Sunday, October 22, 2017

Finley's 2 Year Session

Finley, here are some of my faves from your 2 year shoot with Stacey! 
Your birthday theme was Twotti Fruiti and it was the cutest! You rocked this photo session out with your sassiness! It cracks me up how you enjoy getting your picture made but then again I know that's what I probably created wanting pictures of you all the time... (mommy loves pictures!)

You love watermelon!

And sunglasses!

This was Mommy's dress when she was a little girl! Mama Jane made it for me.

I love this!

Be still my heart. The love that I have for you!

Love you Angel baby.. these 2 years have been amazing with you!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Finley // 24 Months

Finley, how in the world are you already TWO??? It was just yesterday your Daddy and I brought you home on that scorching hot July day! And here we are 2 years (and 3 months) later and it has been absolutely wonderful! You are such a JOY! You are always smiling and every morning ready to go with your "good morning" and huge smile!! Now you want to know where Sissy is first thing and you point to her crib and ask to go to her. Most of the time anyways... either there or Dada.

You are talking so much and saying all kinds of new things every day it seems like.. sometimes you will even do or say something you haven't done in quite some time and it will bring back the sweetest memories. It makes me stop and realize that you haven't done those things in awhile and how time is going to quickly. 

You still love to be outside and I really think that is your favorite word! Ha! You can just about say all your ABC's and are doing pretty good with your numbers. You SO love when your Daddy is home and you seriously love your Sissy so very much. Your favorite book is When you give a Pig a Pancake and When you give a Moose a Muffin. Me and your Daddy truly think you have the whole book memorized! You enjoy reading so much, I pray it continues. PlayDoh is a newer thing. When I'm getting ready, you pretend to put on makeup now or curl your hair with one of my curling irons. You even have your own play set but prefer to use Mommy's of course.

You enjoy helping me cook pancakes or help in the kitchen with anything really and you still help me unload the groceries. Which reminds me when we go to the grocery store now, a couple of times you have wanted to walk instead of ride in the buggy. You have helped push the cart and other times you will walk beside me and help me get items.

You are SO into music!! When you hear music on commercials, some of your books have music, your laptop has music, or anything even in Ingles you will stop and start dancing. Its really awesome and fun to watch you. You had your first dance class last Saturday and I think you really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing the difference in you in the first and last class! You enjoy church so much and if we are late and don't hear very many songs, you get very upset when the music stops. You LOVE to hear the music and you have choked me up a couple of times praising and worshiping. Last Sunday, a lady behind us told me how blessed she was just by watching us together. It made me tear up and I'm so thankful for the church we attend. I pray you have a huge heart for the Lord and don't let anyone sway you differently.

This is a shot from your 2 year photo session. I have a "rubbing nose" photo from you being a newborn, 1 year and this year. I hope to get one every year with you.

Sassy little thing you love hats!! This was the cutest to me!

You look so tiny here and this was just taken in July... you have definelty gotten taller so fast!

Mommy's gotten into working out and you will work out with me!

Sleep over at Mama Jane's when Daddy was out of town! So much fun.

I love watching you with your Sissy. Its so very sweet.

Uncle Ko Ko gets married ! And Uncle Blake in the back ground photobombing.
You were the cutest flower girl ever!

You LOVED this wagon and did not want to get out!

Rehearsal dinner!

So beautiful!

Love seeing you with your Daddy. Fills me up with joy and makes my heart skip a beat.

So adorable with your flower girl headband cleaning!

Going shopping!
Sunglasses are your favorite thing too!

Glitter for daaayyysss!! This is so fun for you and I love to paint and love that you get into it too!

Worshiping in church.. waving the flag! You ask for it as soon as we get there.

Smelling the flowers and loving being outside!

For the 4th we went to Cherokee with Mimi and Big Pop. "Hadee" was there and y'all love each other so much. Y'all are only 6 weeks apart and had so much fun on this trip!

We went to Santa Land!

One of my faves!! Stylish little girl.

One of Sissy's first times at church.

Finley, we are so thankful for you ( I know I've already said this) but you bring so much joy and so much fun into our lives. I'm so thankful the Lord trusted me and your Daddy with you and these last two years have been amazing with you.
We love you so very much!

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