Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Change Up

Ever need a little change in your life?

I think I've been doing that more than none lately...

NEWlywed.. NEW Salon.. 

After watching a little bit of the Grammy's the other night and seeing Rihanna

(she is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous by the way)

I decided my hair needed a little change..
I LOOOVVEE her hair here.

Soo, I got NEW Hair today..



I have officially joined the Brunette World and I am loving it!
(Now all I need is some extensions.. which I am considering making a consultation to get a quote)
I want my hair to be looonnngggg!!!!

I'm still into the Ombre too, which is still totally in, just in a new way that has a more subtle look to it. 

I've only been married a couple of months but heck, Coach might think he's got a new woman on the farm.


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