will be added to my kit, and more!

Can't wait to share more with you loves!

BUMPDATE // 26 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG // 26 weeks

26 weeks pregnant chalkboard belly pic

BABY SIZE // Weighs about 2 lbs / about the size of a scallion

The network of nerves in your baby's ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. Baby Hopper may now be able to hear both Shane and I as we chat with each other.
She is inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid. These so-called breathing movements are essential for the development of the lungs. These are also good practice for when she is born and takes that first gulp of air.
She is continuing to put on fat and measures 14 inches long. 

MY SYMPTOMS // I cut back on my hours one day this week and I felt much better. I even cooked dinner Thursday night! Stop traffic! I did stay up way too late Thursday night and Friday I was feeling it. It seemed like THE longest day.
My lower back is really starting to give me fits. I've been to the chiro before for the right side of my lower back.. I think maybe my hip is out of place.. and wondering if I should make an appt? It just seems to catch.
Achy legs are still full force..
sinus problems..
and just tired sometimes.
I can't remember which night it was but some SERIOUS cramping in my right leg woke me up several times in the night. OUCH!
Belly button is beginning to flatten out more but still has a little ways before it's an outtie if it does come out at all.
And I expressed that I was a cramping a little by the end of the day at the doctor's office at my last appointment.. she didn't seem to be concerned.. just told me I really needed to drink more water. So water water water it has been.
Nurse said my BP was good, weight was good, and measuring good too. Wish I had the BP numbers and weight but I don't. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES // I ended up buying another dress that's my fave from Target and another top similar to the black top in my bumpdate pics. So. Comfy. I can still wear a couple of my jeans and just add a belly band over the waist, love my maxi skirts, and maxi dresses that don't balloon out so much that I look like a beached whale.
AND, I bought me a pair of maternity compression leggings and am awaiting their lovely arrival any day now! How hot am I gonna be? I got a rude awakening under those AMAZING dressing room lights, trying to find a dress for a wedding this Saturday, can you say spider veins??, came home, and ordered a pair first thing.

SLEEP // Been pretty decent. Just those late nights staying up got to me the next day.

MOVEMENT // She LOVES to move! Which is perfectly fine with me! Love feeling her having dance parties in my belly. It's seriously the sweetest thing.

CRAVINGS // I thought pimento cheese was a good idea this week at the grocery store?? Barf.. I hope Shane eats the rest.

GENDER // It's a girl!

WHAT I MISS // Sleeping in a position that I want to sleep in.. SUSHIIIIIIIIII.. the gym.. a fully functioning brain..

WORK OUTS // So I had these high hopes and dreams of continuing to work out like these fitness models I love and that are so inspiring. Well, after this roller coaster of a ride and now being that all I can think of is the couch on my way home, workouts hardly cross my mind. I do seriously miss being in the gym tho.. I'm cutting back my hours at work, so I'm hoping I do have some energy to spare for some walking, lunges, and light weights for arms.

EMOTIONS // Friday morning I was really irritated but snapped out of it by the time I got to work.
Other than that, I feel I've been pretty good this week.
Thoughts on delivery are still in the back of my mind.. I'm excited about cutting back my hours a bit because I'm going to get things done..
I am NOT looking forward to this Wednesday.. glucose test. What am I going to do when I wake up and I'm starving and I can't eat anything?? Oh boy what a day that's gonna be.

DREAMS // None that I really remember ... 

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // Love love love my sweet husband. He's been such a help and complimenting me every chance he gets. 

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // Clingy little heffas this week.. I did try and find them a crying baby doll and that was a fail so not sure that this will happen for them. I have been saying her name around them and they just turn their heads to the side and listen.


Baby Girl FINALLY kept kicking one night to where Shane really felt her big time! This made me SO happy! I don't think he could believe just how active she was being. She really is a smart one.. it seems every time she starts moving, I get Shane's hand on my belly, she stops. I did try to get her on video this week, but of course you couldn't see it as much and then she stopped. Maybe in a few weeks I'll really be able to catch her.
Hearing her heartbeat again at 163!

Baby Girl, do you hear me talking to you often and calling you by name? I have been praying for your health, growth and development, and for blessings to rain down on you.. for the Lord's protection, for wisdom, and a heart's desire for Him. There are now less than 100 days that your Daddy and I will be seeing you for the first time and be holding you in our arms. We can't imagine the feelings and emotions and we are SO excited to see what you look like, what kind of personality you will have, and just to be a family of 3, well six if you count your four-legged siblings.. I can't wait for them to meet you too! I'm sure you can hear them mouthing.. they are so loud! I love it when you say hello via all your somersaults and cartwheels you practice in my belly.. I have no doubt you are going to be an athletic little thing. Are you tired of oatmeal for breakfast yet? I try and mix it up with blueberries and raspberries. Mommy and Daddy love you sweet baby!

Friday, April 17, 2015

This week...

Let's start with last Friday...

Kristen ROCKED this updo mohawk for her prom!
I had seen this awhile back and begged some of my girls to let me do this and Kristen was the only one stepped up. She absolutely loved it and I did too! So much fun!

Saturday, the skies opened up and beamed a huge bright yellow ball of sunshine it has done nothing but rain here for daaayyysss for this sweet lady's wedding. I had the honor of doing her and her bridesmaids hair and makeup. They were lots of fun and what a fun, easy day!
If you already follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these, but in the event you don't, here's a little hair and makeup!

Nikki came back in this week for the after-wedding-chop and was so sweet to share these photos with me! Her FIL has owned his own plane/hanger/runway on their land for as long as I have know their family, and this is where their ceremony/reception was held. How awesome!

Beautiful bride!

Mr. Plank baptized me and has just recently retired from preaching.

In action!
After work, I treated myself to a pedicuuurr. I cannot begin to explain how much better my piggies felt after a long work week.
I don't think I realized just how much I booked myself last week on top of the wedding, and by Sunday, I felt like I was coming down with the flu I felt so bad. I had ZERO energy, cold chills, and I could NOT hold my eyes open to save my life. Everything I wanted to get done obviously didn't even get started.

Monday morning, Amber came over, we got on her laptop and searched all the fabric sites she has access to, to find fabric for Baby Hopper's bedding. AT LAST SOMETHING HAS BEEN DONE!! Amber was so patient with me searching and searching and looking and looking and I finally found something that I loved! I was so EXCITED and cannot express how much better I felt to have something crossed off a long list.
Afterwards, Coach and I went to my Dr's appt. All was good and her heartbeat was 163.. I just wish I could've been able to listen longer. We were seriously in and out of there in 15 minutes. The nurse also informed me that after this next 4 week appt, it will be time for me to start coming every two weeks.. I said, "ALREADY???!!" I wish I could've seen my face. I was NOT expecting that.. and then I lost it and I think I scared her and Shane both. I couldn't even speak because I seriously thought I would lose it even more. Shane was so sweet to console me. Time has just flown by so fast and I can't believe we are about to already be at that point. I realize that women have babies everyday, but I am super scared about delivery, and that just made it even more real to hear her say that. Moving on...
We continued our day by Coach taking me to the beauty supply store, where he bought me a brand new, squishy mat, sooo thankful for that!! He took me to Planet Smoothie, yummy, we came back home and napped. I was worn out.
AND, who gets granddaughter of the year award??? I do, I do! NOT!! I woke up from my nap, made my way to the grocery store and completely FORGOT about my Grandmother's Monday night dinner. I felt like pond scum. Didn't even cross my mind.

Tuesday, longest day at work and came home and started Baby H's registry.  This has continued ALL week and I am still not done.

Wednesday, I slept in and didn't start until the afternoon, THAT was AMAZING, and as you can see I'm in love with this maternity dress from Target. I want one in every color!

Thursday and today, I have worked all day, although yesterday I did get off a little early because my last client called in sick.. thank you for not exposing me to germs. 

As I said, every night, I've been working on the registries which has taken up a TON of my time! Work has been super busy because Whitney is out on maternity leave, so we are all helping her out with her clients on top of ours, and it's prom and wedding season so I've been spending my Saturday's at the salon too! 

Thank y'all sweet readers for sticking around even when I'm not here. 
I have a couple of fun posts coming up, one in which will be sharing my new favorite lipstick/lipliner combo I put together this week.. it's my new fave!!

Hope y'all have had a wonderful week and have an awesome weekend planned ahead..
see y'all tomorrow!

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