Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's almost Bikini Season!!

And trust me I am far from being ready to put on that two piece. 
I don't even wanna think about it!
I really don't know what's been getting into me lately but most of these days I don't care to set foot in the gym.

Nothing wrong with a little honestly, folks.

I was just telling Coach yesterday that I can see in my head what I want to look like as far as being in shape, but when it comes down to it, I would rather snuggle on the couch than put on my Mizunos and break a sweat. 


I got my hind-end outta bed this morning, against my wishes to sleep in on this rainy Tuesday morning, had a little big date with Shaun-T, bless my poor knee caps, and also did this inner thigh workout.

via Pinterest

My thighs is the one part of my body that I would love to see transformed.
It didn't take me long and I could really feel the inner thighs starting to burn!!
Especially, with those thigh lifts. 

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hopper Wedding... More Sentimental Details

For our wedding, I really wanted to try and do as much as we could on our own.
I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest, southern wedding magazines, and a couple of things we came up with on our own and from our wedding planner.
We were still able to take these ideas and from the items we had, make it sentimental.

Here are just a few more of my favorites from our big day!

My MIL, Aunt, and myself all got together and painted these the week of the wedding.
I painted the words and arrows.
Thank you to my FIL for cutting all of these shapes out!
He done good!!

My FIL also put this together and all I did was paint the words. 
I love how rustic the wood is and the whole meaning of this.

This chair, basket, and ferns all came from my MIL's "inventory" as we call it. 
I painted the sign and I'm sure you can tell by this point I was OVER. IT. 
Doesn't look as good as I wish it would have looked. 

This is one of my FAVORITES! This mantle still in the pasture since Nov 17 also came from Mrs. Connie's inventory. I got this from an idea out of a magazine and I fell in love! I wasn't expecting this much decor to be on the mantle but I like it. The moss aisle was actually supposed to make the center aisle, but when all the chairs got added there wasn't nearly enough to make it complete. So it was the attendants and me and Coach's entrance to the alter.
The white vase was my mother's, I made the twine jar, and the fern's were kept beautiful by my MIL.

All of the family knew their seats because they sat in antiqued furniture, you guessed it, from my MIL's inventory. Another one of my favorite details. The black and white chair you see in the background is actually in our dining room now. 

My favorite from the wedding..
If I'm not careful it will be in Amber's house before long!

Our party favors were roasted pecans from the "Hopper Farm".. I picked up sooo many fallen pecans from the yard I don't ever want to pick up another one again, my grandmother and cousin June roasted them, and then we all three labeled, bagged, and tied the twine in our kitchen a couple days before the Big Day. 
The labels, LOVE THEM, were designed by our Wedding Planner.

What kind of country wedding is it without Corn Hole??
The boards were borrowed from a friend.. GO DAWGS!!...

.. And the bags were made by my BFF, Amber. 
You can see more of them up close HERE.

And here are our programs and some of our table decor inside the reception.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Recently I signed up to get Joel Osteen's emails. I get one everyday. They are so uplifting, they remind me of how I need to be more like Christ, how God sees me as His child, and just gives me a positive note for the day. 

This one hit a little more home with me and I just wanted to share.

There are so many times I pick myself apart.. wether that be my thighs(I would love to have tall model legs), or I wish I didn't have these stretch marks all over me that I have had since the 5th grade, or I have a blonde moment and I think, "Could I just not be a little more smarter?? 

I need to remember God made me the way I am for a reason and when I am picking myself apart, I am questioning why He created me the way He did. 

I am His child, I am valuable, I am a masterpiece, and I am wonderfully made.

Dear Ashley,

As a believer, you are a child of the King, a prized possession, an heir of God.

You are not ordinary. You didn’t come off an assembly line. You weren’t mass-produced. You are an original design. Nobody else in this world has your fingerprints.

You are a masterpiece!

It is so important to get this down in your spirit. When you do — and when you begin to see yourself as God created you — you will start to understand your real purpose and your God-given destiny.

You will be able to reach your highest potential!

Right now, you may not like who you are. You might wish you were taller, had a better personality or that your metabolism worked a little faster. Maybe you’re self-conscious about a physical attribute or perceived imperfection or you just don’t think that you are lovable.

I want to encourage you. Right now, begin to change any negative opinions you have of yourself. Stop focusing on your flaws and comparing yourself to someone else. God has made you unique and special just the way you are.

When you understand this, it brings new opportunities, new relationships and new levels of God’s favor!

Your value doesn’t come from what you look like, or what you do or who you know.

Every morning, remind yourself that you are God’s creation. Declare, “I am not average. I am not ordinary. I have the fingerprints of God all over me. I am a masterpiece.”

God created everything about you on purpose...your looks, your skin color, your height, your personality, your talents and gifts.

If you see yourself as strong, talented and valuable, then that’s the way other people will see you. But if you see yourself as “less than,” not talented and not valuable, then that’s the way others will see you.

Choose to start loving yourself in a healthy way, being proud of the person God made you to be.

That’s what David did in Psalm 139. He praised God for making him in an amazing way and declared that what God had done was wonderful.

Be bold enough to say, like David, “I’m amazing. I’m a masterpiece.”

It’s up to you to get in agreement with God and realize how much He loves you and how special He made you.

Victoria and I are believing for God’s favor in your life. We are praying doors of opportunity will swing open and that you will see your dreams and desires come to pass.

I declare over you new seasons of opportunity, growth and victory!
Signed Joel Osteen

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”
(Psalm 139:14, NIV)

These short messages everyday are awesome. If you want to sign up for the daily emails just follow
this link here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I'm LOVING our new pillow top mattress and memory foam pillows the hubby surprised me with for Valentine's Day! 

And with that comes a new comforter that 
I'm LOVING!! I was able to use our Macy's cards from gifts we received AND I got 20% off from having a registry with them! Great day at the mall!

Check out this little diva who has been trying to take over already.

I'm LOVING that Coach and I made our snowboard trip!!! 


I'm LOVING my new nails I got done yesterday!!

I love some bling!

I'm LOVING Whitney's hair I did last week!

I'm LOVING that my hubby is getting used to all this picture taking.. and I love his goofy side!

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shreddin' Powder

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a run on the mountain!

It was so sunny Coach and I have a nice red lower face.

I had been watching the weather for Cataloochee for a couple of weeks now. Monday's forecast was great and it was! I have been chomping at the bit to go! It's been two years since we went last. 

Coach had a beard and my hair was super short!

We went for New Years and had a blast! It was the first time that Coach had been on the mountain with a snowboard and he did awesome. Being a 'professional', he's got some major competition in his bones and he ripped up and down those slopes like it was no big deal. 

We got up to Maggie Valley around 9 Sunday evening and boy was it a cold night!

At one point the car even said 23*! 
Whew it was cold. I couldn't imagine being on the slopes Sunday. It was 19* on the mountain!
I don't know that my bones could handle that.

Anyyywhooo, we got a quick dinner at Subway and got settled into our room.
We had the heater cranked up to 80.. It sounded like The Little Engine that Could.
After I got NO sleep....


We got ready, grabbed breakfast, and started to the slopes. 
And then I heard the words, "Maybe I should just go into this Skis and Tees and buy a board."
Now if you knew how excited I was to get up there and shred some powder, and if anyone reading this has bought a board, it can take some thinking time, trying on boots, seeing what bindings you like with your board, etc., I was like HURRY UP.

Coach did a U-turn in the median and before I knew it we were at Skis and Tees.
I promise you I think we were in and out of there in 45 minutes.

He is talking saying "oh boy.. and the pictures have started." 

I was sooo excited for Coach! Those rentals are so heavy and bulky and now he had his very own, personalized, Burton Shaun White Collection snowboard!
I'm tellin' you, it is good lookin'.

OK, so now we are headed up the mountain.

Here's the snow!

We got our lift tickets, 

no more waiting in line for rentals!!

and we were on our way!

Strapping in for the first run!

We went down the first run about 5 times to get back in the groove and then we were headed up even higher!

It was such a blast!!

No broken bones but Coach did wipe out a few times.
Shhh, don't tell him I told you.
His board was so slick and I think the more he tried to coast the more he wiped out.. So from then on out he only knew one speed and I'll just let you guess what speed that was. 

Now me on the other hand I like to coast a little more. If I get going too fast it makes me a little nervous. While Coach was waiting on me to come down at one point he got this little video..

I had no idea he was videoing until I got almost to him.
I mean I know it's not flips or jumps off the rails but dang I thought I looked OK!

And that concludes our trip! And of course, I cannot wait to get back to our next one!
Maybe we can even go on a bigger trip next year. On real powder. And if we don't, that's OK too, I am perfectly all right with a 3 hour drive to CAT. 

This was on the way home. The picture does no justice for this river.
Its. Beautiful.

Until the next run...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Social

Another Sunday Social!

Today is mine and Coach's 3 month anniversary! 
Time is already flying!

1. What is the best Valentine's Day you've ever had?

I would have to say mine and Coach's first Valentines Day together and you can check out more of that story HERE.

2. What is the worst Valentine's Day you've ever had?

I really cannot think of a bad one I have ever had. My mom always had a Valentine for me when I was younger and if I was single I just embraced it as Single Awareness Day, me and the girls would go out  and I would buy myself my own little fave chocolates.

3. What did you do for Valentine's this year?

Coach and I ended up spending the morning together, then I was SUPER SURPRISED when I came back home to a new pillow top mattress and boxspring and memory foam pillows.
Can you say we are sleeping better or what??!
I also got these beautiful flowers, Lily's are my fave,
(better than roses any day of the week)

 a super sweet card that said WIFE, and my favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
I think our first Valentine's Day together as Hubby and Wifey was wonderful.

4. What is your best Valentine's idea if you're single?

Get yourself together with your girlfriends, have dinner, see a movie, or even have a cookie bake off. The fellowship is always fun with the girls!

5. What is your favorite Valentine's candy?

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. 

6. Favorite Valentine's memory from your childhood?

I would get a balloon, flower, or stuffed little something at school from my Mom. 
Mama's always lookin' out!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Sweet Valentine


I remember the first Valentines Day that Coach and I spent together. I was living in my condo in Athens. We planned a dinner date and when he got to my place he surprised me with a Teddy Bear, my favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a card, and a beautiful diamond necklace...
Similar to this one..

It was gorgeous and I was SO surprised!!!

The card was so funny too..

He just seriously cracks me up!

Today, I got to sleep in with him and it was THE best thing ever. I wish I could do it everyday!
Yesterday morning I was getting ready to leave and just had this strong urge to reschedule all my appointments, put my PJ's back on, and stay at home with my Boo!
Ohhh, how wonderful would that have been?

And since you know me oh so well, you know that I decorated the house with some pink and red decor! 

Let me just take you on a tour..

Hope you enjoy the scenery!

These picture frames were used in the wedding..

This frame was a gift.. so beautiful!

MORE cotton from the wedding...

Our cornhole bags that Amber made.. love LOVE!

I already had this heart and the vase.. the rafia was recycled from a bow on a wedding gift..

These were from the guys boutt's..

Dining room table..

I am SOOOO happy to finally have a few wedding pics around the house! 

I love love love red..

Engagement pic with my rehearsal bouquet made out of my MIL brooches..

Pillows from the wedding too!
(And, if you know anything about being a baseball coach's wife, you know there are ALWAYS bats laying around.. I seriously think there are about 30 of them followed by 40 baseballs..)

Did I go a little overboard? 
Go BIG or go home, right??!

How was your Valentine's Day??

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