Friday, May 12, 2017

Baby Shower for FSH

On March 25th, the salon girls hosted a baby sprinkle for Fallyn. It was absolutely beautiful!
They served breakfast foods because the shower was early and well, they all know how much I love me some pancakes. And those cupcakes... absolutely delicious!!

I felt so bad for Finley that day and for myself. The night before I had THE worst insomnia and did not fall asleep until about an hour before I was supposed to get up. I remember just being in a fog and my whole body hurting because I was so exhausted. I felt like I couldn't even talk right. 
Finley even woke up screaming her head off that morning and woke up so late. We were a few minutes late for the shower. She was so out of sorts and it was all because of teething. She had a fever, didn't want to eat, nothing suited her but somehow we made it thru and was pacified during the shower. Her symptoms even lasted about a week in a half. It was one of the hardest weeks we have gone thru thus far. Considering tho, she was so good!

She enjoyed helping opening the gifts and loved looking at everything. It was wonderful to have her there with me.

 Once again she does not like anyone to touch anything of mine. I hope this phase passes. My stepmom had my camera taking pictures and of course that didn't suit her at all.

 Sweet babies swinging and having so much fun together!

This shower was absolutely beautiful and I'm so thankful for everyone that hosted and took their time to bless our family!

 I couldn't decide which way I wanted to pose. Ha!

Easter 2017 // Finley's 1st Egg Hunt

Finley has already celebrated her first Easter but this year she was able to officially hunt eggs. We all got up and went to church for a beautiful service and even Connie (Gamma) beat us there to see Finley's first hunt after church! 

Before we headed out, Finley found her basket. Her dress was apart of it as well. I really wanted to find her some scratch and sniff stickers because she is all into smelling things right now! She will even want us to draw flowers and she will sniff the page! Its the cutest. I didn't find any so 3 packs of stickers it was and one was even a book of reusable which really turned into a coloring book. She got so much from the grandparents I haven't even seen that since.

These stickers have made it all over the house, all over me and Shane, on the wall, and on Shane's phone. She even decorated my belly a couple nights before Fallyn was born. It was the sweetest.

This has been Finley's face when we get the camera out or even our cell phones. She wants to look at herself in the camera. This girl cannot walk by a mirror and not look at herself. I've heard that mirrors boost children's confidence and if that is true this girl should not be lacking in that department!

I had SO much fun at this hunt and I know that Shane did too. It was so fun watching her and running after eggs and putting them in her basket. 

Love love this picture! Daddy's girl. How I love them so! It was such a joy to watch her have so much fun and watch her little brain working.

Haha! YAY! She was SO proud!!

After we got back home we hunted eggs again...

And had family over for a cook out .. 
(Finley was so mad because Shane took my phone to take a picture of us)

She loves this rabbit!

And ALL this child wants to do is be ou'side swinging... which is perfectly fine with me!

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