Friday, September 11, 2015

Finley // Week 7

Finley, this is your 7th week here and with your 7th week means my last full week at home with you before going back to work. I could sit and hold you 24/7 and this has seemed to be one of the busier weeks we have had. 
Here is what you have been doing this week..


Your face has broken out into a little acne. Just when I think its clearing up it comes right back.. but Aunt Tammy gave us some Cetaphil and I think it's starting to help more.

I even think your hair is starting to fill in on the top although you can't tell in pictures yet. It looks even longer in the back and when it gets wet it still looks like it could be curly.


You are still eating 4oz about every 4 hours or so. A couple times you have sucked down your bottle and acted fussy for more so I've mixed another ounce. But then you spit up SO much so I'm thinking you don't really need it. 
And then you get a tummy ache and get gassy.
You are still taking your Zantac and even though you do still spit up sometimes its NOTHING like it was before.

Love feeling your little fingers on my arm!


As soon as I posted last week that we seemed to be getting into a groove, you fought me hand, tooth, and nail that night getting to sleep. Oh man you screamed your head and fought to get out of your swaddle. And then, just like a light switch, you passed out. 
You seem to eat around 4ish, 8ish, 12ish, 4ish, 8ishpm and then we do bottle, bathtime, bed and then you will eat again around midnight. Sometimes, the 'schedule' does get off a little bit and I would love your feeding to be more around 9 because when you get your bath, this stretch of sleep seems to be the longest.. which could mean more sleep for Mommy and Daddy at night. But for now, we will just roll with what we have going on.
Your naps during the day are still mostly consistent with you sleeping all the way through which makes you a much happier baby!


Mara was checking you out this week and even gave you kisses. 

Kyli made herself at home beside you too. Love these pics!

You finally chilled in your Mamaroo some more too. 
I was able to get a little bit done in your room.


You received an awesome gift this week.
We love it!

I had to finish getting ready one afternoon so I brought your Mamaroo into the bathroom and you just chilled out. I think the hair dryer being on soothed you as well.

On Labor Day, we went to visit the Richards for a little holiday lunch. The drive is over an hour and you did so good! You were definitely ready to eat by the time we walked in the door.
Miss Sydney was so in love with you and would sit closest to whoever had you! She is the sweetest thing!

Your Daddy let me sleep one night and I woke up to this. Absolutely love waking up to these moments.

I love your hand by your face and enjoy these snuggling moments so much.

One morning, me, you, and your Daddy hung out on the couch and after I fed you, you just cood and smiled so BIG!! I wish I would've had my camera ready but I just stared at you the whole time. It's like you knew exactly what I was saying and just thought it was the best thing.

Sporting your Elvis onesie again! You are getting so big I've laid out clothes that are almost too small for you so you can wear them one more time.


I'm still holding on at 145/146, and will be ordering my 24DC soon.. I cannot WAIT. I have already looked at the Jamie Eason Post Pregnancy workout. I know I will feel so much better when I get started and will have more energy.
I still feel like my hormones haven't leveled out yet.. constant roller coaster of emotions over here but I do feel like sometimes it gets better. 
The pressure feeling that I've had seems to be better as well .. at times I still feel like I need to cross my legs but I've been doing kegals when I remember and I hope this will help.
Some of my tiny stretch marks on my right side have lightened up so much it's like they were never there. I don't think those were very deep so to speak.. my left side however is a different story. Some are still purple but some have gone from purple to pink. So annoying I didn't have any until the last week of pregnancy.
My hair is starting to feel better and is so thick at the crown I feel like its never going to get dry. It's so weird because my hair just got longer it didn't get thicker while I was pregnant. I did cut myself some bangs Monday and Thursday I woke up and decided I needed more. I love them!


This Tuesday is my first day back at work.. I'm trying to be excited about it but I'm thinking I'm going to be a basket case. I am excited to see everyone at Sassafras tho... I'm just so torn! I'll only be working about 4 hours Tuesday because I think that will be about all I can handle. Everyone is telling me it will be good for me to get out and have some time to myself.


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