Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Goals UPDATE


*Drink more water.  
I've been carrying my thermos again to work and making sure I have extra water bottles in my bag. There is still room for improvement but I am getting way more than I was!
I'm not getting nearly enough.
*Make more healthier food choices. 
Back to cooking several days worth of chicken like when I was meal prepping. Instead of sweet potatoes, I've been making sweet pot fries.. so yummy!! Not eating out at work as much either.
Still need to clean it up more. There are times when nothing sounds good so I reach for whatever I can get down. I just want to make more of an effort for healthy foods.
*Exercise more. 
I did really good for a couple weeks and towards the end of the month I have slacked off. My alarm will be set tomorrow to get up and DO SOMETHING!
Even if its lunges around the house or a light weights session in the living room.


*Call our insurance agent for Life Insurance. #fail 
This should have been done a LONG time ago and it WILL be done before Shane starts traveling.
*Make a dentist appointment. 
So I got really excited about this because we got dental insurance cards in the mail. After I called Cigna they explained some long explanation so I will be paying out of pocket. Yikes.
I am past due for a cleaning!


*Read, read, read these baby books! 
Whoo hoo! I got caught up in a couple days in What To Expect.. and I started on catching up on the one my Mom gave me.. A Blessing on the Way
I am having SUCH a hard time reading these books. I've always had a hard time getting into these kind..gotta have a good fiction book to hold my attention.
*Go shopping for a new bra and belly bands. 
I am loving these belly bands! And I'm just sporting the sports bras because they are so much comfortable.
I have gone as long as I can with my bras, and in case I wake up one morning and just can't rubber band my jeans, I want to be prepared! 
Anybody have any feedback on belly bands?
*FOR REAL start purging the spare bedroom. 
Some progress has been made! There is still a lot of my stuff in there but the purging and organization has started and continues everyday!
I had great plans for this room Saturday and I was laid up on the couch most of the day. This room is truly my closet/sewing/craft/makeup vanity/office/catch all with a bed right in the middle of it. I want as much out as possible before our appointment on the 23rd because as soon as we find out what the sex is, ITS ON with the nursery decor!


*Start on sewing my second Amy Butler bag. #failnumerodos
I have had this fabric for months now and haven't even started cutting the pattern yet. If I could just start and actually finish, I know I could sell it and make some extra money!

Overall I don't feel like I did too shabby. My water intake, choosing more healthy foods over bad, and exercising more will continue. I'm planning on taking my book to the salon so I can hopefully read while my clients are under the dryer. And start leaving time out on Mondays to prepare meals! It's so much better when you have them already done and ready to go!


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