Monday, March 9, 2015


Ohh my goodness, I hope today is as pretty as yesterday was! We got to enjoy almost 70* sunshine! That's just good for the soul after you have been cooped up all winter.

Friday night was a later work night and we had zero groceries in the house, so Shane treated us to Outback. No pictures but was it oh so yummy. And to be somewhere besides home and work was oh so nice.

Saturday morning, I worked a couple hours and then Mama Jane and my Mom met me for a little basket shopping for our master closet that is now FINISHED! Can't wait to share with y'all this week just how awesome it is! Whoo hoo! I am so proud of what Ben and Shane accomplished! Shane is really into learning from Ben as far as contracting goes. I think they make a great team!

First we stopped for lunch at Logan's Roadhouse.. I opted for a bacon burger sans the bun and sweet potato fries.. so delish! Have y'all had their seasonal flavored teas? Slap yo Mama they are amazing! There are several but I chose the Raspberry and I wish I had another one as we speak! Really didn't need all the sugar that was probably in it but my it was refreshing!

We stopped at Belk so I could pick out a FREE lipstick from MAC. Yes free. They have a Back-to-MAC recycle program where if you bring in six empty containers, you get a free lipstick. This is how I have gotten almost every single one of mine.
This one is called Blankety. It's a little lighter in the picture but I paired it with Boy Bait Cremesheen lipgloss and it's gorg!

We had to make a restroom stop and I'm so glad we did! These were just waiting on me at 45% off! 

Like I mentioned earlier, it was an absolute GORGEOUS day yesterday. I grabbed my lawn chair for a little vitamin D therapy. Coach played ball with the 3 Amigas before he got to work and then Kyli and Mara crashed after awhile.

Just straight chillin'.
I ate out AGAIN yikes!! last night with these lovely ladies. We are trying to get together at least once a month or every two months. It was SO good to have some girl time and catch up. When we get together its like we have never had anytime apart. I think my abs are a little sore from all the laughing! I just love them!

When I got home, Coach and his Dad were working on the burn pile. This pile got HUGE between what was torn down and then limbs we lost from the ice storm.

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


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