Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Hopper is a GIRL!! // The Big Reveal

So this post took so long because I was waiting on edited pics but I couldn't wait any longer to share..

I really don't know where to begin with what I want to say here or even know how to put what I want to say into words. So here we go with me trying...

Let me begin with how thankful and blessed I am for such a wonderful bestie, Amber, for putting all of this together and making it more than I ever imagined. Everything was absolutely perfect from the invites to the decor to our poppers.. I mean everything! On top of her niece's 1 yr birthday party just the week before, she rocked it out and made this so special for us.. I am forever grateful for all she has done!
Thank you so much to Whitney for selflessly lending her helping hand with this as well.. I'm pretty sure she moved some clients to be there early to help Amber set up. I have NO idea where she put them.. So sweet to do! Thank you so much friend!
I know I speak for Shane and I both when we say how humbled we were at the turnout in celebration of this sweet Baby Girl the Lord has blessed us with. She is already loved SO MUCH!
Thank you thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

OK get ready for picture overload! 

Amber is the bomb and made all of these herself. A sweet card with her feelings on when she opened the envelope, sweet advice and scripture.

Someone yelled "Are you excited??" Any family reading this know who? I'll have to admit I did have nerves of excitement!
Connie (MIL), Mom, Kolton (youngest brother in blue), Ty (cousin), and Mama Jane (grandmother)

When we hit our poppers, all the confetti went into the light and I couldn't see what color it was! It wasn't until I looked on the floor that I saw what color was revealed!

You can see that my Mom couldn't see it either! LOL!

She was SO excited and I was SO shocked because I just knew this baby was a boy! Not that I cared either way because we just want healthy healthy baby! My Mom was seriously cracking me up with all her excitement! 

For some reason, I couldn't stop laughing.

Love Coach's face in all of these! So sweet.

My face is so awkward here but Coach was saying I told you you were gonna cry when you found out what we were having.. Guess he was right.

Handshake from Cliff SR
Hug from Judy (Connie sister)
Hug from Christine (Judy daughter)
Stacey with Hayden and Jennifer with Essie
My little Ty.. I was a staple at my Aunt's house with all her babies and Ty was the first one. I was trying to pinch his cheeks here.. priceless face!

Dad and Kim

Krista, Mama Jane, me, Mom, Gigi, Mimi

Sassafras girls!
Whitney, Deneen, and Sha

Love this picture of me and Pop! Just before this picture was taken he was poking his belly out farther and saying "you have a real baby and I have a food baby!" Sooo funny!


Tracie (SIL) and Ricky

The belly is a magnet.. Ha!

So this blanket is Brynn's 'oh' and Daniel, Whitney's husband, put it on Shane with her baby and said something about getting in some practice. As you can see from the following picture, she is NOT so sure about him having it! She never goes anywhere without her Oh! So sweet!

Funny moment with Ricky having Connie's purse!

The only picture I'm missing is one with Amber.. BOO! We are never waiting til later to take one ever again! ;)

Sweet gifts from Connie and Ricky, Christine and family, and Judy and Cliff Sr. ::

Perfect gift with the belly stickers! I had just been wondering that week where I could get them!

The envelope I took to the appt for the nurse to put gender in..

And our invite Amber sent .. I LOVED it!

We had SO much fun and again Shane and I are so thankful for this wonderful night!


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