Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Random Wednesday

Well folks, I do believe one or two news stations got it right with the weather. We had a couple days free of ice/snow but yesterday a Winter Weather Advisory showed up on my phone calling for 2-4 inches in our area with it soon changing to sleet and and possible ice again.
We were also supposed to get about an inch Tuesday.. and I did wake up around 6ish to these flakes falling. By the time I left for work later on, it had already melted and no traces of snow! That's weather in Georgia for ya!

Around 2:30 today, my Mom called from work and said that where she works, about 30 minutes away, it had already started sleeting. I finished with my client who was just a haircut, called my last couple of clients, and got the heck out of there! Over a 20/25 minute drive home, it went from 36* slight rain to 32* HUGE snowflakes/sleet and ice. I know you can't tell in the picture but the snow falling was so thick!

Arrival home.

I grabbed my phone and me and the Amigas went outside for a little bit of snow fun.

This is one of the trees in our yard that got damaged by the first round of ice.. Monday Coach and I walked down to the pond and there are SEVERAL pine trees that we lost... 

I'm so sad about this one tho... this WAS the horse's favorite summer spot to grab shade. You could find them under this tree a lot during hot summer days. 

I was SO excited about this class Monday morning! I have been wanting to do this for a LONG time now! After lots of details and info, they put us in groups of two to time us for 2 minutes to see if we were doing compressions correctly, in the right spot, and to show us just how tiring 2 minutes can be.. I got an AWESOME tricep workout and even broke a sweat. Whew!! Hopefully, no one will ever be in situation for me to have to apply this, but in the event something does happen, I will be READY!

Monday after class, Coach and I got to see our sweet blessing! It was so amazing to finally see fingers, toes, feet, legs, nose and lips, ears, heartbeat, everything! Healthy, healthy baby! We are SO SO THANKFUL for such a great doctor's appointment. The gender was put in an envelope, delivered to Amber yesterday, and a reveal is under way for Friday after work! I have been OK with waiting, but I have started to slightly get a little ancy!

These pups have just been the sweetest lately.

AND, after I don't know how long, my Scentsy Mason jar FINALLY arrived at Amber's! This beauty is going in the kitchen!

In other news, this chick got approved for the MACPro membership! It's been a few weeks, I called them up yesterday, asked what the turnaround was, and they told me right there on the phone my status and that I should get my card in a couple of weeks! EEEEEKKK!!! 



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