Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Please forgive me..

...I feel like I have fallen off the map for a little bit! I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts that have come through on my dashboard.. I just haven't been able to sit down and write!

Work has been awesome.. I traveled this past weekend to do makeup for a friend for her wedding..

..Work has been awesome.. 

..I have been writing thank you notes like it's my job.. Are these cards just adorable or what?..

Made by my wedding planner..

..AND I met with the florist yesterday to discuss flowers and the decor for our big day!!

Here is an idea of what my bouquet will look end up looking like.. the brown was a fill in for another  filler that will be used instead. Garden roses will be used instead of the regular size roses because I wanted Peonies, and you know the only month out of the year you can't get them????... 
You guessed it-- November!! BOOO!

What do you think though???



Mallory Castleberry said...

I love the bouquet! It's very elegant.

The flowers I chose for my wedding were out of season too (daffodils). The florists used really good silks and surrounded them with real flowers and you couldn't even tell the daffodils were fake. Just an idea if you really wanted the peonies

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

What a great idea! Thank you so much for that info! Happy Wednesday! XxOo

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