Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Oh how I have missed this little space of mine! I've lost count but I'm pretty sure today made 3 weeks that I'm behind on Finley's posts.. but never fear because I've taken a few notes! Ha!
It has been sooo busy these past few weeks and I've had a few computer probs..(which explains part of my absence) maybe Santa will bring me a trip to Apple for a little laptop fixing.

Just to catch up any sweet readers who still may be here... I've been super busy with work.. a couple weeks ago I worked Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the following weeks have been pretty busy with clients wanting in before Christmas. Today was my last day at work before the holidays and I am thrilled to say I'm taking some time off! (So after Christmas, if Fin decides to start taking naps again and Mommy can keep her eyes open, I'll be using that time to catch up on posts! Like I said, I've missed being here!)
When I haven't been working, I've been shopping, we've had Christmas parties and I even had a family Christmas this past Sunday.. I've been staying up late late every night getting things done for Christmas..
Finley turned 5 months yesterday! I can't believe it! She's growing so fast! We've gotten a little better with solids, she's been talking up a storm, and for some reason the past few nights, she's decided that midnight is play time and she doesn't want any long naps if any at all during the day. I came home to a sleepy Daddy that was just waking up with one boot on and one boot off! Needless to say, his little girl wore him out today!

Since our Christmas cards have finally made their way to most everyone, I wanted to share our tree farm session with y'all. This was only a 15 minute session with Finley's newborn photographer and I am in LOVE with how they turned out!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of joy and love! Enjoy the days off from work being with your family and loved ones..  even your little 4-legged babies.
We are so excited about Finley's first Christmas!

Now if you'll excuse me, a Mother's work is never done.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Finley // Week 19


On Monday, November 30 you had your 4 month check-up. Dr Setia said once again that you were perfect! When he came into the room and leaned down to check your eyes, you smiled at him! He compliments you on how pretty your color/complexion is and says what a pretty baby you are.. I just have to agree with him!

In the waiting room!

You weighed 13lbs 7oz and have grown to 24 inches long. you can still wear most 3-6 onesies and leggings but some of your 3-6 you are busting out of and we mostly put you in 6 month foot pajamas because in 3 month pj's your feet look like they are going to bust out the bottom.  You HC is 16 3/4. The only concerns that I had for you was your constipation, how much milk you were drinking, and how flat I thought your head is in the back. Dr Setia said that all your diet is made of is dairy and that could be the problem, so he gave us the go ahead to start you on solids! Fruits like peaches, pears, apples, plums and veggies and that I could even puree some chicken for you. So enter getting out the Baby Bullet. I started with pears, sweet potato, and peas. After trying a couple more things, I'll be working on a post on the BB! 

As far as the back of your head, he said it wasn't bad at all and it would still reshape. Sigh. I think it's gotten a little better but it still concerns me. When you aren't on your gym mat, sleeping, or in your swing when I'm trying to get ready, I really try to hold you upright, we work on sitting up, or tummy time and this week we even got out your Bumpo seat. 

You also got shots this visit. Mommy really freaked out this time about your vaccinations.. like really freaked out! I blame it on reading too much And so when the nurse brought them in, I laid my hands on them and prayed over them asking that they only provide protection for you and cause no harm. The nurse looked at me like I had lost my mind but I just continued on about my business. Bless your heart, I think you had had enough of everyone messing with you that you were already crying before the nurse stuck you. Your cry was so pitiful that it was all I could do not to cry with you.
I also prayed that you wouldn't have any reaction to them and I thought you did so great the rest of the day! Of course you slept it off but when we got home, after your first visit to Hobby Lobby and Target, you finally woke up and was all smiles and babbling and talking away!

Dr Setia also held you up in seating position and said that your posture was great, your spine was straight and how you were sitting upright like that normally didn't happen until about 5 months.
I also mentioned your spitting up and he said if it wasn't bothering you that it was completely normal for a baby to spit up (but the last couple of days have just been spit up spit up spit up) He didn't even refill your prescription either so I hope this is something you grow out of soon.

I can really tell a difference in your hair! I feel like everyday I can see that its coming in more and more! The back is still long, you have a place gone now where your hair rubs, and those newborn pieces at the crown are still hanging on too!


Dr. Setia said to start you on your solids and for you to have them 2-3 times a day. When you have your solids, to let you drink as much water as you want with that feeding. Then the rest of the time to have milk. Here is your first experience with pears! 

And silly Mommy, we forgot your bib when we first started. We had pears everywhere!
You've really enjoyed your Bumpo seat too! You love to sit up where you can see everything. Grandma Kathy sad 'like mother, like daughter'.

We tried 3 times the first day and twice the next. A couple of those times, I think you were either too hungry or too sleepy and you just were not interested at all. The other tries, you were really trying to get the hang of it and would even smack and swallow. Our one successful meal, you drank about 4-5 oz of water and I think you liked it! You haven't seemed to have any reaction from the pears so we are going to try something new this next time.

You held your bottle officially for the first time all by yourself on Dec 2nd. Time please slow down!
You are starting to get distracted by the puppies. If you hear them or see them move in your peripheral vision, you will now turn your head to look at them.

Mommy had to get in the shower for work, so you finished your bottle all by yourself.


Knock on wood, your bedtime has been 8ish every night. You take your last bottle between 6:30-7ish, we have bath time, you will talk with us for a little bit and then you are more than ready for bed. You have really pitched some fits when you've gone down for the night and even at nap time. You have shown no interest in letting me rock you with your paci the way I used to cradle you.. A couple of times, I have held you with your head on my shoulder and you have passed out. I love how you snuggle in my neck like that. That's your Daddy's favorite too! I put you in your crib Tuesday night too, and you lasted 4 hours and had enough of it, so back to your bassinet/swing you went. 
Tonight, we rocked for a little bit, on my shoulder and you let me cradle you and you even sucked your thumb, and then you flailed your arms, so I put you in your crib, you sucked your paci for a minute, and I watched you pass out.
Except for a couple of early mornings waking up at 5 AM, you are down for the count for 11 hours and wake up the happiest baby!

Game day Saturday against GT!
Coach Strickland, the HC for UGA Baseball, sent you this outfit! I'm so glad I put it on you because its a 6 month outfit!


And, then it was nap time.

Your napping positions really crack me up sometimes little girl.. and you LOVE your thumb!!


You have had a couple of moments with Kyli and Sox this week. You are also starting to reach out to touch them. Kyli just wanted to lick all over your face and I had to stop her. You were home with your Daddy when you and Sox were checking each other out, and when you tried to touch Mara, she ran. Silly girl! 

 We had a little accident with Sox this week.. I had you propped up in my lap and she came to sit with us.. in slow motion I saw her paw coming up near your face and I just couldn't catch in time. One of her nails caught your face.. You thought about it for a minute and then all of a sudden busted out crying. Sox new she did something too because I could tell by her behavior. All she was doing was giving us her high 5. Total accident. I washed your face and put some Vaseline on it and you couldn't even tell anything had happened.


Well as you can see, we play dress up! Oh my goodness, can you say the cutest thing??

Here you are with your feet again! You have really been going after them the past couple of days.

Getting ready for bath time!

I wanted to put you in carrier and you help me finish putting ornaments on the tree.. but some of the branches stick out farther than the others and I was afraid it would put your eye out! You didn't seem to be interested anyway.. you were busy playing with your feet! Ha! I can't wait to get your picture in front of the tree!

Monday afternoon it was pretty mild, so we took a walk down to the pond to see Daddy.. your first time at the pond and the sunset was gorgeous!

You are really such a happy, happy baby!

On December 3rd you squealed and laughed out loud when your Daddy started talking to you. Your new sounds you are making crack us up and keep us entertained the way you are trying to 'talk'..

Yesterday, you were playing your heart out and you passed out right in the middle of it..

Another attempt at pears!

You love this new seat and you love this new tummy time prop I found in the toy box. The paper makes a crinkle noise and you love reaching and holding the attachments. 

You've gotten to be quite the wiggle worm especially on the changing table and with putting on pants. You get one leg out that I've already put on by the time I'm trying to get your leg into the other side but I think I've figured out a new way to get them on! Ha!

You've really picked up on reaching for everything! I love when you grab my face and I know your Daddy loves it too! 

You don't like for anything to be on your feet.. Mommy loves to dress you in your shoes and your bed room slippers but you kick them off and your feet are most of the time HOT! As it gets colder tho and our house gets cooler, you will have to learn to love those socks. 

You are still chewing on the right side of your mouth with your fingers and even try and put your whole fist in your mouth. The left side on the bottom is more swollen than the right and your drool is still falling strong.

When you get fussy and pitching a fit, your arms start flailing and you have started pulling your head bands down over your eyes.. and then the REAL hissy fit begins!

You love to 'talk' and we love having conversations with you. It's so fun to hear you and I wonder what your sweet voice will sound like when you really start talking!

 This past Sunday in church you were the loudest you have ever been! You just talked and talked and talked and a few times, me and your Daddy took turns taking you out in the foyer. A lady offered to your Daddy that he could bring you to the nursery but I'm just not ready for that. I asked Robbie and Pastor Arlene today if they could hear you up front, but they said they never heard you. Pastor Arlene said that you were fine with your 'talking' that you could just keep on preaching!! 

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