Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Sweet Valentine


I remember the first Valentines Day that Coach and I spent together. I was living in my condo in Athens. We planned a dinner date and when he got to my place he surprised me with a Teddy Bear, my favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a card, and a beautiful diamond necklace...
Similar to this one..

It was gorgeous and I was SO surprised!!!

The card was so funny too..

He just seriously cracks me up!

Today, I got to sleep in with him and it was THE best thing ever. I wish I could do it everyday!
Yesterday morning I was getting ready to leave and just had this strong urge to reschedule all my appointments, put my PJ's back on, and stay at home with my Boo!
Ohhh, how wonderful would that have been?

And since you know me oh so well, you know that I decorated the house with some pink and red decor! 

Let me just take you on a tour..

Hope you enjoy the scenery!

These picture frames were used in the wedding..

This frame was a gift.. so beautiful!

MORE cotton from the wedding...

Our cornhole bags that Amber made.. love LOVE!

I already had this heart and the vase.. the rafia was recycled from a bow on a wedding gift..

These were from the guys boutt's..

Dining room table..

I am SOOOO happy to finally have a few wedding pics around the house! 

I love love love red..

Engagement pic with my rehearsal bouquet made out of my MIL brooches..

Pillows from the wedding too!
(And, if you know anything about being a baseball coach's wife, you know there are ALWAYS bats laying around.. I seriously think there are about 30 of them followed by 40 baseballs..)

Did I go a little overboard? 
Go BIG or go home, right??!

How was your Valentine's Day??


Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

umm we are rustic wedding twins.
i love love love love all your decor! it looks awesome!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Thanks so much Hallie! :o)

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