Monday, February 2, 2015

BUMPDATE // 15 Weeks


15 weeks and 3 days to be exact.
I stay in my gym clothes and messy hair all weekend so I have to wait until I look decent.. which was today.

15 weeks belly pic chalkboard pregnancy

BABY SIZE // About the size of a baseball or an apple.

Baby Hop is busy moving amniotic fluid through the nose and upper respiratory tract. He/she's legs are growing longer than his//her arms now and can move all those tiny joints and limbs.
Although the eyelids are still fused shut, he/she can sense light. And, even tho there isn't much for Baby Hop to taste at this point, but taste buds are forming.

MY SYMPTOMS // I am getting some energy back but am dead when I don't get sleep. Thursday night I slept like the dead! It was soooooo nice!! Please let it happen again Lord!! It may be the constant changing weather or rain but I have battled some headaches this week. Sometimes they are intense. I have battled with headaches in the past and haven't really seemed to bother me again until now. My nose has still been stuffy at times but I read this week its the combined effect of hormonal changes and more blood flowing thru the mucous membranes. Awesome sauce!! I've been sneezing like crazy too.
Friday I had a crazy amount of energy at work so I thought I'd get a workout in and do some stuff around the house. I did the 15 minute saddlebag video, actually popped in an Insanity video I've just been doing T25 but guess I had a wild hair, got halfway thru the warmup and just couldn't keep going. Hit me like a brick wall.
So when I first found out I was preggers, I found out that apples hurt my stomach pretty bad. Well, I think I can add peanut butter to the do-not-eat list because the past few times I've had a little bit, my stomach has killed me! I hate that too because I could live off PB.

MATERNITY CLOTHES // Haven't bought any maternity clothes, except for the shirt in my weekly belly pics, but nothing has really gotten uncomfortable yet. Most of my jeans fit below the belly and if there is a pair that I just can't quite button the rubber band trick works quite well! I still need to buy a new bra but haven't because like I said, I go nowhere on the weekends except the grocery store.

SLEEP // Hit or miss.


CRAVINGS // I REALLY want some sushi! Coach talked about going the other night but we never went. There are a few raw rolls I'd really like to have but I'll take cooked sushi for now if its all I can have!

GENDER // Find out February 23rd.

WHAT I MISS // Peaceful sleep + out of this world energy!

WORK OUTS // I did get in several workouts this week. My goal was to do something everyday no matter how small, but being wiped out when I got home that didn't happen.

EMOTIONS // No SUPER HUGE meltdowns this week.. Coach and I did have a disagreement Wednesday night but we got over it sooner than later.
AND probably what got me the most Friday night, was this...

My baby brother was sworn in joining the National Guard.
It took about a millisecond for me to bust out crying when I got this.. I know he is super excited, because you can see the emotion on his face and he has been talking about this for quite some time now, and that makes me excited for him.

DREAMS // I did remember one this week. Bre, one of my friends from the Sassafras, is the BEST shopper ever. She can find deals like its her job. Well I dreamed that her, Whitney, and I went shopping at Goodwill and as soon as we walked in the door she found three True Religion vests. We then wanted to check out the shoes and strangely only three people at a time could go into the shoe section. We patiently waited in line, finally made it, and while we were there Whitney started plucking her eyebrows, holding up the line and folks were yelling at us! Bahahaha!
The dream did turn into a little more that from what I remember had nothing to do with us shopping, but it was a little scary so I don't care to remember or share all the details.

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // I think Coach is happier that I am feeling much better these days.
He just grins and gets this look on his face too when my belly seems to be out there. He's also been stuffy and had a nose bleed like me so we joked the other day he was having pregnancy empathy. HA!

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS // Kyli was so funny today when I was getting the chalkboard ready.. she was smelling it, I guess wondering what in the world that was for. I don't know where she was last week!


Getting that WONDERFUL sleep! Oh my!!

And, MIL and SIL couldn't resist shopping yesterday and dropped these sweet gifts off by the house..

.. now y'all know where the quote on the chalkboard came from. hee, hee 
I had them hanging on the mantle for when Shane got home and when he finally saw them he said "Uh oh." (That's one of his little phrases) And then got the biggest grin on his face. I don't think he could believe how tiny the onesie and socks were.

Baby Hopper, I have been seeing so many pictures recently of newborn babies and it takes me to the day that I will have you in my arms. I get overwhelmed with so many emotions that I cannot even begin to imagine what that moment will feel like the minute you make your debut. I hope that time stands still for just a few minutes for me and your Daddy to take in every second of your arrival.
We cannot wait to meet you! What a sweet day it will be!



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