Monday, December 11, 2017

Fallyn // Week 27


On Monday, October 30th,  you had your 6 months checkup and all was perfect. You weighed 15 lbs and 12 oz and had grown to   inches long.
You are definitely such a healthy baby and we are so thankful!

Sweet cuddles with Mommy! I soak up as much of this as I can with everything being so busy and you and your Big Sis keeping me on my toes!

So peaceful and smiling.. dreaming happy dreams.

Daddy loves his girls!

We visited Washington Farms for Halloween! I was SO EXCITED to be taking you both this year! 
You enjoyed it so much! Next year you will be running around with your Fin Fin.. how much fun that will be!

Mommy loves dressing you up in your clothes and taking pictures. (If you couldn't tell already. Ha!)
Love Love seeing you smile so big!

I went to check on you napping one afternoon and you had cuddled yourself all the way down in your blanket. So so sweet. There have even been times you have been in your carseat and you have pulled your blanket up to your face and passed out. Cuddly little thing.

You and Fin Fin playing in your room! She loves to be right beside you!

Lunch at the Cracker Barrel after church one Sunday. You just about threw 3 different plates in the floor. Haha! 

Crawling around in the living room!

Sox is so sweet with you!

At your 6 months checkup. You were all over the place on the table and loved looking at the stars and moons on the paper trying to grab them.

Sweet Kyli getting some cuddles in too! She just wants to lick on you all the time and we have to watch her to not get in your mouth! Yuck!

Hanging out while Mommy cooks dinner. Y'all were so good for me this particular night and I was able to cook a whole meal AND we all sat down at the table to eat for dinner!

So so happy in the mornings! I know most babies probably all are but THAT BIG SMILE!! Oh my goodness!!

You truly do not mind being on your stomach and playing. Such a difference than your sister. She would just cry and cry. You really like this toy and all the crinkle noises it makes.

Fun family trip to Home Depot! I can't even remember now exactly why we went but your Daddy had been talking and talking and talking about going. So I finally said, "well lets just go!". And we did. You napped in the beginning and then woke up happy and ready to be OUT of your carseat!

So funny it looks like you are waving for the camera!

Cutest baby mohawk ever.

And this is how we celebrated Halloween!

Matching heart jammies! I didn't plan this! Just grabbed some pj's and later on realized y'all matched Ha!!
Sweet sister who love each other so much!

(Oct 26 - Nov 1)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Fallyn // Week 26

Fallyn, this was one busy weekend for Mommy and I got some major cuddles in before it all started! Love you mohawk you have going on here! I truly think your hair is thicker in the middle where I've treated it with Rejuvaniqe oil for your cradle cap. I've started putting it all over on top to fill in!

As loud as the music is in church you sweetly just fall asleep and get a nap in!

This is how we do lunch and dinners these days! Although Finley is already too big for this high chair... we need to cut the legs out of it. And I'm not too sure how much eating you get in because Finley is all the time singing "happy to you Sissy AMEN!" while you are eating. Ha!!

I try and get in all the snuggles I can!

Love you in pink! You sit on this boppy every time I need to go to the bathroom or Finley takes a bath. And she knows to grab this seat too when I say we are going to get in the bath tub! You don't mind it at all!

Sweet coo faces.

You have WAY more hair than Fin Fin does and can keep this clip bows in your hair... I love it! Poor thing has a scratch all across your cheek. Your nails are sharp!

Fin Fin took a LONG nap with Daddy this particular afternoon and you passed out on Mommy! I really thought you were going to sleep for just a little bit and you kept sleeping and sleeping and sleeping... and so did Daddy and Fin! I even went to check on them it was such a long nap and even considered laying down myself and they were passed out in the bed! So I just kept holding you while you napped yourself. Such a sweet time.

Then we woke up happy happy baby!!

You are getting better and better with solids. You do NOT like the peas or the green beans. I don't think Finley did either until she could eat them big girl style.

Ha! So funny! You truly smile almost all the time and make these cute funny faces.

One of the first times with a book. I need to read to you more. We just get so busy and crazy in the evenings that it slips my mind and before I know it you are passed out. And two, all the books are in Finley's room so out of sight out of mind kind of deal. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I used to and as much as Finley does. Then y'all can read together!

You NEVER fall asleep in the bed like this after you wake and take your first bottle but you did this time! I guess you got all snuggled down in the bed with Daddy and just said peace out! I couldn't believe it..

It started getting really cold around this time! Like just for a couple of days and then warmed up again. Mama Jane came over this day and she and Finley picked up pecans. This hat is still a little too big but I had to put something on your head. So cute!

You look so big! You are just absolutely precious Little Bit!

(October 19-25)

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