Friday, February 20, 2015

BUMPDATE // 18 Weeks

Yay for internet coming back on last night! We have had no cable/internet since Monday because of the ice storm. I'm SO thankful our power and heat haven't gone out! So many people in our surrounding areas are still without power and we are under another advisory starting today at 1 thru Saturday at 1PM. As long as we have power and internet, I have several posts that I'd love to share (And I actually had time to sit down, write, and post this week. Boo!) And a plus, my laptop seems to be working a little faster so that helps a ton too! 

HOW FAR ALONG // 18 weeks

18 weeks belly chalkboard pregnant weekly bumpdate

BABY SIZE // A bell pepper.

Baby Hopper weighs almost 7 ounces and is busy flexing arms and legs. He/she's blood vessels are visible through the skin, ears are now in their final position, and a protective coering of myelin is beginning to form around his/her nerves (this will continue for a year after birth)

MY SYMPTOMS // I must say I have felt pretty good this week! I've had several nights where I have gotten some awesome sleep PRAISE JESUS!, I got in 4 workouts Fri-Thurs, and my energy has been pretty good except for maybe a couple afternoons I could've taken a nap. I just didn't want to slow down.
Tuesday night, I felt like my insides were ripping out! I assumed it was just stretching and people suggested it was round ligament pain.. I asked my Dr about it Wednesday at our appointment and sure enough they told me the same thing. If I would READ I would probably know these things.
I felt much better when I laid down and didn't feel it again until Thursday afternoon at work. The afternoon is when all that seems to be the worst. By the time I make dinner it's all I can do to stand anymore because I feel like gravity makes the stretching feeling even worse.

MATERNITY CLOTHES // Still haven't bought any maternity yet except for two belly bands this week. YAY! Finally got them! The first day I wore them I thought, this feels wonderful! I felt like I had support and felt better! But by the end of the day, they stretch and I don't feel the support as much. They have helped my jeans stay up and I haven't had to deal with the rubberband!

SLEEP // A few nights deep sleep WHOOP WHOOP! There were a couple early mornings where I had to use the restroom and couldn't go back to sleep.. another morning I woke up starving at 4AM.

MOVEMENT // I haven't felt the popcorn popping anymore but Tuesday night I was laying down and felt just a little something. I don't even know how to explain it but it only happened that once. The doctor said it could still be another month before I really felt him/her moving.

CRAVINGS // I feel like I can't eat enough shrimp! Sooo good! I am loving Menchie's and one of my clients told me about Ben & Jerry's Froyo. I stopped Wednesday night and got some of the Cherry Garcia.. OH. MY. GOODNESS! You need to try it!

GENDER // We find out next Friday! Eeeek! #teamblue

WHAT I MISS // Ninja's Hamilton Mill sushi roll.. snowboarding this year I may have already mentioned that one

WORK OUTS // 4 this week! Whoo hoo! T25 and the Saddlebag Video

EMOTIONS // Some people's comments have really irritated me lately. Friday I got several rude comments from the same person and I seriously almost lost it. 

DREAMS // I haven't really woken up to any crazy dreams this week.

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // Coach is so excited about having one on the way and projects are getting done!

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // I'm sure Mara just smelled something on my shirt the other night, but I was sitting down, her front paws were on my leg, and she was poking her nose in my belly and then she licked my shirt once as tho she knows there is a baby in there and was giving him/her a hello kiss! So funny and sweet!
Kyli I don't think is worried about anything except keeping her little paws warm in these icy temps we have had this week! We kept each other warm Wednesday night since Coach stayed up manning the fire as long as he could. She's such the perfect cuddle buddy size!
Sox is just chillin' like always!


Hearing our little ones heartbeat and having another perfect dr appointment!

Just for fun::
Are you Team PINK or Team BLUE?
I'd love to see what you think!



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