Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sugar Rush

I have a little Blogging assistant tonight...

She would be known as Kylee..

Today was a steady day at work and started out by doing Miss Carrie Baby's hurr..

(How do you like the damp, slicked back look? It's been rainy here all week and I just figured there was no hope for the hair until I got to work)

All my clients were absolutely lovely today.. I am so 

to have them as mine!

I left work to go pick up some cake samples for a little cake tasting for the wedding..


Coach said after this one he was gonna need the "real deal size" to decide on which one... Teehee.. someone just wanted some more cake I think! He had nothing but great things to say about them!

As for myself, I think I almost went into sugar shock, sugar coma, sugar rush... whichever you prefer to call it. They were made from scratch with cream cheese frosting to DIE FOR!!! 

Back on the grind tomorrow with healthy eats! I go for my first dress fitting Saturday! 

How was YOUR Tuesday?


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