Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fallyn // Week 6

Are these really the only pictures I have for this week? So sad! My phone broke this week and I was 4 days without it. Boo!
La La spent the night with us one night to let me sleep since your Daddy was working. When you have an older sister, the rule of "sleep when the baby sleeps" goes out the window. She made us her famous 'Marry Me Enchiladas' and they were SO delicious! Like I said in the post before, there has been a lot of help going on around here. I tip my hat off to the Super Moms!

All bundled up and one of the few times you have worn a hair bow. Your Daddy took them off your sister and he takes them off with you too! Ha!

Early morning snuggles.

This is the cutest outfit! One of my dear clients gifted it to you and I had to take the opportunity to photograph you! The absolute cutest! Love your sweet facial expressions.

We got out of the house for a few hours, on Sunday June 4th for Michelle's shower. So thankful Kristi took these pictures!

You and Uncle Ko Ko!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fallyn / Week 5


Things are still going great in the health dept! 

You do have a little bit of build up on your left eye ... the exact same as your sister. I know I've mentioned her a few times and I'm certainly not trying to compare, however, the similarities are just amazing between you two. Even our friends talk about how they have never seen two siblings that look so much alike at your age.

I can tell that your hair is starting to come out a bit.


Love your sweet snuggles, Fallyn!

You are still sleeping about 2-3 hours and sometimes you have given us a 4 hour stretch. I've still tried to continue to let you nap in our bedroom some in the crib in the dark and then let you nap in the living room to try and get you to learn day and night. 


You are going every 2-3 hours and your amount ranges from 2-4 oz. This is one area where you and your sister are very different. After awhile she seemed to put herself on a schedule and we knew most of the time how it was going to go.. we never know how long you are going to sleep and how much you are going to eat! I never know how many ounces to put in a bottle at one time because every single day its different. So I start out on the low end, (except at night), and then if you seem to want more, we make more.

You are THE hardest child to burp (I may have mentioned this already) and its hard to wake you out of your milk comas to finish your bottle. So sometimes it seems as if you snack, sleep, snack, sleep and then we try and lay you down and you pop right back up again.

I've had lots of help around the house .. mostly at night and sometimes during the day too. Weezie had spent the night with us this night before and that day we went and visited with Mama Jane. Your sissy just loved and loved on you. I remember this day you weren't very settled at all. Your stomach was very gassy.

You are DEFINITLEY a stomach sleeper already. When we have laid you on your stomach you have been at ease and slept the longest periods of time. I'm just not doing this at night because you still don't have 100% control of your head yet. Which means we are up more during the night and it seems to take you longer to go back to sleep. If we do get you laid down, you are up within the hour to be burped again.

Love these sweet sleepy pictures!


You are into checking everything out a little more! 

We are noticing you are more alert lately. I love to watch you look around!

Oopsy. I had laid you down for a nap with your hat and well, you see what happened. Hee hee.

Stephany made you these super cute monthly shirts!

Big yawn!!!

One morning while getting ready you gave me a few minutes hanging out in the Mamaroo.

Sleepy milk coma smile!

Early morning snuggles! I was so tired and so thankful we had this moment together for some extra snuggle nap time.

Trying to get ready for your dr appt! You were not settled this day and I had to call Weezie to come help for a few minutes while I could get ready and get all your stuff ready. I'm so thankful she works just down the road now and that she was able to do this.

waiting at the dr office..

It cracks me up when you get your hand positioned near your face. So sweet and so cute.

One of our bath times! Big Sissy will 'help' AKA play in the water with her cup. She is SUCH a GREAT helper but during bath time she needs a little help with where to pour the water... and not on your face. Ha.

You like being swaddled and do NOT like your back so your side it is most of the time!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fallyn // Week 4

Your 1 month check up was on Wednesday May 31st. You weighed 9 lbs and 1 oz (50%), you grew to 21 1/4 in long (60%), and your HC was 14 3/4 (75%). 
You got one shot and you cried the loudest I think I've ever heard you cry. It was pitiful but you calmed right down as soon as I picked you up and bounced you for a few minutes.
Dr Setia was very pleased with your appointment and your growth and he will see you at your next wellness check unless something happens before then.

Sissy loves to check on you and she is holding your "hand" here.

Sweet snuggles!


You're sleep (along with you eating) is so sporadic. You can sleep for 20 minutes and be back up or you can sleep 2 hours at a time or 3 hours. I've been trying to make you aware of your days and nights, so for a couple naps, we will keep you in the living room and for the other naps, we will put you in our bedroom with a fan on/sound machine to take you out of the noise for a little bit. There have been times when your Sissy has woken you up and the reason for the naps in the bedroom is to try and make it an easier transition when your nursery gets finished.
At night, you do sleep in our bedroom with the fan on. 
When you are ready to be asleep, you love to be swaddled. Your Daddy doesn't think so, but in my opinion, you are able to fall asleep somewhat easier and stay asleep longer. 
Sometimes tho it does take you a minute to fall asleep. I think you want to be asleep you just have a little trouble getting there. I have prayed and prayed that you will be a good sleeper like your Daddy and not me. I have such a hard time sleeping. I'm beginning to wonder tho if you are going to take more after me in this department.

Your Sissy loves you so!

Naps with Daddy are so sweet.


Just like your napping, your feedings are sporadic too. You can go every 2 hours and have 2 oz, 3 hours and 4 hours and have 3 or 4 oz. We just never know with you sweet one. It takes you FOREVER to burp most times and it takes a lot to get it out of you. You can belch like a man, too. I'm so thankful that you don't spit up like Finley used to. I'm not used to a baby being in one outfit for the day! And because of that, you've hardly even worn a lot of outfits.  I may just start changing you during the day just because. Ha!

Bath time!
This one was much more pleasant because you've plumped up just a little bit and fit into the tub a little easier.

Then I got you bundled all up and you passed out!


Eat, sleep, poop repeat. You are starting to have more wake time and enjoy looking around.

It seems if you have the least pee pee diaper you are not satisfied until you have a dry one.. and sometimes I can't get a dry one on you without you messing the new one up right after you are changed!

You do smile in your sleep but it's been challenging getting pictures of you with everything going on and your Sissy being right next to us most of the time. I'm trying to be more conscious of taking more pictures of you with the Nikon too.

Making breakfast! You weren't satisfied this morning to be laid down so in the wrap you went for pancake making!

Your skin is so clear! Dr Setia commented on how beautiful it was.

And, I had to document, "on Wednesday's we wear pink" ...

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