Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beginning of Fall..

I can't believe tomorrow is October 1! Where has this year gone? It seems like yesterday I was getting ENGAGED and I had all this time to plan a wedding and now it's almost here! 
48 Days to be exact!

Today was an overcast/rainy day, and after 'sleeping in', feeding Trio, going to get brushes/combs, etc. for him, I decided to get busy on the house. It started out being just a cleaning day but as I got into the cleaning flow, I decided that I needed a little change for the fall.

This room may look a tad familiar and only a little bit changed about it but it was a good change! I even took change into the joining bathroom off the dining room.

ENJOY browsing around!

 Can you tell Red is one of my favorite colors?

 And, added a little something in the living room...

Pecans from the yard!

The living room needs a little more but Coach finally made it home and I spent some more time with 
Trio this evening. 

Tracie helped me get a halter on him and taught me how to lead him tonight. He didn't make a fuss about anything and listened to our commands. I don't know much about horses but I would say he has definitely been worked with by someone! I think I did good in the beginning but then for whatever reason I may have gotten nervous because he started leading me towards the end. Boo. 

He even broke out into a trot yesterday and today!! Guess someone is feeling a little better!! He has even been standing on his back leg he was favoring. I am so glad! I am hoping to hear from the vet tomorrow. This is the third one I have called and I can't wait to get him checked out. 

I brushed him with his new brush tonight and I think he really enjoyed it. It seems he always says 'hello' too when he sees me coming. He doesn't neigh, and he doesn't grunt.. I don't even know what you would call it but he's saying something! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend friends!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Counting down!!

50 Days Left!

This was our first batch of RSVP's! All the responses were Yes!

Sweet Trio..

So yesterday I was able to spend a little time with Trio. He has a little bit more pep in his step but I feel like he still has a little bit to go before he is at true speed.

He loves all the attention he is getting from all of us. Tracie, Mrs Connie, Coach, and myself.
I am trying to get in touch with a vet who will come check him out and treat him. One of his back legs is swollen a little bit and he favors it while standing but he doesn't limp when he walks.
He has some sores on him, a cut mark on his rear, and a some other things that a friend pointed out today who came to the house to help tell me more about him.

This afternoon, Coach and I spent some time with him. We brushed him and talked to him and he absolutely loved it. I don't know much at all about horses but he seemed to turn when he wanted another spot brushed. It was so cute and funny.

I feel like I am becoming more comfortable around him but I still have a lot to learn. Last night I stayed up a little later reading some different sites on the internet about horses. From what I have read and heard from people they are very smart animals.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday afternoon.

He stands the longest like this and lets me rub his forehead.

Tracie told me to walk out from him a bit and see if he would follow me.. He did! He walked with me and made somewhat of a circle with me and came back to where we feed him.

This bottom picture may have been a little risky doing but I was down and up in two seconds. 

This weekend we are going to try and get him closer to the front of pasture where our houses are so we can keep a closer eye on him. I can't wait to get him cleaned up too! 

Honestly I am so ready for the vet to come take a look at him and hopefully tell me he is good but just needs TLC and to gain some weight. I know they are very expensive animals and I am praying there is nothing serious wrong with him. We will see. It's so obvious how bad he was neglected by his previous owners. 

 It infuriates me just thinking of what they did to get him inside our pasture. No one has come looking nor has anyone claimed him that Tracie has talked to. 

I think he gets more comfortable with us everyday and is starting to trust us more.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIWW- Transition into Fall

...And more PINK! 

It's been cooler here in the mornings and of course HOT in the afternoons! So I thought this was a great way to transition.. Short sleeve shirt and shorts with a sweater you can shed when it starts getting warm!

 Sweater: Express// Shirt: Target// Shorts: Express// Boots: Madden Girl
Necklace: Franchesca's// Sunglasses: Ray Ban//

I LOVE my boots! It is a huge staple for me in the fall/winter! 

I always need a little bling and I LOVE the turquoise! 


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our newest member of the family...

Meet, who I have named, Trio.

He has three white 'socks' and I just thought that fit perfectly.

Trio, showed up in the pasture last week. Or that's when my future Mom-in-Law first spotted him. After a little more investigation throughout the week tho, we think he has been in the back of the pasture in the wooded area for at least two weeks. We found a place in the fence that had been cut, and with Tracie's investigating, she found out where he came from. We couldn't find him Friday, Saturday, or Sunday but he made another grand appearance yesterday.

How could anyone let their horse get THIS BAD???? It just baffles me! It takes some time for any animal to get in this condition. It has truly broken my heart to see him in this kind of condition. 

He is SUPER sweet! My future Sis-in-Law has helped me in learning some things about horses and has really helped me with him over the past couple of days. He has only stayed in the back part of the pasture and she was able to get fresh water to him yesterday. We took him some feed last night and I got up bright and early to take him a little bit more this morning. I have learned from Tracie and other friends that you don't want to feed him too much so he doesn't colic. We are hoping to get a halter on him soon and bring him closer to the house so we can keep a closer eye on him.

We are just focused right now on getting him better and having the vet come out and check him. 
We are praying for this little guy that nothing serious is going on with him, just that he needs to continue eating and giving him lots of love!

I get off early tomorrow so I am hoping I get to spend a little more time with him and us get used to each other.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and start to their week! I miss everyone when I don't get the chance to blog!

I will soon have more time because there is only 7 weeks left til wedding week!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Please forgive me..

...I feel like I have fallen off the map for a little bit! I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts that have come through on my dashboard.. I just haven't been able to sit down and write!

Work has been awesome.. I traveled this past weekend to do makeup for a friend for her wedding..

..Work has been awesome.. 

..I have been writing thank you notes like it's my job.. Are these cards just adorable or what?..

Made by my wedding planner..

..AND I met with the florist yesterday to discuss flowers and the decor for our big day!!

Here is an idea of what my bouquet will look end up looking like.. the brown was a fill in for another  filler that will be used instead. Garden roses will be used instead of the regular size roses because I wanted Peonies, and you know the only month out of the year you can't get them????... 
You guessed it-- November!! BOOO!

What do you think though???


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIWW Yellow..

Is one of my favorite colors...

Love some bling.. today it's on the shoes..

I picked this necklace up at the last minute one day while shopping.. 
It's one of my favorite necklaces..

And if you are wondering how my morning was as opposed to yesterday?

It was much better.. Thank you loves..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hit the floor running..

... Is literally what I did this morning at exactly 9:28.

Wondering what time I was scheduled to be at work?


Oh. my.

It takes me about 16 minutes to get to work give or take. 

My phone died during the night and this is my only alarm clock.
Thank you Mara for jumping on Mama's bed and partaking in a growling competition with Kylee.

THANK THE LORD, Coach and I went to the gym and I showered last night. 
(We haven't gone together or late at night for that matter in forever!)

I let the pups out..
Managed to put together a matching outfit..
Brushed my teeth..
Put my contacts in..
Packed a lunch..
Let the pups back in..
Kissed Coach goodbye..
Grabbed my "stuff"..


Powder and blush went on blind in the car and unfortunately, the hair was just what is was when I went to bed. Or should I say, what is was when I woke up. Thank goodness my workplace is a salon and what does a salon have in it??
Shampoo bowls.

Everybody do the party dance!

Speaking of doing a dance, I wanted to do a dance when I walked outside this morning!! The cool air felt soo amazing!

(I really would've done that dance too had I have time for it)

My attire today included, you guessed it, a SCARF!

No weather/outfit mishaps today, folks!!

My phone is charging as we speak write.
I am waking up on time tomorrow.

I really don't want to get to work again to find my underwear inside out.


Just a few shots I have taken over the past few weeks.
A couple of them may look familiar from previous posts...

But, hey.. It's ok, I love photography, and I hope you enjoy!

Pecans growing on our trees.. I have already picked up several that are ready to eat!

I got my card in the mail! A child from my hometown was diagnosed with Leukemia and a local church held a drive for him, for people to be tested. This was several months ago and he is now back home with his family doing great! GOD IS GOOD!!!

This was on the board at the gym last night. It caught my attention.

This is a book my friend Danielle let me borrow. When I have had time to read it, I have really enjoyed what I have gotten to so far.

As you can tell she looks thrilled with her jersey and tutu.. 
I almost lost a digit getting her attire on.

Me and my handsome brother at his sisters wedding.

On my shower day!

Casey and I at BoneFish.

Delicious cupcakes from the shower!

Bri and me at Toby Keith!

Me and the girls!

Monday, September 10, 2012

More Wedding Fun!

What a weekend! Time sure does fly by when you are having FUN!

Remember Friday? What an awesome date night with me and the Future Hubbs..

Saturday was awesome too! I went for my first dress fitting to get the alterations started.. This isn't the first time I have officially tried on my dress BUT man it is always a GREAT, indescribable feeling to have it on!


OF COURSE this is NOT my dress sillies!!!! I can't reveal it just yet! Coach reads my blogs so that would be a no bueno! (I wonder if he is panicking right now reading this wondering if he has "accidentally" seen THE dress.) Teee heee heeee!!

I really did like this gown.. Maybe just not on me. It was a little bit out of the budget and it may have been a little bit too different for me. I know you can't tell the way the flowers are on the dress but for some reason it reminded me of chicken feathers. 

After that, I had another awesome shower, hosted by my wonderful family-- 

Katie, Lisa, and Marcia

(yes, it was Game Day and I had to support my Dawgs!)

The shower was an AWESOME time and I am absolutely one blessed girl!

The fellowship was awesome, the food was awesome, and I just had so much fun! 

I really wish y'all could've tried these cupcakes...

They were to die for!
As a matter of fact, ALL the food was delicious!

These little guys here--- Holy Sweet tooth-I-wanna-smash-my-face-into-them DELICIOUS! 

So yummy.. mints that were bride/groom and wedding bells.

My Mom and Grandmother

Coach loves some crockpot cooking so I was so excited to get one! I can't wait to try it out!

I was saying if Coach ever got out of line it was the frying pan upside the head! HA! 
(Everyone did laugh)

This was one of my favorites. It's a recipe book that my Grandmother gave me.. handwritten with tons of her favorite recipes. I wish I would've had it open to one of the pages she had written on. 

Shortly after arriving.. I started early with the pics! I don't think you can have enough, period!
Katie's house is absolutely gorgeous! Decorated to a T!

Me and Gigi... I loved my Sash they had made for me! So CUTE!!

While all this was going on, my girls from the salon had a little fun at a hairshow in ATL with Kim Vo..
I met up with them a little later on for some dinner at BoneFish! It is always yummy!

Now I seriously need to get to bed to catch up on my Zzzzzzz's....

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