Thursday, July 5, 2012

Falling for Dishes in Athens

Don't you just LOVE gift cards. 

I do.

This one in particular was from Pier1 Imports from my future Sis-in-law, which was apart of my Christmas last year. 

She got me these gorgeous blue, brown, and cream plates and coffee mugs and I absolutely love them.

So me and my BFF Amber loaded up Monday morning and got our day started in Athens. We had a wonderful lunch at Peppers Deli downtown, (I have never been there before and I must say it was quite DELICIOUS!), I had a few must errands to run, I mentioned I had my gift card with me and WHOOP WHOOP!.. we ended up at Pier 1!!

Now I must admit.. I had not ever been in this awesome place until last year, when I went to use a coupon from there. 

And OH MY GOODNESS.. I think I could buy everything in the store.

I am always wanting to redecorate something.. (Last year at Christmas, it looked like Christmas puked in the house.. True. Story.).. It's just so much fun to me and I am so excited to actually have all the room I have TO decorate. 

A few weeks back I had gone in to buy more of the dishes to add to the collection and, BOO, they were on backorder.. Sooo I was SO excited to see they were in stock! I wanted a new look for my dining room.

Now let me tell you something about Mrs. Amber.. this woman can decorate. She is so crafty and she also sews. Check Out Her Awesomeness! I keep saying I am going to buy a sewing machine and she is going to teach me a thing or two. I could seriously use some of her mad skills.

She totally helped me pull a look together with my dishes! She found these awesome napkin ring holders that I fell in LOVE with, and I think we went through every napkin color before I decided on the orange! And surprisingly, I think it goes amazing with the red walls in the room!


Bye Pier1! Hope to be back sooner than later!
Isn't she gorgeous??

So we made it to Mi Casa and started on setting the table! I am SOO into burlap right now its not even funny.

Fresh hydrangeas right out of our yard!

Don't you just love the flower and the pop of color?



She got the green! Love it!

I love the napkin to the side of the plate.
(Note for future decorating)

Her mom had given her these dishes.. The chargers were originally around $17 and she got them on clearance for $4.29!!!

Love, love, LOVE!!!
(Check out her amazing curtains in the background too.. One day she is going to come in and they will be missing. ;-))

Now, for those of you who need a laugh, listen up because I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face.

We had gotten back to Amber's and were bringing in all the groceries to grill out. I had two plastic bags around my left wrist, one around my right, and my laptop curled up to me like a football. 

I walked two steps up to the laundry room, walked in a couple of steps, ROLLED MY ANKLE, made up a couple of new dance moves, and BAM, hit the floor.. 

I seriously could not get up for about 3 minutes because I was laughing so hard.

I had tears streaming down my face. 

GREAT NEWS tho!! The groceries were good and my laptop was still curled up to me like a football!!!

I guess me, Amber, and the Lord just needed a good laugh! I wasn't even sore the next day! You just gotta laugh at yourselves folks. 

 He will yet fill your mouth with laughter 
and your lips with shouts of joy. 

Job 8:21


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