Monday, October 29, 2012



I will become Mrs. Hopper..

Have I said that before?..  Only in a higher countdown?


This past Saturday was my ONLY Saturday off before now and until the wedding.
Ay ay ay!!

Today, I had another shower. It was absolutely WONDERFUL!

I have one more shower, then the bridal luncheon, a week off, and then it will be here!

Mrs. Judy cutting the Pumpkin Roll.
Oh my.. never had one before.. SOOO DELICIOUS!
I had 2 pieces! 

Butler's Pantry dishes! I was 
to get these pieces! 

Cupcake Holder! I have been pinning new recipes from Pinterest..
 So when I find myself looking around wondering what the heck am I supposed to do now after the honeymoon, what am I gonna do??? 
Make cupcakes of course!
People better get ready!

Miss Emily being an awesome hostess!
Isn't she adorable?
We even got to see her Homecoming dress and shoes! Sooo pretty!!!


I love burlap! So excited to see more dishes!

Mrs Connie! 
Coach's Mom!

Coach's Grandmother! I think she enjoyed herself today.

Tracie HATES her picture being taken. Hmmm. Wonder where Coach gets it from?

All I wanted was a picture! 
You just have to know us.


Now this is my kinda decor.

Christine, Sue, me, and Judy.

Me and Mom!
I don't think I look like her at all. Heehee.

Sooo, we have been SO BLESSED with gifts that I am running out of room and could possibly use an addition onto the house. 
I even think this was voiced from Tracie before the showers even started and I do believe she was right!

So instead of trying to store our new dishes, I decided they needed to go on display!
Coach and I decided that we were not going to use any gifts until after the wedding.
And technically we are not using them so I thought this would be perfect.

Had to take one more picture all 'wrapped' up.

I thought this bag from Mom was perfect for me.


So what do you guys think?

love. love. love.

I found the wooden spoons (KitchenAid) at Target for $2 a piece! 

These are handmade! Thank you SO MUCH Mrs. Barbara!
I know you are reading! They are absolutely perfect for our kitchen!
We even have a rooster pot that matches perfect.

So thankful for everything today!
Thank you ladies so much!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Social- Halloween!

Linking up with

1. What was your favorite halloween costume as a kid?(pictures??)

Probably weird for some people but I don't ever recall dressing up as a child.
I really think the first time I dressed up that I recall is 6 or 7 years ago.

2. If you could go back and dress up as something what would it be?

I don't know why, but I really wanted to do Britney this year. Well, actually a friend told me I should do it because I look so much like her. 

Maybe some version of her Elvis attire.

In the past I really got told this. People would stop me. And two years ago, I was at the beach and a Dad stopped me to get a picture for his son. They were just being funny. I think his son was really shy and he kept telling him I was really Brit. Maybe it was the fedora. Ha.
But anyway.. I dipped out of the halloween party this year because THERE. IS. SO. MUCH. TO. GET. DONE. for this wedding!!

3. Favorite costume as an adult?(pictures)

Last year as Snookie and Pauly D!

4. Favorite Halloween Candy?

Chocolate chocolate chocolate. When all else fails. CHOCOLATE!
Candy corn is the nastiest thing ever.

5. Favorite Halloween Memory?

Carving pumpkins with my Boo last year!
I think we did a great job. I cant wait for him to come home so we can carve the ones we got last week!

6. Whats your favorite scary movie?

Oh no no no.. I do not do scary movies.. I have seen a few,  but I watched them from behind a blanket. My scary movie phobia has even gotten so bad that I cannot even watch the previews. Even if it's in the daytime. No thank you. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

Last year Coach and I made a new tradition to pick out pumpkins together!
Once we picked out the perfect ones, we sat in the living room with newspaper spread out, a pumpkin carving kit, traced out our designs, and started carving away!

So after doing a little work in the pasture, we made it to the Methodist church in town and began the search!

It really did not take us long to find them!

Now we just need to carve them! But who has the time when you are planning a WEDDING!!
They may just serve as Thanksgiving decor on the porch and that will be just fine!

Coach was even a good sport about us taking a picture! 
He hates... HATES having his picture taken.
But, he may possibly be getting used to it.
Fingers crossed.

Our "I Do's"..

Will probably be said right about here..

Yes.. that looks about right. 
Except Mama Pastor Arlene will be standing there.. and my Fiance.. and me.. and the bridesmaids and groomsmen.. 
All of our family and friends watching us say our vows to start our life together as

Mr. and Mrs. Hopper.

And hopefully the pond will not look like this. All of this green yucky will be gone.
We thought it was just algae but Coach and his Dad are starting to think it is run off from the pasture behind it. Whatever fertilizer they put on their land. Boo.

On a happier note, Coach did such a great job mowing the area down. 
This is where the chairs will be for our guests, divided by a peat moss aisle. 
I cannot wait to see it all put together.

This past Monday, we Coach put out grass seed and fertilizer. I supervised took pictures to document all this prepping we have been doing for the Big Day!

 It's amazing how you think you have ALL this time and then you are less than 30 days away and you need everything to be done!


He did such a GREAT job! 

When Coach got finished, we sat down, faced the pond, enjoyed the peace and quiet.. well, you see what I was doing and who didn't want their picture taken.. and took everything in for a moment. 
It's so nice to slow down and relax for a minute. 
I forget to do that sometimes.

We busted out laughing after I looked at this picture!
Funny stuff.

After we left from the pond, Trio decided he wanted some extra attention.
He is so much better and starting to fatten up in his belly. He is still super sweet and gentle with everyone... AND, he has started coming up towards the house more!

He was at the backyard fence Monday morning when I let the dogs out. And of course, I didn't notice it until I heard Mara barking at something, walked back outside, and there he was! I can't believe he was all the way up to the house and I missed it. He was gone in a flash. I could've seriously hurt Mara. 

Hopefully, he will come back up soon or at least join the other horses.
I just think he knows he's still not 100% and he can't take the possibility of bullying.

Coach tried to get them to meet and hang out but you see where Trio went. Back to his comfortable grounds. It made me very sad.

Tonight I was looking through all these pics and looked a little closer at this one.
Trio looking towards the other horses and Coach in the mirror watching them!
I didn't notice it before! The cool thing to me is I was just snapping away and wasn't even trying to capture a specific thing here. 

 Can't wait for him to get fatter!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deck the halls with boughs of holly....


After my amazing Christmas Shower this past Sunday that's what I was singing for the rest of the day!

I said that I wouldn't go overboard this year on decorations but I think that is OUT the window!

Last year, I was just SO excited to decorate everywhere it looked like Christmas puked in the house!
I'm not sure if it was the debut of Pinterest, Coach and I being under one roof, or what.

I made a pecan/acorn wreath, I spray painted wine bottles white and dipped parts of it in Epsom Salt, had greenery, cranberries, and pinecones on one of the mantles, our Christmas tree I HAD to have could have probably fit very easily in the Biltmore House, (just picture the scene in Christmas Vacation when they are in the living room and cut the rope) and that is just the beginning!

Whatever the case was for all the decorating, I think Coach was glad to see Christmas come to an end and get the house back to normal. He doesn't like a lot of clutter. He was such a sport though and didn't say ONE word about any of over decorating. Isn't he wonderful?

Speaking of the Biltmore House, Casey and Gran had Hot Apple Cider(straight from the Biltmore) and these AMAZING Christmas cookies awaiting everyone's arrival. Both were VERY delicious and certainly put you in the Christmas Spirit! There was even Christmas music playing and one especially for me from Gran, Alvin and the Chipmunks. I loved it.

Aren't these snowmen just precious? These were from Casey and Gran.

Here are a few more awesome things we got for the house!

 There are some great recipes in here!

Remember Amber? No? Maybe now
This is her, Claire and Sass.
(they are growing up WAY too fast!)

 And here are the wonderful hosts of the shower!..
Casey and Gran.
Casey is a dear, dear friend of mine, (we have worked together for 11 YEARS!) and this is her Mom, Janice, who will always be Gran to me.

Have you been able to see any of Gran's house in the background? Her house is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Everyone wanted to take a tour and I think Grandad even gave Mom one. There are unique family pieces and everything is just decorated to the nines. I love all the family photos and the warmth you feel as soon as you walk in the door. 

Thank you so much Casey and Gran! I enjoyed all the Christmas spirit in October, the time spent together, and all the laughter shared!

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