Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Our "California" Master Closet

With the arrival of Baby Hopper, Coach has made things happen in the Hopper house with getting projects finished. A few weeks ago, he and Ben tackled our master closet and got it D-O-N-E. A long time ago, I started my Pinterest search for some closet ideas, shared them with the hubby, we came up with some plans, he got with Ben and BOOM!

**Update: This is birch wood that was bought and Ben and Shane stained all the pieces themselves. Ben built the tall shelf before it was put into the closet and they did the rest of the installation together.

It is more than what I pictured in my head and I am SO THANKFUL it is finished! I'm not quite finished getting it organized just the way I want but I'm almost there for sure. It is SO nice having everything in once place and just where it should be... definitely worth the wait! 

Here are a few in-progress shots and finished product!

Mara had to take a break from supervising to strike a pose.


I love the wood and how the stain turned out! Just beautiful and it matches one of our other small closets.

I have since purchased baskets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they fit perfectly on the shelves. Also matching laundry baskets that fit just so at the bottom so we can eliminate baskets from the bedroom and the laundry room.

Shane and Ben make a great team! Thank you Awesome Amber for letting your husband hang out with us for couple days getting it done! ;)


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