Monday, September 17, 2018

Fallyn // 12 Months

Fallyn, you turned ONE on April 27, 2018. Yes, it has been 5 months since I have last posted. I truly couldn't believe that when I saw it. And I really don't know where to start as I type this out because my notes are ALL over the place. So maybe I should just begin somewhere...

This blanket is EVERYTHING. You do not go anywhere without this that La La made for you. In fact, I asked her to make you a back up because there was one afternoon, I left your blankey at home, and you would not go to sleep at Gamma and Pas until Pa got out a blanket that was similar to yours. You have never really taken a Paci ever even as a newborn but this blankey is never far from you at all times.

You and your sister LOVE your baby chicks! Well, since we are 5 months later they really are not so little anymore and are officially in the coop. But you still love to visit them and you look out the window from the couch and say "boc boc" and lead me to the door to go check on them. Frieda is our most docile one and we get her out and you absolutely love to pet her. You smile and laugh the whole entire time. It brings me joy to watch y'all both with the chickens.

We still have morning time together and morning snuggles. Your smiles are so big and contagious.

And your scrunchy nose is my absolute favorite face that you make.

For Easter, we went to Mimi and Big Pops and all the grands participated in an Easter egg hunt. You had the best time getting into all your eggs.

Eating pancakes and raspberries and Kyli is always under you trying to catch any food that she can. 

Just getting in some toofies! Easter Sunday at home lunch after we go home from church.

Enjoying some outside time with your Daddy after we all ate. It was a gorgeous day.

You love the trampoline and moving around on it with your Fin Fin.

Just getting pictures of you in all your outfits! You borrowed this one from your cousin Timberly. The bunny on the bottom is the cutest!

Morning snuggles with my sweet girls! You sisters sure do love each other!

Always getting into Mommy's drawers in the bathroom. In the makeup, in the products, everything you can get your hands on.

After church one Sunday at the Cracker Barrel. We went and ate with Mimi and you did so good. Now, it is SO hard to keep you in a high chair to eat. Even at home.

Visiting Mama Janes. We go almost every Sunday. It's so relaxing to go visit and y'all enjoy your time there.

Sleeping in church (I think) and one of your first boo boos on your eye.

Your first time at Bear Hollow! Both of you love the animals so much. Its about time to get back there  for a visit.

Loving the swings! You're a little dare devil. You were leaning over like this constantly and I thought you were going to flip out! You didn't seem to mind. Ha!

We love when Daddy is home too!

We took your 1 year pictures with Lizzie. You totally redeemed yourself after you wanted nothing to do with your 9 month photos. Lizzie had to come back to the house twice for those! Whew!

These are some of my favorites and Lizzie got SO MANY awesome shots.

Just hanging out and loving on each other. Fin Fin wanted kisses here and you were loving on her. So sweet.

Completely cracking me up this particular morning making faces at me while I cooked breakfast.

Love our sweet snuggle times.

I know I say it all the time but looking back thru these photos as I write this out I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by and just how big you have gotten.

Sporting those sunglasses!

I remember this day that Finley wanted to wear one of your hair bows. You want to do what she does and she wants to do what you do.

Funny faces!

I had gone to the gym this particular morning and when I returned this is how I found you three. 

You pushing Finley's grocery cart for the first time. You just kept going forward and backwards having a ball!

Took you to the doctor because you had symptoms of being sick -- got you there and this is how you were acting. Making a total liar out of me. Ha!

Just getting all the pictures!

You lean to the side playing peek a boo!

Love seeing y'all worship in church. The. Sweetest.

Gymnastics with Finley. You have no fear and loved your time with Finley on the mats..

So proud of what you colored! One of the first times with crayons and paper.

So thankful to have so much time home with your sweet babies.

Giving Mommy kisses.

Melt my heart.

I love your hair. You have waayyyy more hair here than Finley ever dreamed about having at your age. It's so long now that it doesn't flip like this but it was one of my favorites about you.

Everyone was shocked I gave you this cupcake and let you go to town! You loved it and literally smashed your face in it at one point. I would have too. 

Look how much you enjoyed that! So much fun watching you.

 Getting in all the snuggles.

 From my notes:

// Words you are saying : baby, domino, oops or whoops (you think it is so funny to say this and just crack up) Blanky, night night.

// you throw your head back and laugh with your mouth wide open. Sometimes nothing really comes out. It is hilarious !

 Fallyn, this year has absolutely brought so much joy to our lives having you with us. We are so thankful for you. Your Big Sister loves you so very much. Your personality lights up the room and your smile is so contagious. You amaze us everyday at what you have learned so quickly. I love our snuggles and I love your kisses. You warm my heart and I love you so dearly.

Happy 1st Birthday Little Bit.

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