Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I love, love, love me some pictures!
One of my favorite things is to look thru the old and the new and reminisce on all the memories. 
I have always considered myself a picture freak and love having tons and tons of photos ALL over the house! 
Coach says we have enough in our home already but I beg to differ.. ha. We needed just a couple few more on the walls. 
Which brings me to this project.
I have been putting off ordering one of our wedding photos on a nice canvas because I did NOT want to pay $100+ for just ONE. 
This project was SUPER easy, I did all of these in one night, and did NOT spend hundreds of dollars doing so.

I already had the largest canvas and the 8x10.. The only purchase I made was the 11x15 canvas and my poster prints. 
BONUS: I buy my canvas' at Michael's and get their coupons online. This particular day, I scored a 50% off. WHOOP WHOOP!

You will also need:

sponge brushes
black paint
cutting tool (to trim the photos)

I started out by applying MOD PODGE to a blank canvas, added the photo on top, and from the center started working out all of the air bubbles.
After letting your photo COMPLETELY dry, trim the edges to fit the canvas.

And paint the edges black.

This next step is where you will give your photo the 'textured' canvas look. Paint the mod podge over the photo.. I took a generous amount on my brush and made sure to coat it evenly. 

I then took an extra canvas and pressed it on top of the wet mod podge. 

tip:: The first time I did this there wasn't much of an impression. So I recoated the section, pressed the canvas to it again, and this time ran my hand over the back of the canvas to make sure there was enough of an impression when I removed the extra canvas. 
You do NOT have to take a lot of time on this part. 
Do this quickly.

This is what it should look like while its still wet...

Set your canvas aside and let dry. 
I PROMISE you will LOVE it when it dries!

Now onto the BIG project.
My poster that I had printed didn't quite cover my canvas all the way. So I opted to paint what the photo wouldn't cover with black.

I did just as before, painted the MOD PODGE on the canvas, and applied my photo. This one was a little trickier because I had to make sure it was even around the edges. When everything finally measured up right, I started from the center working out all the air bubbles and set aside to dry.
Whew! I had to work fast!

 After it dried, I got to work and played it safe by working in smaller sections. 

 And let it dry!


diy photo canvas tutorial

diy photo canvas tutorial

diy photo canvas tutorial
Our bedroom

I absolutely LOVE how they all turned out!
After we got the middle photo up in our living room, I decided there needs to be another 8x10 to make a little collage. I'll be getting to work on that this weekend! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Make Yo Pizza at Home

homemade pizza gluten free crust

Coach LOVES some pizza and it was just what was on the menu last night. 
I am not trying to toot my own horn but it was SOOOOO YUMMY! 
The last time I tried to make our own it was not good... like Coach wouldn't even eat it and it went in the trash. NOT really sure what happened but maybe just maayyyybeee I have redeemed myself?


Follow the instructions for the Pizza Crust.
It calls to bake the crust for 5-7 minutes..
I took it out and added in this order:

tomato paste
green peppers
red peppers

Continue to bake for said time and you have got you one delicious pizza!

Not complete without a Ceasar salad!

romaine lettuce
parmesan cheese
black pepper
ceasar dressing

Definitely gonna be making another one.. next time I may try and get all fancy with a BBQ Chicken for something a little different!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday Funday Fall Festival 2014

For as long as I have been a Hopper... getting close to 2 years now... me, Connie, and Tracie have made our way over to the HUGE city of Hoschton for their fall festival. This year, Amber joined us! YAY! 
We had the most fun walking around and checking out all the fun stuff! 

One of the first things we saw was the Dock Dogs competition event. I have never seen this before and it was something to watch! Some of these dogs had serious springs in their legs.. Especially the one in the video below.
This German Shephard was absolutely beautiful. I want a Bull Terrier like something fierce but the GS may come in a close second. 

Sometimes my phone catches a video sideways so sorry for the angle but I couldn't resist sharing. We watched this one make her run twice and she seemed to almost clear the pool!

One thing I learned from this festival is I need to teach our dogs a few new tricks. This sweet girl below carried her own leash! I could never get a good picture because she was ON THE MOVE! We saw her later and her owner would just drop the leash and she would happily pick it up and carry it. 

I hope these sweet pups got a break.. they were so well behaved.

One of my faves! I see pottery in our future.
I would love for the 3 Amigas to have their own bowl! 
Definitely prettier than the boring silver ones.

I was soo proud of myself! I wasn't going to buy anything but besides our lunch and fresh home grown local veggies I only made ONE purchase...


Y'all know I CANNOT resist any kind of BLING!! 
Fake or real diamonds are a girls best friend!

Coach came home from baseball and asked me what I bought. 
Me: "A bracelet."
Coach: "That gaudy one laying on the bathroom counter?"

Yes Coach. That would be the one.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday // It's Fall Y'all!

Oh my goodness!!
 If you aren't experiencing some of these cooler temps yet that are introducing us to fall, I am sooo sorry! Well only if you are looking forward to cooler weather These past few mornings have been ABSOLUTELY ammmaaaaazing! The air is so refreshing and I can actually breathe! 
Whoop whoop!!

Anyway, it's past 11 here and I am just posting WILW oops a little late BUT I am sooooo excited about fall that I just couldn't wait any longer to share with you a few of my latest fall pins from, yes.. you guessed it.. Pinterest. 

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. these boots. 
Get in muuhh closeettt!

I have been so slack y'all I don't even have a fall wreath on our front door. 
You may be looking at my next project.

Apparently, these days, I am obsessed with Free People. I didn't even realize that's where this poncho was from until I went to write this post. However, I will NOT be paying $400 for this. 
No way Jose.
I  do love the fringe tho!

A couple weeks ago,  I finally got my hair done and started working on my ombre for my fall do.
I am still loving it after all this time.. call me crazy I just always love going back to having a root.
This color is GORGEOUS! My hair has gotten pretty long but I would LOVE for it to be this length. Now my husband on the other hand, I think is ready for me to chop the locks. He is one of the few men who likes the short hair.

Anybody getting married anytime soon? 
I was supposed to have an entrance similar to the doors and when I got to the wedding site for our first look this was not set up at all. Totally bummed. Not sure if this is fall but it's completely gorgeous to me.

 I realize this has nothing to do with fall but how cool is the tin? Not sure if Coach would let me do this in the laundry room but I need something to fill the empty wall space above our washer and dryer. We have discussed cabinets but shorty over here wouldn't be able to reach them without a stool. I already need one for the kitchen.
Trip to Hobby Lobby soon?

And I just want to try this eye look!
So much fun trying something new!

What are you looking forward to most about the new season??

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