Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Finley's Newborn Session

Don't you just love wonderful surprises in the mail?? I do! I do! Finley's newborn disc showed up in my mailbox a few days ago and I was so excited to see it in there! 
I love them ALL and think they turned out absolutely perfect.

I won't keep you waiting any longer and in no particular order....

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekending // Snuggles, Football, and Hair

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was busy and laid back all at the same time.

With me going into work later in the morning, me and this sweet angle baby got some snuggle time in Friday morning. Then Coach crawled into bed with us and we all snuggled as a family. Oh my goodness I'd like a redo of that morning! We were all so cozy and comfy.

Finley made it to her first football game Friday night! It was Gigi's homecoming and she asked me and Fin to go with her.. I'm so glad she did because it was tons of fun! My other cousin Haylee was on court for the Freshman class... she looked gorgeous!

Saturday, was a busy homecoming day at work.. all my girls made the day so much fun!

Me and this girl have so much fun!

Everyone looked beautiful too!! It's so fun seeing them all put together with their dresses on.

And of course, when I got home, I watched a little of the game and Finley had to rock her Georgia attire to root on the Dawg's!

Sunday was Finley's first day at church. She did SO good!! She laid in her car seat most of the time.. which she hates and pretty much never does unless we are moving.. so I was able to take notes and really listen to the message.

She was peaceful here too! I'd say she enjoyed her first Sunday and felt right at home!

Pastor Arlene and I have a special relationship and when I got there, she asked to take Finley up to the front and pray for her during worship. I couldn't help to tear up watching them because Finley just looked so at peace while she held her. Kathy on the right, was in town from Florida, and even prophesied over her. It was such a special moment! She loved the meaning of Finley's name .. Valorous Soldier and Victorious Life.

I was worried that she would get hungry right as church would let out but everything worked out perfectly because she decided it was time to eat right before close! Deneen was just a help Sunday, too!

When we got back home we had a mini photo session!
She was sooo happy! This was pretty much the calm before the storm before nap time.
This is one of my favorite outfits by the way.. I'm thinking I'm going to have to wash it so we can wear it again this week before the cold gets here next week!

Shane made it home from his games..

 And, I could NOT resist ordering Fin this shirt. I busted out laughing when I saw this!! Sooo cute!! At least I thought so anyway.

I hope you loves have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Finley // Week 8

A little behind on this post.. It's been a busy busy week!

Finley, you were 2 months old Wednesday September 16th. Here I go... I can't believe how fast you are growing! Once again, it feels like yesterday your Daddy and I were on the way to the hospital watching that gorgeous sunrise, checking in and finally meeting you for the first time! I'm sure this won't be the last time I say that...

You took the longest nap on Wednesday! I kept checking on you because I seriously thought something was wrong.. and by the time that 3rd hour rolled around, I was ready to just pick you up because I missed you so! You are the best little cuddler!


We are so blessed that you are doing so great in the health dept. You sleep good, you eat great, we have only been to the dr for your regular checkup except the one time for reflux and you have still been doing really good with your reflux too! There are times when you spit up more than usual but Dr Setia said that all babies have some spit up and it still doesn't smell sour like it did before you were on meds, so I say you are doing very good with it!

You respond to us more when we talk to you and you are all smiles at times! I absolutley LOVE seeing your personality shining!
I just wish my camera phone pics were better... think its time to start using the Nikon ALL the time.


You are still pretty consistent with 4 oz every 4-5 hours. Your Daddy and I tried several times this week to give you 5 oz at bedtime, and you never finish or you spit the last bit back up so we stopped giving it to you.
The past few days I've noticed between 4 & 6 you want 2 oz after that feeding. It's almost like you need a late afternoon snack. I guess your tummy just can't handle more than 4 oz at one time?

You get really gassy after some feedings and we give you gas relief drops and then you are totally fine. 


Wednesday Sept 16th was THE perfect day.. you got up happy, your naps were on point, you ate well, and went night night without a fight!
There is no doubt in my mind that you fight sleep at times. I guess you get that from me.. I have to really be tired to nap during the day and if I do, I feel like I'm going to miss something.
You are going a little bit longer sleeping in the night.. those 5-6 hour stretches are awesome!
Lately, the 4ish nap time is the hardest. I don't know if you are over it or if it's because that's when its the brightest in your nursery. A couple of times, I just brought your chair in the living room because it gets really dark during that time, but the dogs ALWAYS seem to bark and disturb you, so its just hit or miss with those naps.

I still think you sleep best in your swaddlers but sometimes you don't make it into them. You even find a way to get your arms out too.


Kyli still wants to lay on your boppy and now blankets if she can get to them.
I got onto her 3 times right here to get off, and she kept sneaking back every time like I wasn't going to see her.


On 9/13, we tried to go for our first stroll outside. As soon as we got out, the wind picked up pretty good so I brought you back inside. It lasted all of 5 minutes.
I'm thinking your first shopping trip is in order to find you some cardigans. You have a ton of onesies but no cardigans for the fall except for this newborn one. We had quit an outfit going on here!

So our first successful stroll outside was 9/16. It was a little cloudy and not too cool so you and I went all the way to the pond and back. We took Sox with us and even packed a little heat for extra protection. It was so peaceful and you fell asleep as soon as I started pushing the stroller. Let me tell you too what a hike that was for Mommy! Those hills are no joke and the stroller was smooth sailing.. just another reason why I love it!

Sox would walk ahead of us as if checking out the safety of the premises and then she would take a breather and wait for us to catch up with her.

The horses even greeted us the closer we got to the gate!

You woke up not too long after we got back to the house so we had play time on your gym mat..
Mommy may have gotten carried away with the pictures....

Love that photo session.. your facial expressions are the sweetest!!

This was right after you had such a wonderful mornings sleep..
You and I both needed sleep this particular morning and the Lord answered my pleading prayers!

We have to root for our Dawg's on Saturday's too! 

You calm down pretty good when we are in the car but if we get stuck at a red light too long you don't mind letting me know that you don't like it at. all!

You've got some serious lungs too! Whoo you have really shown us a couple of times just how loud you can get.

You are cooing more and what I call babbling.. you have the sweetest cooing sounds! I want to record you but I just enjoy the moments when they happen.


I stepped on the scale this week and I have gained a couple of pounds. It was Thursday to be exact. I stepped off that scale and marched myself to my laptop and ordered a 24DC. This afternoon, I bagged each item to take according to the day, baked me some chicken and veggies, bagged some snacks and I will be ready to go in the morning! I need to make a grocery store run tomorrow for a few more items but I am READY TO GO! 

I started the Jaime Eason Post Pregnancy trainer this week as well. O. M. G. She will really kick your booty!! Boy oh boy did it feel good to be doing some kind of exercise tho. I'm definitely weak and my balance is a little off.. the only thing that seemed to bother me was the 4th day after a few sets of jumping jacks.. I felt really bruised in my southern area and took the next 2 days off from doing anything. One, because it was so uncomfortable and two, because I was exhausted.

I also had to go back to the Dr because my Pap came back abnormal. Origanly, they told me all they were going to do was take a closer look at my cervix with the microscope.. then when I got there they told me if the Dr saw anything they would go ahead and take a biopsy. Thank the Lord, he saw absolutely nothing and they did not have to I was pretty freaked out by the size of the utensil on the countertop and I will just go back in 6 months instead of 1 year. He truly thinks the pap just picked up dying cells from having a baby and feels confident it is nothing to worry about.

I have still been crying at times, so I'm not sure if I'm still a little out of whack or if I'm just going to be more of a crybaby than I already was before pregnancy. 
A couple of times this week, Finley was really fussy, I felt like nothing was working to soothe her, and all these thoughts of being a horrible mother started to come over me. Which I know is ridiculous, just when nothing and I mean nothing seems to work it really makes you feel like a failure. Honestly, I think this is something that I really need to start praying about.. 


Tuesday was my first day back at the salon. Talk about a total meltdown Monday night! I was so upset Shane told me to just hang it up and be done with it but for reasons that I won't go into here right now, I have been working about 4-5 hours a day. Only Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday's. I'll work the first Saturday of every month and still do weddings/homecomings/proms. Thursday seemed to be my longest day because I got behind and then had lots to clean up... and then Saturday for homecoming. I completely enjoyed being with my Sassafreaks! They are so supportive and went above and beyond to check on me on my first day back.. I absolutely love them! I had so much adrenaline pumping tho, I felt so shaky and nervous all day until I got back home and my stomach hurt like something serious. I think I was just pure homesick. Other Moms have told me tho it will be good for me to get out and have adult time instead of being at home 24/7 and that it gets easier......

 It was a fun day so didn't seem to be as bad but I was SO ready to get to my baby when I got off. As short as those days are instead of 8-9 hours days, I still feel like I have been away from her SO MUCH this week. 

Survived the first day!

I've had more clients contact me this week to get on my books but since I am working really only part time and taking out one day, I'm already booked a couple weeks out. All my clients are my family, they have been so good to me and I am so thankful for them and I really hate that it will not be the same as it was before. After 11 years in the business, I'm just in a new season now, and Finley and my family come first. She will only be this small for a short time and as much as I can help it, I'm not going to be away from her long. I hope my clients are able to understand.

Times do seem to be getting easier.. Fin is sleeping longer at night so I feel like I can get some things done while she's napping during the day. When we go places, it has been easier to get everything together and leave the house, I feel like we are all learning more on what works with her and what she likes, and when Shane is home we are able to have a little bit of time together.

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