Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Just a few shots I have taken over the past few weeks.
A couple of them may look familiar from previous posts...

But, hey.. It's ok, I love photography, and I hope you enjoy!

Pecans growing on our trees.. I have already picked up several that are ready to eat!

I got my card in the mail! A child from my hometown was diagnosed with Leukemia and a local church held a drive for him, for people to be tested. This was several months ago and he is now back home with his family doing great! GOD IS GOOD!!!

This was on the board at the gym last night. It caught my attention.

This is a book my friend Danielle let me borrow. When I have had time to read it, I have really enjoyed what I have gotten to so far.

As you can tell she looks thrilled with her jersey and tutu.. 
I almost lost a digit getting her attire on.

Me and my handsome brother at his sisters wedding.

On my shower day!

Casey and I at BoneFish.

Delicious cupcakes from the shower!

Bri and me at Toby Keith!

Me and the girls!


Mallory Castleberry said...

I haven't even been to the farm to check the pecan trees, I was so excited to see you posting that it's almost pecan time!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

I bet you have some "cooking" right now! We are going to roast them and bag them for our wedding favor gift. They are so yummy!

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