Friday, March 27, 2015

Monday Funday Sunny Walk...

Well I would have been here sooner this week after Monday, but because I have THE fastest technology EVER, here I am now!
Seriously SO frustrating and something needs to be done about it. I would definitely be here more!

After a completely lazy weekend, I woke up Monday needing to run some errands and one of those was getting groceries.. we had nothing. When I got back home, I just knew Coach was at the pond so I put all the cold groceries up, left the rest on the counter, and me and the Amigas went for a walk to the pond.
It was sooo pretty after a nasty, rainy weekend and the sun felt so good!
** I tried to narrow down these pics -- when I started uploading I realized I had taken almost SIXTY pictures -- I have a serious problem obviously. ha!
The pups are so funny to us with their personalities and how they are with each other.
Such peaceful walks and love our time together on days like this!

Notice they didn't wait for me! Love how the pasture is greening up!

We see Dad!

Of course Kyli went straight for the water!

Sox is SO proud of her perfume she couldn't help but show it off.. disgusting.

They had SO much fun ... until they had to get a bath time when we got back home!


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