Friday, September 4, 2015

Finley // Week 6

Finley, I can't believe you are already 6 weeks old! Time is flying by sooo fast! I enjoy being home with you soo much and I am looking forward to a couple of cooler days so we can enjoy some time outside.
We can feel such a difference in your weight little girl! You reflux has really seemed to be much better and you are eating very good! 
Your left eye still gets sleep in it sometimes..
Recently your face has started to break out a little bit.. it seems like one place will clear up and then a different place will be broken out. 
Your hair is still a little sparse on the top.. not much going on up there Sweet Fin. 

These pictures were taken right before you had your first blowout diaper ... on your Daddy and one of the couch pillows. Hee hee.


SO. Confession. BabyWise REALLY started stressing me out. I felt like the harder I tried to be on a "schedule" the worse things got. 
After calling a friend a few days ago, she reminded me of the 5 s' from The Happiest Baby on the Block. For the past two days, things have really turned around!! I hate to even type this because I don't want to jinx ourselves! Your naps have been consistent 2-3 hours at a time without you waking up I have to admit I go check on you and kiss all over your cheeks and just pray I don't wake you up. I miss you even when you are napping!! and when I have given you a bath, that is when you sleep the longest. Last night, we ate, I put you in the bathtub and just ran the hot water over you, we dressed, swaddled, you took your paci for a little bit and you were in sleepy town. 
We are going to do bath time every night from here on out for a bedtime routine. I know its only been a couple of days but you truly do seem like a happier baby when you are awake.. and I guess so since you are napping so well! Maybe we are on to something!


You are eating so great and still 4 oz about every 4 hours. Sometimes you have slept longer in between feedings but I don't like you going longer than 5 hours.. when its gotten close to that time you have woken up on your own.


You still don't even flench when they bark which I am so thankful for. You are really used to it! Sometimes I find myself trying to be quiet around you but I don't think you pay attention to anything really. I even turned the vacuum cleaner on the other day and it didn't even bother you.

The pups are still so sweet around you and Mara and Kyli have even given you a couple of kisses on the back of the head. Kyli and Mara still come into the nursery when we are in there and Sox came in there one day this week just long enough to sniff you, see what we were up to, and puke on your rug. Your Daddy cleaned it up and we sent all the dogs out. I think she just drank too much water because that's really all it was. Still, yuck.

Kyli also found a new sitting place... not. happening.


You have been cooing up a storm lately! I haven't had a chance to get you on video while you are awake but I did get you sleeping this week. It was so sweet. 
You are more alert and we find you focused on things for longer periods of time. 
When we talk to you, you are responding to us and your personality is really starting to show more. It's been so much fun!

You grab my fingers when you are drinking your bottle and I absolutely love it! Your skin is so soft and its just the sweetest thing!

 Stephany had her shower this past weekend and you hung out with Big Pop upstairs. There were tons of people there and I just didn't want you to be passed around a lot. 

 We came home and you hung out with your Daddy for awhile. Love these sweet pictures like this.

You fell asleep on the porch while we were having some outside time.

Love your sweet little fingers!

I caught you with your hand on the bottle August 31st.

You had your first Sassafras visit while Mommy was getting her hair done.

You LOVE your bath time. You are so content and seem to enjoy it so much!

You have kept Daddy up a couple times EARLY in the morning. He will really get me if he sees this but shhh I won't say anything if you won't! He was PASSED OUT!

You've been doing some tummy time.

And I just had to get you screaming your head off. Bless you.

You had your hand up by your face in this picture and the flash scared you when it went off. Oops.

We have still had playtime on your gym mat.

This was Wednesday night.. These are one of my favorite pajamas for you!

You haven't found your thumb again but you've been sucking on your fists lately. Smack, smack.


I had my 6 week check up Thursday and all has healed up just great! I don't feel any pressure but certain movements I make at times still makes me feel like everything is going to fall out. I hate this feeling!! I found out I gained a total 29 lbs and I have lost all of that but 9.. praise the Lord! I am ready for a 24DC to get the rest of this weight off. It would be so nice to wear something other than gym pants and t-shirts. I know my hips are probably still wide from birth but at least I can work on losing these extra pounds and getting toned back up. Dr Elder said I can do anything I was doing before as long as it was comfortable to me.

With Finley sleeping a little more consistently and Shane doing 3ish and 6ish AM feedings, I feel like I have more energy and feel so much better in the sleep department. Now I just need to make myself lay down for an afternoon nap, but I find myself wanting to do things I used to do that I enjoyed in my free time. I also don't want to get behind in her baby books.. I think in total now she has 4 or 5! Ha! She can choose her favorites when she gets older.

I was looking thru pictures earlier today and came across some newborn pictures. Oh my goodness!! I know Finley is still a newborn but I miss the new- newborn stage. She has changed SO much already in the past 6 weeks. It just makes me still tear up. Speaking of tearing up, I've had a couple of hard cry days.. I haven't had those in a long time but I'm sure hormones are still not back to normal?
I still feel ALL over the place at times and I'm sure people have wanted to smack me sometimes. I can't help it. I'm sure mothers would understand.


I left Finley for about a full 4 hours Thursday for my checkup and for some other things. By the time the 4th hour was rolling near I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin if I didn't get back home right then. And I'm sure I annoyed my MIL and husband calling and texting every 30 minutes. I truly felt like I had separation anxiety or something. I am DEFINITELY starting back slow to work. I cannot imagine being there feeling that way KNOWING that I can't leave. I'm trying not to think about work but my time is drawing near.. I'm just so thankful that I have the job where I can do my own schedule and book as much or less as I want. And I will be cutting back one day a week so I'm just trying to remind myself of that.

Finley, we are absolutely in love with you! I am enjoying seeing you do new things every week and watching you grow. Your little personality is really starting to shine. When you are awake your eyes are just open wide and ready to look at everything. You cuddles are so sweet and snuggly! I could just hold you and never put you down! When you smile, you bring smiles to our faces..
You are such a blessing to all of us and are hearts are so full! You bring so much joy!


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