Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Random Wednesday

Well folks, I do believe one or two news stations got it right with the weather. We had a couple days free of ice/snow but yesterday a Winter Weather Advisory showed up on my phone calling for 2-4 inches in our area with it soon changing to sleet and and possible ice again.
We were also supposed to get about an inch Tuesday.. and I did wake up around 6ish to these flakes falling. By the time I left for work later on, it had already melted and no traces of snow! That's weather in Georgia for ya!

Around 2:30 today, my Mom called from work and said that where she works, about 30 minutes away, it had already started sleeting. I finished with my client who was just a haircut, called my last couple of clients, and got the heck out of there! Over a 20/25 minute drive home, it went from 36* slight rain to 32* HUGE snowflakes/sleet and ice. I know you can't tell in the picture but the snow falling was so thick!

Arrival home.

I grabbed my phone and me and the Amigas went outside for a little bit of snow fun.

This is one of the trees in our yard that got damaged by the first round of ice.. Monday Coach and I walked down to the pond and there are SEVERAL pine trees that we lost... 

I'm so sad about this one tho... this WAS the horse's favorite summer spot to grab shade. You could find them under this tree a lot during hot summer days. 

I was SO excited about this class Monday morning! I have been wanting to do this for a LONG time now! After lots of details and info, they put us in groups of two to time us for 2 minutes to see if we were doing compressions correctly, in the right spot, and to show us just how tiring 2 minutes can be.. I got an AWESOME tricep workout and even broke a sweat. Whew!! Hopefully, no one will ever be in situation for me to have to apply this, but in the event something does happen, I will be READY!

Monday after class, Coach and I got to see our sweet blessing! It was so amazing to finally see fingers, toes, feet, legs, nose and lips, ears, heartbeat, everything! Healthy, healthy baby! We are SO SO THANKFUL for such a great doctor's appointment. The gender was put in an envelope, delivered to Amber yesterday, and a reveal is under way for Friday after work! I have been OK with waiting, but I have started to slightly get a little ancy!

These pups have just been the sweetest lately.

AND, after I don't know how long, my Scentsy Mason jar FINALLY arrived at Amber's! This beauty is going in the kitchen!

In other news, this chick got approved for the MACPro membership! It's been a few weeks, I called them up yesterday, asked what the turnaround was, and they told me right there on the phone my status and that I should get my card in a couple of weeks! EEEEEKKK!!! 


Friday, February 20, 2015

More Pond Work + Ice Storm

Last weekend, Coach hired someone to come in and finish the work around the pond. There needed to be a little landscaping around the perimeter to finish up the project. What a difference it made! Coach was so proud of it and it looks SO good! With rain in the forecast, he and his Dad laid pine straw down on the freshly landscaped ground in hopes that it wouldn't wash away too much and also to cover the grass seed they put out.
The hay and landscaping totally transformed the whole look! I can't wait for everything to be green.. especially the "track" around the pond. I'll have my very own place to walk! Whoo hoo!
Tuesday Coach drove down to the pond after the ice storm and took these pictures! You can see some the work that was done a few pics down.
There are so many families that still haven't gotten power since Monday. Our power never went out, just our cable and internet, and I'm so thankful it wasn't worse for us. It gets SO cold in our 100 yr old house.. thankful for Coach and his fires! It gets so warm and cozy in the living room when he builds one. We are supposed to get more ice this evening into tomorrow but they keep pushing it back so I hope it misses us or dissipates! We will see soon! I hope wherever you are you are staying warm!

It's coming together and we can't wait to see how it looks this spring when everything starts to get green!


BUMPDATE // 18 Weeks

Yay for internet coming back on last night! We have had no cable/internet since Monday because of the ice storm. I'm SO thankful our power and heat haven't gone out! So many people in our surrounding areas are still without power and we are under another advisory starting today at 1 thru Saturday at 1PM. As long as we have power and internet, I have several posts that I'd love to share (And I actually had time to sit down, write, and post this week. Boo!) And a plus, my laptop seems to be working a little faster so that helps a ton too! 

HOW FAR ALONG // 18 weeks

18 weeks belly chalkboard pregnant weekly bumpdate

BABY SIZE // A bell pepper.

Baby Hopper weighs almost 7 ounces and is busy flexing arms and legs. He/she's blood vessels are visible through the skin, ears are now in their final position, and a protective coering of myelin is beginning to form around his/her nerves (this will continue for a year after birth)

MY SYMPTOMS // I must say I have felt pretty good this week! I've had several nights where I have gotten some awesome sleep PRAISE JESUS!, I got in 4 workouts Fri-Thurs, and my energy has been pretty good except for maybe a couple afternoons I could've taken a nap. I just didn't want to slow down.
Tuesday night, I felt like my insides were ripping out! I assumed it was just stretching and people suggested it was round ligament pain.. I asked my Dr about it Wednesday at our appointment and sure enough they told me the same thing. If I would READ I would probably know these things.
I felt much better when I laid down and didn't feel it again until Thursday afternoon at work. The afternoon is when all that seems to be the worst. By the time I make dinner it's all I can do to stand anymore because I feel like gravity makes the stretching feeling even worse.

MATERNITY CLOTHES // Still haven't bought any maternity yet except for two belly bands this week. YAY! Finally got them! The first day I wore them I thought, this feels wonderful! I felt like I had support and felt better! But by the end of the day, they stretch and I don't feel the support as much. They have helped my jeans stay up and I haven't had to deal with the rubberband!

SLEEP // A few nights deep sleep WHOOP WHOOP! There were a couple early mornings where I had to use the restroom and couldn't go back to sleep.. another morning I woke up starving at 4AM.

MOVEMENT // I haven't felt the popcorn popping anymore but Tuesday night I was laying down and felt just a little something. I don't even know how to explain it but it only happened that once. The doctor said it could still be another month before I really felt him/her moving.

CRAVINGS // I feel like I can't eat enough shrimp! Sooo good! I am loving Menchie's and one of my clients told me about Ben & Jerry's Froyo. I stopped Wednesday night and got some of the Cherry Garcia.. OH. MY. GOODNESS! You need to try it!

GENDER // We find out next Friday! Eeeek! #teamblue

WHAT I MISS // Ninja's Hamilton Mill sushi roll.. snowboarding this year I may have already mentioned that one

WORK OUTS // 4 this week! Whoo hoo! T25 and the Saddlebag Video

EMOTIONS // Some people's comments have really irritated me lately. Friday I got several rude comments from the same person and I seriously almost lost it. 

DREAMS // I haven't really woken up to any crazy dreams this week.

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // Coach is so excited about having one on the way and projects are getting done!

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // I'm sure Mara just smelled something on my shirt the other night, but I was sitting down, her front paws were on my leg, and she was poking her nose in my belly and then she licked my shirt once as tho she knows there is a baby in there and was giving him/her a hello kiss! So funny and sweet!
Kyli I don't think is worried about anything except keeping her little paws warm in these icy temps we have had this week! We kept each other warm Wednesday night since Coach stayed up manning the fire as long as he could. She's such the perfect cuddle buddy size!
Sox is just chillin' like always!


Hearing our little ones heartbeat and having another perfect dr appointment!

Just for fun::
Are you Team PINK or Team BLUE?
I'd love to see what you think!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekending // Relaxing Valentine's

One last relaxing weekend before I have to work next Saturday. It was so nice to not have to be anywhere again. I'm really trying to soak up days like that!

Friday I got off work early and got almost all of the cleaning finished. Whoo hoo! Love having a spotless house to wake up to on Saturday morning. Which meant most of my attention went to spare bedroom/future nursery. Working on getting it d-o-n-e.
Coach had to work all day but when he got home we had his Valentine ready. His clippers gave out so he got a new pair and Boo Boo this is what Coach has nicknamed him/her gave him his favorite candy.


Coach surprised me with this rose, my favorite chocolates, and this funny card! It was such a funny moment for us. He gave me the option to stay home or go out because we never know how I'm going to feel.. I knew better when I started calling restaurants that there would be no reservations left and boy I wish y'all could've heard the responses on the other end of the phone! I just got off the phone laughing every time. I did want to get out of the house but it was so cold I didn't feel like getting out of my warm clothes or putting on any makeup. We decided to go as we were to Inoko Express not far from our house. Ya know what happens when you go somewhere with no makeup looking all ratchet?? Ya see EVERYBODY you know! It was still a great dinner tho with no fuss!

Happy Valentine's Day from Us!

This is the only one of these I've seen!
You can see my 17 week post here.

They were calling for rough weather today and tomorrow so I picked these pretties before they got ruined. They are starting to smell so good!

The pups did NOTHING but lay around all day Saturday.. didn't even try to bother me or beg to go outside. We did end up going out later in the afternoon but I had no trouble getting them back inside. These two sometimes put up a hard fight. 

Saturday night I finally got our blessing jar made. And in the process, I started going thru more of my scrapbooking bin.. I have forgotten how much I actually have! Made me miss it. I see a girls scrap booking weekend in the near future, Amber!
Throughout the year, we will add to the jar and at New Year's we'll read everything.

While I was working on that, one of my FAVE movies came on.. Father of the Bride! I need a Franck! I was laughing hysterically and Coach was like, "How do you even know what he's supposed to be saying??" Bahaha!! That made me laugh even more!

I did leave the house yesterday for a Target and Ingles run.. I picked up two belly bands finally! I've just been using the rubberband but these things kept my jeans up and I felt like I had some support.
At Ingles I was picking out was left of the bananas and one of the produce guys came up and offered this bag.. 1.49 just because they were all singles. And most of them are still green! You would've thought I won the lottery or something.

And, it was Sloppy Joe night in the Hopper house last night! If you read a couple posts back, you already knew I had a RANDOM craving for them not too long ago. Well it still sounded good while I was shopping yesterday! I ended up putting two recipes together, one from Skinny-Taste and the other from Pioneer Woman.. Soooo delicious!! Coach didn't even fuss about the wheat buns either. Bless him.

We also got our Reveal invite in the mail for Baby Hop! 
I'll be sharing that after the big day! I can't believe its already come up this fast!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Heart Day to You!

Funny story! I took some time Monday to make a batch of cupcakes and was just documenting with photos like it was my job... and then realized as I was uploading pics that, wait just a minute.. I think I have already put this recipe in a post. 
Soooo if you need a cupcake recipe today, just go here for the details!

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!

I was trying to find an old picture to share of me and Coach and ran across this one from our wedding. It is SO hilarious to me! Coach just staring at me like I'm crazy while I'm trying to break it down trust me.. I am no dancer by any means.


Friday, February 13, 2015

BUMPDATE // 17 Weeks


17 Weeks today! 
I'm going to stop trying for these pictures.. I have on makeup and you can't even tell! I look so washed out. Boo! Operation self tanner tomorrow.. I'm SICK of being pasty!

17 weeks belly pregnant chalkboard

BABY SIZE // A Pear.

Baby Hopper's skeleton system is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker.
He/she weighs 5 ounces now and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom. Baby can move his/her joints, and sweat glands are starting to develop.

MY SYMPTOMS // Last week felt way better than the previous weeks and this week feels better than last week. I did wake up feeling a little blah this morning and had to drink a little gingerale after I got to work but soon after I felt better. 
Tuesday was the only night that I seemed to be super exhausted this week and Saturday I had a bit of a headache in the evening. 
My nose has still been stuffy and if its not that its running. Sneezing still hasn't stopped either. I'm starting to wonder if it's something in our house.

MATERNITY CLOTHES // Haven't had to buy anything yet. Rubber band trick several times this week with the pants. I mentioned earlier I was going to buy belly bands and a bra... haven't made it anywhere yet. I really haven't left the house except work, groceries, and necessary errands. Yay me for such an exciting life right now!

SLEEP // A couple nights I have had a DEEP sleep. It's been so nice but still interrupted by bathroom breaks.

MOVEMENT // I felt the first little "bubbles/popcorn popping" on the way home from the grocery store Sunday night. I was almost home and was like, "Was that??... Wait I think it its!!" After it happened a couple more times. I even turned down the radio like it was going to make me feel it even more LOL! I haven't felt anything like that since but there was a little different feeling the next night. These past few days, I don't think I've felt anything unless I'm just not knowing what I'm feeling. I've really tried to pay attention but maybe I'm over thinking it. Aahhh! It was such a great feeling Sunday night.

CRAVINGS // Sushi.. BBQ chips.. Zaxby's chicken dipped in hot honey mustard sauce.. And all of this deliciousness Amber made me for lunch Tuesday. I wanted more for dinner!!

Monday I spent some time in the kitchen preparing some healthy foods.. Chicken with Salt-free Mrs Dash seasoning, Pistachio Energy Bites, and I baked plantains for the first time. I can post recipes if anyone is interested!
It was so good to have healthy foods at work and if memory serves me correctly, the only time I ate out was Zaxby's and Ruby Tuesday's. Zaxby's not so good.. Ruby Tuesday's I had one salad from the salad bar. Sooo delish.
P.S. I won't be declaring myself as a professional chocolate drizzler anytime soon.. totally got carried away and dumped a whole glob right in the center! Ha!

GENDER // Finding out sooner than later now!

WHAT I MISS // Every night of deep sleeps. When I get a great night, I forget how wonderful it is and I just want more I want more I want more!
AdvoCare's Catalyst, Thermoplus, and MNS. 

WORK OUTS // I did get a few workouts in this week.. yay! Just not as many as I'd liked.

EMOTIONS // I have felt happier this week, not that I have been depressed or anything, maybe its the extra energy I have felt during the day this week... I don't know what it was about Wednesday but I felt absolutely preggo pretty. Does that even make sense? I wore a shirt that showed off my belly a little more and absolutely loved it. I guess it was just a great day!

DREAMS // I have had some crazy ones this week. One night I dreamed I woke up bleeding Sorry I know that's gross It totally freaked me out and I'm sure that just stemmed from stress.. Another night I dreamed I had already had the baby and I was breastfeeding him/her I couldn't tell if I was home in our bed or in the hospital bed and I couldn't tell what he/she looked like either I thought this dream was pretty cool because I've been praying my milk will come in so I can breastfeed.

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // We talked about girl names over dinner last night. I feel so strongly it's a boy but I could be totally surprised the 27th! We have only talked about boy names until last night.
An Honest commercial came on while we were watching TV one day this week.. he said "oh boy". I asked him what all that was about and he replied with, "I'm just picturing what you are going to be like with this baby. Well, I'm picturing what I'm going to be like too." So funny. He was grinning the whole time.

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // I don't really think they are thinking much this week. Not enough going on. BUT, they have followed me around ALL over the house this week and Kyli has been clingy. She even followed me to the door one morning when I was leaving for work. Just stared at me like Oh I know you aren't about to walk out that door heffer. I think Coach may be feeling just a tad left out. I guess I had been in the bedroom for a while one night and he in the living room. When I finally joined him, all the Amigas followed.. he even said, "oh now all of y'all wanna join me when Mom comes back in here now." Hee hee.



My step-mom sent me a picture of this cute outfit she and my Dad got Baby Hop. She said it was unisex and they couldn't wait until the end of the month to get something.. that it was creeping by too slow. Soooo cute!

My Mom stopped by the salon this week and dropped off this book. I love that she left me and Shane a note on the inside cover too. So sweet!

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