Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fallyn // Week 45

Good Morning!!
 Breakfast time with Kyli right there with you to pick up what you have dropped by accident or to wait for you to purposely drop what you don't want. Ha!! Either way, she is one happy pup! She's only grabbed your finger one time and you cried this heart breaking cry. It was so pitiful but it hasn't happened since!

Oh my goodness I LOVE this outfit and this beautiful SMILE! Look how happy you are and those little toes curled up. I could seriously eat you up.

Thursday means off to work for Mommy so off to grandparents house you go! Get me outta here Pa!

One of my fave outfits with the skirt and ruffles on the shoulders.

So big sitting in your high chair!

Monday morning with my sweet girls! We normally have no where to go and just hang out in our pj's. That's my kind of Monday!

Finley just grabbed you and laid back with you! You are her living baby doll!

Hanging out in the kitchen with Mommy. 

You were clapping for yourself!...

And, here you are.. this is why I cannot take my eyes off of you! Ever! You had climbed all the way in this seat, standing up and not a fear in the world.

That one little toofy shining thru!

We spent so long this day playing in Finley's room. Ya'll got along for the most part but she put her animal blocks up on the top of the crib rail. You kept trying so hard to reach them! Bless.

You finally sat down with a book. Yay Sissy!

I really need to start reading to you. You are just ALWAYS wanting to be on the go! As soon as you take your bottle now, down in the floor you go because you are OFF to find something to get into. And then at night, you have just started crashing. Take your last bottle and you are out!


Fallyn // Week 44

Fallyn, you turned 10 months old on February 27th. You have turned into THE most cuddly baby ever.. more so than you have been. You are one spunky little into everything! You love the water and you don't care if it smashes in your face (so different than Finley). You are loving crawling and pulling up on everything you can grab a hold to, you are eating table foods so well but you are NOT a fan of bananas.. you can throw down some food tho! You love your blank La La made you -- you are even grabbing for it when I come get you from your crib. 
(In March, you started making a new clicking sound with your mouth and your hair is getting so long over your ears and curly in the back! You and Fin Fin have your own language and have been "talking" more to each other. I love to hear you cackle and see that huge grin with your 1 tooth! So precious! You are having a hard time with your teething these days. You clap for yourself -- Yay Sissy! -- And you love watching Elmo with Fin Fin.)

Early morning snuggles.

Feeding Kyli again! You two crack me up!

The night before I left for Charleston for a training weekend. I hate to always leave y'all.

Fin Fin just wants to hold you!

This is one of your newer things to do. Pull up on the door and bang your hand on the window.

Happy baby all over the place! Love that little bow in your hair with all that hair! 

You can't resist the Tupperware drawer while in the kitchen.

We should just forget all the toys.. you love to play on the changing table with the wipes, pull the diapers out of the baskets, and you love to spin these knobs. Finley will try and tell you -- "No No Sissy! Lea'e alone!"

Sweet sisters. I hope y'all stay this close and love each other for years to come!


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fallyn // Baby Dedication

And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them. 
Mark 10:16

It was a BIG day for ACTS on March 11, 2018.. we had Partnership, Baptisms (I think I cried the whole time doing this part), and Baby Dedication.

Fallyn slept the WHOLE time! Much different than what Finley did -- Ha! She screamed the whole entire time! -- I searched for her dedication post and I am so sad it looks like I never posted it! I am going to have to find my camera cards, search for her pics, and post it as well. -- 

Sadly, our Pastor was with her Mother who is in transition right now going to be with the Lord, so we had a co pastor that prayed over Fallyn. It was a beautiful prayer and I'm so glad they recorded the service so we can go back and listen again.  

 Finley did so well during all the praying! We were the first ones to go and she was so patient with everything! She truly is such an angel.. so sweet, loving, caring, and loves when her family is all together. 
And, she loves giving her Sissy kisses. I thought she was going to wake Fallyn up but she slept right thru it and almost thru the entire service!

She was being a little rambunctious but quietly -- "stealing" her Daddy's nose and eating it. She is a mess y'all!

Fallyn, we are SO THANKFUL for you and all the joy that you bring our family. We are thankful and blessed that the Lord entrusted us with YOU! I pray the He will guide us and give us wisdom to be the best parents for you and Finley as well.. I pray a hedge of protection over you and that you will always look to the Lord and stay on the path that He already has paved for you.

May The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26

We love you sweet Fallyn!

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