Monday, September 10, 2012

More Wedding Fun!

What a weekend! Time sure does fly by when you are having FUN!

Remember Friday? What an awesome date night with me and the Future Hubbs..

Saturday was awesome too! I went for my first dress fitting to get the alterations started.. This isn't the first time I have officially tried on my dress BUT man it is always a GREAT, indescribable feeling to have it on!


OF COURSE this is NOT my dress sillies!!!! I can't reveal it just yet! Coach reads my blogs so that would be a no bueno! (I wonder if he is panicking right now reading this wondering if he has "accidentally" seen THE dress.) Teee heee heeee!!

I really did like this gown.. Maybe just not on me. It was a little bit out of the budget and it may have been a little bit too different for me. I know you can't tell the way the flowers are on the dress but for some reason it reminded me of chicken feathers. 

After that, I had another awesome shower, hosted by my wonderful family-- 

Katie, Lisa, and Marcia

(yes, it was Game Day and I had to support my Dawgs!)

The shower was an AWESOME time and I am absolutely one blessed girl!

The fellowship was awesome, the food was awesome, and I just had so much fun! 

I really wish y'all could've tried these cupcakes...

They were to die for!
As a matter of fact, ALL the food was delicious!

These little guys here--- Holy Sweet tooth-I-wanna-smash-my-face-into-them DELICIOUS! 

So yummy.. mints that were bride/groom and wedding bells.

My Mom and Grandmother

Coach loves some crockpot cooking so I was so excited to get one! I can't wait to try it out!

I was saying if Coach ever got out of line it was the frying pan upside the head! HA! 
(Everyone did laugh)

This was one of my favorites. It's a recipe book that my Grandmother gave me.. handwritten with tons of her favorite recipes. I wish I would've had it open to one of the pages she had written on. 

Shortly after arriving.. I started early with the pics! I don't think you can have enough, period!
Katie's house is absolutely gorgeous! Decorated to a T!

Me and Gigi... I loved my Sash they had made for me! So CUTE!!

While all this was going on, my girls from the salon had a little fun at a hairshow in ATL with Kim Vo..
I met up with them a little later on for some dinner at BoneFish! It is always yummy!

Now I seriously need to get to bed to catch up on my Zzzzzzz's....


circleofchaos said...

Nice the wedding dress.^^
Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
My Blog

*Butler, Party of 2* said...

Hahaha....I TOTALLY panicked and I even know what your dress looks like! I almost called you to tell you to take it off in case Coach reads your blog!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

BAHAHAHA! The other night Coach told me he caught up on my posts.. He said, "Nice picture of your wedding dress." He SERIOUSLY thinks it's my dress!

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