Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fallyn // Week 20

Fallyn, I absolutely love love love this photo! Both of my girls with their Daddy and Fin Fin and YOU are smiling so big! You are both happy happy happy. I love to see that you are such a happy baby just like Finley was. It is good for my soul.

Me and you had some one on one time after church while Finley napped. Love your double chin and getting squishy kisses. I'll be so sad when its gone.

So happy and I love to see your smile! You have been going to the nursery and you do good but you do not like the noise of all the kids. It takes you awhile to fall asleep.

There was a CAT 5 hurricane that hit Florida and came all the way up thru Georgia as a Tropical Storm on Monday September 11.  I decided to give you a bath in case the power went out because it was supposed to get pretty bad. I'm so glad that I did it when I did because our power did go out shortly after this. Cutie patootie wrapped in a towel!You caught yourself in the mirror and just grinned!

Dressing you up like we had somewhere to go! Ha! The temps did drop and this outfit just seemed appropriate at the time!

Your feet are just a moving all the time.
You have found your hand several times this week, you will turn your hand slowly and stare at it! It's the cutest to watch and see your mind working .

Playtime on the mat. You love grabbing the toys and getting them in your mouth. I know you are trying to relieve your gums.

In one of Sissy's outfits! This was the day after Irma hit us. We were starting to go crazy in the house with no power and bless your heart you were so tired of drinking cold bottles. It was going on 24 hours. We were getting ready to grill out some food so it wouldn't ruin and then go to Mama Jane's (because she didn't lose power the whole time) and ours came back on in the middle of doing so. Yay! It was wonderful! No more cold bottles for you. Thetemps had actually dropped and it made it cooler in the house so you got to wear some of Finley's fall clothes. It is still so hot here and I'm not sure that you will be able to wear much of hers by the time it does really cool off. I was hoping that you would because she has a bunch of cute stuff but we will see. You are still a tiny tiny 4 month old. 

Just a little fun comparison of you and your sister! You are really coming into your own tho and in my opinion you two don't look as much alike as you did when you were first born. Maybe while you are sleeping you do but not awake.

Finley found you some shoes! I can't believe you can wear them! I'm so glad tho!

Talking with Daddy!

Remember I said earlier I wished I had more pictures of you and the puppies? Here is my attempt at more.

And you little stinker... you had woken up taken a bottle and gone back to sleep. I was so tired and wanted you to nap in your crib for you morning nap but when I laid you down you popped your head up and would not go back to sleep. I should've just laid here. Ha! Daddy is no phased one bit!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fallyn // Week 19

Fallyn, Mommy doesn't have very many pictures of you this week because my phone storage was full and I was in the process of getting a new card. There are several videos but I'm really not sure of how to go about getting them on here.
I did take a couple notes tho about new things you have been doing:

On September 2nd, you laughed out loud and cackled.

On September 3rd, you rolled over from your stomach to your back and slept from 9:30pm to 7:45am. Whoo hoo!!

You are so happy and yes you do get fussy and upset sometimes but who wants to see pictures of an upset baby? I love your sweet and fun personality that is starting to come out! I love, love, love your snuggles and how you sing yourself to sleep.

Morning smiles!

This was after Hadlee's birthday party. Big Pop put you to sleep and you napped a lot during the party. I put you and Finley in your pajamas before we left and y'all came right in and Fin went straight to bed and you were shortly after. You did sleep all night for the first time in a long time. It was wonderful! 

An attempt to get a picture of you and one of the Pups. Its really hard to these days.

You have really started grabbing your feet and you have so much fun! Ha! You can tell you are 'talking' here.

I caption this photo "Finley was here". Because that little girl loves some stickers and she's been planting them all over you!

You've been a little better about letting Mommy get ready in the mornings too. You love this lamb too. You hug and hug it and snuggle. It's the sweetest.

 On September 5th, we got out of the house and went to Target, had dinner at Barberitos and then on the way home stopped by the field to see Daddy. 
It's amazing to me how everytime I've worn you and Finley in this carrier y'all both fall asleep. You slept pretty much the whole time we were here.

Eating when we got home!
 Holding your bottle like a big girl!

This is where you go when its bath time for Finley. You don't mind it one bit and I've seen you smile some of the biggest smiles during this time.

Photoshoot for you 4 months continues. I loved this outfit and wanted to get a picture of you in it... Finley was all about helping to get you to smile. She would say "hey sissy! hey sissy!". It's so cute to watch you both interact. You absolutely love it yourself.

This picture of you makes you look way bigger than you really are! When we see people out they still talk about how tiny you are.

Finley had me cracking up. She has been watching Mommy way too much with the camera. She even pretends with her play phone and baby dolls that she is taking pictures of them and she will "show me" after the picture is taken. So sweet. I want to remember these moments forever.

Last picture I got of you trying to smile! It looks like you may laugh yourself out of this chair!

Fallyn // Week 18

On Monday, August 28th you had your 4 month check up. All was great! How crazy is this?? You weighed the exact same weight and the exact same length as Finley on her 4 month checkup. That's just crazy to me!
You weighed in at 13lb and 7oz (37%), you were 24in long (34%), and your HC was 16in (56%).

We are still working on your cradle cap with the Rejuviniqe Oil.

Your little body is starting to fill out but pictures still make you look bigger than you really are. 
You are still a tummy sleeper and Dr Setia sure did give me a lecture on this but you do not want to sleep on your back. We would never sleep if I always laid you down like that!

You are so peaceful sleeping. I love watching you!

Love your outfits and I've been trying to put more bows on your head. Finley likes to pull them off sometimes and of course Daddy does too.

You are really getting strong and will turn to look anytime you hear someone talking or hear a noise.

You enjoy this mat so much and are really trying to grab at them. Finley lays down with you but sometimes I think she gets a little too close and bares down on you too hard by accident.
She really loves stickers too and putting them on you. But, we've tried to keep them off of you because it sure does pull your skin and makes it really red.

Happy girls and stickers! So funny your tongue is out!

Kyli got you right in the mouth! Shesure does love you girls!

I'm so glad to be getting a few more pictures of you and Kyli and the Pups.

Such a big girl at your 4 month check up!


I don't think you are quite ready for baby foods yet. (Although I did let you try applesauce once) You only get up once during the night/early in the mornings and you still aren't to where you hold your head up all the way yet consistently. Even when I lay you in your sling, you don't try and sit up yet. When I tried to feed you, I had to help hold you up in the bumbo because you couldn't sit up all the way and hold your balance.
You've started taking about 5oz and have taken 6 sometimes. Growing like a weed!

Love your big smile!

You almost always have your tongue out all the time! I know you're mine but its the cutest!

Your personality is really coming out and shining! You are such a joy to us!


Your afternoon fussiness has gotten so much better! Slim to none these days. You wake up so happy and even in the middle of the night whenever you get up, you take a bottle and go right back to sleep. There was one night that took you a little while to get settled back down but once you got comfortable again you were right back to sleep.

Ha!! This just cracks me up!!

Trying applesauce for the first time on August 30th. Not so sure about it.

Fun photo time with Sissy!

This is so sweet! You both look so big but Fin looks really big compared to you.

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