Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fallyn // Week 33

Happy baby before Mommy leaves for work! Your smile is so big and gorgeous!

You and Fin Fin playing! You still enjoy this walker for the most part but sometimes you get really fussy about it and want to get out!

Finley trying to feed you! Ha! It's so fun to watch you two together. 

On December 9 2017, you saw your first snow!! It was also one of Finley's first that I thought she would be so excited about. She didn't really care for it and wanted to watch Elmo!

It was SO COLD holding this door open to get the snow in the background!

Finley was here.. she wanted you to wear this headband.

On December 10, I went to get you up and you were sitting up like a big girl in your crib! You had been trying for quite sometime to sit up by yourself but you would still use your hands for support. Just has happy as could be!

Sweet cuddles.

Your hair is peeping over your ears now!

I was so happy to catch you smiling in your sleep!

Hanging out with Mommy while I got ready! Everyone is staying warm by the heater.. Kyli loves it! She loves to also lick you right on the mouth! Yuck! I have to get onto her all the time. Bless her heart.

Love this cute jacket on you! I think this was the only time you've worn it.

Ingles should know us by name! We spend so much time there!

Mommy picked up this headband for you from the Cracker Barrel. Dressed a little early for Valentine's Day!

Fin Fin loves her muffins and so do you!! Muffins with Daddy.

One of the few times you have held your bottle! I try all the time for you to hold it on your own but you won't unless sometimes it's a 4 ounce bottle.

I had to do something in the kitchen and I heard Finley just a talking.. I peeped around the corner 
and she was reading to you. It was the sweetest thing!
Then I tried to get it on video and Mara came running around in the foyer and made y'all both look up and Finley stopped reading.

I check on you constantly during nap time and this is how I found you once. I couldn't help but to chuckle because I sleep with a blanket over my head too.

We went over to Mimi and Big Pops one afternoon to make Gingerbread houses.. It was so much fun but I am definitely not a professional at that. I think you are very used to your crib to nap in because you wouldn't go to sleep with us downstairs... so I laid you in the pack and play upstairs and you went to sleep and took a very good nap.

D7 - D13

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Fallyn // Week 32

 Well, On November 27, you turned 7 months, but I think I must've gotten all excited about FINALLY having our Christmas tree up that I took this for your 7 month photo. Ha! It should've been for Thanksgiving. Just my OCD coming out trying to log all your monthly photos like I did with Fin Fin! 

We were a little later getting our tree in 2017, but only by a couple of days. And then I think it was a couple more days before we actually got decorations on the tree. I LOVED our tree for Christmas. I love ALL our trees but this year, it was in the new living room and we could actually see it. Before when we were in the old living room, we had to have the tree in the foyer and the only time you saw it was when we came home and when we walked thru the foyer. Ha!

You didn't pull too many ornaments off the tree.. you did admire them most of the time but towards the end I found you in the tree A LOT.

Just getting pics of you in your outfits! This is actually Finley's old jacket and has her name on the back but you needed it that day for the weather.

November 30

Sister, Sister!

Just hanging out in the morning at home...

I know I know.. more pictures by your tree. I did a whimsical theme for your room. Finley helped with the decorations and would even take the ornaments off and put them in a different place and exclaim, "SO PRETTTYY!".

You are both getting so big!

This is one of the first times that Sox has come into your room since we have made it your new nursery and hung out with us. I guess we are spending more time in there and she wanted to see what we were up to. You laid in the floor next to her and she was so good with you and just let you roll all around her.

Sleeping baby.

Morning bottle with Mommy before we get Fin Fin up.

Love your Christmas pajamas. 

You and Finley play so very well together! We love to see y'all interact with each other.

Babies first Christmas!
On December 4th, we all got ready to go see the Christmas lights at Lake Lanier Islands with Gamma and Pa and Tracie and Rick... We got a later start because you napped but we finally made it to Cracker Barrel. By the time we finished eating tho it was too late to get there and be able to see everything in time so we came home...

Staying warm by the fire!

Little piggies! 

We finally made it to Lake Lanier! Y'all enjoyed the lights so much and it was such a fun night but VERY cold. We all bundled up and had some fun!

You didn't mind Santa at all! You just kept trying to grab his beard. Too funny! 

Cozy wozy! We were getting hot chocolate here and this area was open and the cool air was getting in.. we were all warm bundled up in our fleece!

You have always been my tummy sleeping child. And you love love this blanket. 

Just a morning hanging out in your room and playing with all your toys.

Finley loves to get in your crib with you when we go to get you when you wake up in the mornings and from your naps. She says, "Sissy's bed Sissy's bed pease!"

She also mimics your babbles that you have started to do more of!


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