Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekending // Relaxing Valentine's

One last relaxing weekend before I have to work next Saturday. It was so nice to not have to be anywhere again. I'm really trying to soak up days like that!

Friday I got off work early and got almost all of the cleaning finished. Whoo hoo! Love having a spotless house to wake up to on Saturday morning. Which meant most of my attention went to spare bedroom/future nursery. Working on getting it d-o-n-e.
Coach had to work all day but when he got home we had his Valentine ready. His clippers gave out so he got a new pair and Boo Boo this is what Coach has nicknamed him/her gave him his favorite candy.


Coach surprised me with this rose, my favorite chocolates, and this funny card! It was such a funny moment for us. He gave me the option to stay home or go out because we never know how I'm going to feel.. I knew better when I started calling restaurants that there would be no reservations left and boy I wish y'all could've heard the responses on the other end of the phone! I just got off the phone laughing every time. I did want to get out of the house but it was so cold I didn't feel like getting out of my warm clothes or putting on any makeup. We decided to go as we were to Inoko Express not far from our house. Ya know what happens when you go somewhere with no makeup looking all ratchet?? Ya see EVERYBODY you know! It was still a great dinner tho with no fuss!

Happy Valentine's Day from Us!

This is the only one of these I've seen!
You can see my 17 week post here.

They were calling for rough weather today and tomorrow so I picked these pretties before they got ruined. They are starting to smell so good!

The pups did NOTHING but lay around all day Saturday.. didn't even try to bother me or beg to go outside. We did end up going out later in the afternoon but I had no trouble getting them back inside. These two sometimes put up a hard fight. 

Saturday night I finally got our blessing jar made. And in the process, I started going thru more of my scrapbooking bin.. I have forgotten how much I actually have! Made me miss it. I see a girls scrap booking weekend in the near future, Amber!
Throughout the year, we will add to the jar and at New Year's we'll read everything.

While I was working on that, one of my FAVE movies came on.. Father of the Bride! I need a Franck! I was laughing hysterically and Coach was like, "How do you even know what he's supposed to be saying??" Bahaha!! That made me laugh even more!

I did leave the house yesterday for a Target and Ingles run.. I picked up two belly bands finally! I've just been using the rubberband but these things kept my jeans up and I felt like I had some support.
At Ingles I was picking out was left of the bananas and one of the produce guys came up and offered this bag.. 1.49 just because they were all singles. And most of them are still green! You would've thought I won the lottery or something.

And, it was Sloppy Joe night in the Hopper house last night! If you read a couple posts back, you already knew I had a RANDOM craving for them not too long ago. Well it still sounded good while I was shopping yesterday! I ended up putting two recipes together, one from Skinny-Taste and the other from Pioneer Woman.. Soooo delicious!! Coach didn't even fuss about the wheat buns either. Bless him.

We also got our Reveal invite in the mail for Baby Hop! 
I'll be sharing that after the big day! I can't believe its already come up this fast!



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