Monday, October 12, 2015

A Hen Party

Yesterday, Finley and I, got out of the house for a few hours for her first little party!
My cousin Elaine had all the cousins together a few years ago for what she called a Lady Bug Party and this year it was a Hen Party. 

We were all to bring a dessert or appetizer and then we just had a great afternoon of fellowship! It was great catching up with everyone and they were all so excited to meet Finley! I wish I had on video her waking up to everyone ewing and awing over her.. it was hysterical with her little peepers opening and closing and opening and closing. What a wake up call! Ha!

Kinsey was so excited to meet her! She was one of our flower girls in our wedding.

 And of course, Gigi was there keeping this Momma hip with a Sunday Selfie . . wink wink.

Oh man I can't wait for my eye dr appt.. dropped a contact down the sink and even with all my plumbing efforts couldn't find it. These glasses are killin' me smalls!!

What fun and can't wait to do it again!

Finley // Week 11

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures. Mommy saw this shirt on Pinterest and has a friend who knows can print shirts and BOOM, I got it made. And you seriously know how to rock a bow sweet baby! She also made a couple of other shirts for you that are just adorable and La La has some blankets and shirts that she is going to monogram for you, too.


You are still one grinning sweet angel baby. There is a video to go along with these pictures and you are talking up a storm! My YouTube account is private so I'm not sure I could upload these from there onto this blog and you be able to view them?? If not, all pictures and videos have been sent to your very own email for you to have. Mommy isn't quite finished catching up on that yet but I got a great start this week!

I feel like the back of your head is too flat and I even asked Dr Setia about it at your checkup, but he said it would reshape itself after you start sitting up more. It still concerns me, so I've tried to lay you on your side when you nap during the day. I check on you non stop because all your pediatriticain has said and from what I've read is to lay you on your back.. and one time I did freak out and moved you. So bless your heart, I hope your dr is right because when you look at your head from the side it almost looks like it comes to a point in the crown. Its funny over time how things change so much, let them sleep on their side, no put them on their stomach, and now it's your back. Whew!


You are still eating great! Mommy tried to put a NB onesie on you this week and it just wasn't happening. I think it's safe to say, besides a few NB that are bigger, you have officially moved up to 3 month clothes. I love seeing you healthy and growing but Mommy's little girl is growing so fast!!


They all love you but Kyli especially does! She can be jealous at times but she sure does patiently wait her turn or finds another lap to satisfy her until I am free to give her some attention.

We were in the nursery one night rocking and Kyli came in checking on us.. she didn't hang out long tho! She did some kind of twinkle toe-ariel-ballet paw spin and out the door she went! It was THE funniest thing I've seen her do in a long time and I was laughing so hard I'm pretty sure I almost woke you up. I had to get it under control.

I love this of you and Kyli! She was busy chewing on her bone and you kept turning your head. I finally got my phone camera out and flipped the camera so I could see your facial expressions. You were staring her down! Ha!

She has tried kissing you more and Mommy has had to get onto her.. Mara tried more this week as well. Kyli's kisses are little and quick and Mara's kisses are sllloooowwww and big. They 99% of the time kiss you on the back of the head which cracks me up because it stands your hair off your head or makes it appear curly.

Speaking of curly, I really do think when your hair gets longer it's going to be curly!


You are still cooing and will talk back as long as someone is talking to you. You smile really big in the midst of all of that too and let me tell you smiling is contagious with you! It makes me feel so good to see you smiling and happy. Your jibber-jabber sounds are the sweetest and I could sit and listen to it all day!
You are starting to grab onto things and hold onto them longer.. for example Mommy's hair. It's almost always pulled back now.

You spent some time over at Grandma Kathy's house Saturday Oct 4th with Mama Jane and Gigi too while Mommy worked. It was a rainy, yucky day.

You also had a couple of visitors to see you while you were there.. Titus is one of Mommy's next door neighbors and I think he was just in awe of you! How sweet of him to want to hold your hand! Mom said that he just grabbed it while his Mommy Tara was holding you..

Meadow also visited.. Her Mom, Cassie, and I went to school together and Cassie's Mom is good friends with your Grandma Kathy.. they love them some Elvis by the way!

Absolutely adorable!

You are not minding being in your carseat as much but if you fall asleep in the car, and I try to lay you back down, you wake up and won't go back to sleep.

That afternoon, you and I finished watching the Georgia/Alabama game, and then you had a visit from Mimi and Stephany and Hadlee.

You fell asleep in Mimi's lap

And I got to hold sweet, Miss Hadlee!

I love 'chatting' with you and seeing you smile back! Aaahh Mommy could just eat you up!

It's been a little cooler with the rain so Mommy bought you some long sleeved shirts.. this is one of them.. and you have only worn it once for about 3 minutes because you spit up on it so bad I had to change your clothes.

Stephany bought you some Halloween bottles! I thought they were the cutest and so festive AND they are Dr Browns.


You napped and slept in your crib a lot more this week. And one night, you slept in your crib from 8ish to 2:30AM. Whoa! The mattress is still elevated for your reflux and yes I did move this burp cloth out from your face... don't want anyone roasting me on here.

We still do bath time at bedtime and you are still loving it. You never really don't cry and fuss when its time for you to take a nap or go down to sleep at bedtime unless it's in the middle of the night after your feedings. You just doze right back to sleep by the last drop of milk.
I know before I would get really stressed out with you crying when it was time for naps.. now, I've just learned that this is what Finley is going to do and I just rock you and bounce you and kiss on you until you exhaust yourself and pass out. I will say the length of crying is getting shorter.

The last two pics and this picture is all in the same day.. we had TONS of outfit changes because your spit up was off the charts! But it really didn't seem to bother you at all!

Morning times are still the sweetest and one of my fave times of the day.

You are a busy body moving your arms and legs too! 

This was your outfit of the day before I left for work one morning, and the first time you've worn shoes besides your slippers. Still trying to get you in some outfits before it gets really cold. It has warmed back up thank goodness so you can wear them! 

 La La crocheted you this gorgeous hat!! I LOVE all the color and the flower comes off if you want it to. It's a little big right now but I'm pretty sure you loved it! You wore it for awhile sitting her with Mommy while we chatted away!

And here we are trying to get in some tummy time. You absolutely hate it and we really need to do more of it.

You grabbed and held on tight to one of your toys hanging down on your gym set this week! I have it on my Nikon and will download it when I have more time. You didn't let go for a long time! It was with your right hand and your Daddy was cracking me up telling me to try and get you to grab it with your left hand. He said you needed to be a left handed golfer or softball player.. those coaches love those lefties! He was just joking tho.. we are gonna support you no matter what sport or talent you have love for!


Tuesday it seemed like when my feet hit the floor I was crying and it didn't let up until about Thursday or Friday. I told myself I was going to stop all the way to work and it didn't.. and in fact, the flood gates opened up even more as soon as I walked into work and didn't stop until about mid way into my first client appt. Thank goodness it was Mrs Glenda. She just loved on me and talked to me and really got me calmed down. I just love her! There just seems to be so much going on...


Mommy loves you little girl! I have so much fun with you and love seeing you smile and cooing and having a ball! You are my Angel Baby and bring me so much happiness and joy. I'm enjoying seeing you growing and watching your mind develop and your little personality shining bright! I'm looking forward to some pumpkin patch fun with you this month sweet girl!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Finley // Week 10

** Trying to catch up on all these posts.. it's seemed super busy around here lately!


You are getting to be such a big girl Finley! You had your 2 month checkup on Monday September 28th. You weighed in at 11 lbs and 7oz (42%) and were 22 3/4 inches long (49%). Your HC was 15 1/4 (54%)
I have no pictures of this Dr visit because we were about 10 minutes late and as soon as I got there, I jumped out of the truck and left my phone. You woke up screaming ready to eat about 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave and I wasn't about to make you stop eating once I started feeding you. You had taken a super long nap and I know you were ready to get some milk in you! On the way there I called to tell them we were on the way and I didn't get the best response ever.. I love your Pediatrician but I question a few of the office staff ladies.

You did SO GOOD! And we were all smiles and happy until you got 3 shots.. technically you only got stuck twice and it. was. pitiful. You had the most pitiful, scared, pain cry that I have never heard from you before. You really weren't yourself after all that for the rest of the day. You stayed in your Daddy's lap for most of the day if you weren't with me.

This morning was super fun! I even have a video of you 'talking' back to me. Sweetest coos ever!

 I'm pretty sure this is probably the last time we have 'swaddled' you. Your Daddy says you get entirely too hot when you are swaddled and it wakes you up.. and I have to agree with him that you are a little heater.


I woke up one morning to your Daddy telling me you took 6 oz!! Whoaa!! The most you have ever taken in one sitting! Sometimes you will take 5 oz from me, but if you have done any more than that, I get thrown up on.. like big time spit up that never seems to have an end. Sometimes you even pass out before you finish 4 oz. For the past couple weeks, you SERIOUSLY get TICKED OFF when we go to burp you.. like a somewhat high pitch squeal with an added 'fake' cry in the mix. And sometimes it takes forever for you to burp and other times, as soon as I sit you up, you have belched like a man. If you are fussy, as soon as we start to lay you back, you almost immediately stop.. nobody is fooling you sassy pants! You know you are about to get the milk! Ha!

Aunt Tracie brought you a Georgia Bulldogs bottle from work, but the nipple is too big and you started choking on the milk because it was coming out too fast.. so just to be festive for the game, I put the bottle koozie on the outside of one of your Dr Brown's bottles.

I LOVE being home with you on Saturday's with no schedule at all so I can cuddle with you if you need that extra affection..

.. And I LOVE seeing your smiling face!! These big smiles make my heart happy!!

I'm really just waiting for you to cackle out loud as big as your smiles are.. When I come get you in the mornings from you waking up, as soon as I start talking to you, you just plaster a smile on your face. 

It's been a rainy couple of weeks here in Georgia! That makes it a little cooler in the house so this was our Sunday lounging attire.

I love your footsies!!


Sox is coming around more! 

Seriously one of my favorite pictures of all time.

 This one cracks me up because she almost looks like.. what is this thing and what do I do with it?? Haha! She is a gentle giant!

The puppies are never far away from me.. 

And Kyli still tries to sneak borrowing your Boppy.. and she is still patient waiting her turn to get some of her own snuggles in...

Kyli and Mara have both tried licking you to pieces but I've stopped them the best I can before they get to you. They just love you!


Smiling SO BIG!! ..
Having fun letting Mommy dress you up and have photoshoots! With it getting cooler you may only wear some of these outfits a couple of times ...

You love long naps with your Daddy .. 

You love your changing table and talk a lot while your laying there..

You LOVE bath time unless you are really sleepy and then you get a little fussy when I take you out of the tub..
You have been focusing on objects and I've noticed your eyes following objects at times..
You are cooing and smiling A LOT..
We got the carpets shampooed this week and you slept thru ALL the noise!..
You still love being outside.. if you are fussy and we walk outside with you, you immediately calm down..
You are still in size 1 diapers..
Some NB or 0-3 onsies still fit but there are a couple of 3 month outfits that fit you already. I have a couple of 3 month outfits with the tags still on them.. so I'm thinking I may have to return them if it gets super cool before they fit..
You HATE tummy time.. I mean you fuss the whole entire time. Even when Dr Setia was checking you at your 2 month appt, you didn't even pretend you liked it for one second..
Gamma (your Daddy's mom) has been keeping you most of the time and sometimes Mama Jane and Pop have kept you.. You've even spent some time at my Mom's (we don't know what her grandmother name will be yet) house with Mama Jane and Gigi.. when the timing is right, you will know more about my Mom and why she hasn't been able to come around as much right now.. 
When I've sat down to rock you at times, you haven't seemed to like that too much. So I stand back up, and we bounce, and you calm back down..
You seem to have put yourself on a 7-730 bedtime schedule. I wish it was a couple hours later because this is when you start to sleep the longest but how in the world do I do that?? It's really heartbreaking because sometimes I get home and you are already asleep. 


I've probably said this too much but when do the hormones level back out??! Some days I am on top of the world!!! And other days, I am crying every time I turn around. I really think I'm driving my family and friends crazy!! When I say I'm not going to get upset, I hold it in, hold it in, and BAM.. here comes the flood gates..
3rd week into t-25 and still prepping meals.. 
I've been reading a lot on Paleo when I've had some spare time and I just need to write down some meals and get started on it seriously. I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. When I ate straight Paleo for a week it was the best I have ever felt!! I think it's something that may really work for me instead of trying to count macros.

Work has seriously been busier than I intended it to be when I went back. I just feel like I am gone entirely too long during the day. There have been some days where I've really gone almost mad and called and canceled all my clients for the day. Boy wouldn't that be a mess?!
When I was emailing pictures off my phone to Finley's account this weekend, I came across newborn pictures and she was SO tiny! I just busted out in tears because there were pictures on there that I didn't even remember taking... I just want to redo it all over again with her! They really do change so much so fast.

Finley, Mommy LOVES holding you and cuddling with you every chance I get! Mornings are super sweet and seem to be your happiest and the most relaxed because you are still trying to wake up.. the house is all quiet too and we just have our own little mommy/daughter time, cuddle session. I love to hear you coo and 'talk' with me and your Daddy.. they are THE sweetest sounds ever! 
When you finally get asleep and I rock you at night, I say this simple prayer .. "I just speak life, and health, prosperity and peace, and protection over Finley in the name of Jesus. I just speak peaceful, restful sleep over Finley in the name of Jesus. I just pray that Finley will have a burning, hearts desire for You, Lord." And I'll repeat it several times. 
I'm certainly not trying to rush you growing up, however, I'm looking forward to us doing stuff together! We've only been able to stroll to the pond one time because its been so wet but I enjoyed it so much and I can't wait to do it again! I'm looking forward to me, you, and your Daddy going to the pumpkin patch together.. I noticed the pumpkins are already there.. So much fun!! And your 3 month pictures are coming up soon.. 3 MONTHS?? 
I love you SOOO much precious girl! I know I've said it before and I will say it again.. you are such a joy and a complete angel baby! 

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