Monday, February 25, 2013

Hopper Wedding... More Sentimental Details

For our wedding, I really wanted to try and do as much as we could on our own.
I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest, southern wedding magazines, and a couple of things we came up with on our own and from our wedding planner.
We were still able to take these ideas and from the items we had, make it sentimental.

Here are just a few more of my favorites from our big day!

My MIL, Aunt, and myself all got together and painted these the week of the wedding.
I painted the words and arrows.
Thank you to my FIL for cutting all of these shapes out!
He done good!!

My FIL also put this together and all I did was paint the words. 
I love how rustic the wood is and the whole meaning of this.

This chair, basket, and ferns all came from my MIL's "inventory" as we call it. 
I painted the sign and I'm sure you can tell by this point I was OVER. IT. 
Doesn't look as good as I wish it would have looked. 

This is one of my FAVORITES! This mantle still in the pasture since Nov 17 also came from Mrs. Connie's inventory. I got this from an idea out of a magazine and I fell in love! I wasn't expecting this much decor to be on the mantle but I like it. The moss aisle was actually supposed to make the center aisle, but when all the chairs got added there wasn't nearly enough to make it complete. So it was the attendants and me and Coach's entrance to the alter.
The white vase was my mother's, I made the twine jar, and the fern's were kept beautiful by my MIL.

All of the family knew their seats because they sat in antiqued furniture, you guessed it, from my MIL's inventory. Another one of my favorite details. The black and white chair you see in the background is actually in our dining room now. 

My favorite from the wedding..
If I'm not careful it will be in Amber's house before long!

Our party favors were roasted pecans from the "Hopper Farm".. I picked up sooo many fallen pecans from the yard I don't ever want to pick up another one again, my grandmother and cousin June roasted them, and then we all three labeled, bagged, and tied the twine in our kitchen a couple days before the Big Day. 
The labels, LOVE THEM, were designed by our Wedding Planner.

What kind of country wedding is it without Corn Hole??
The boards were borrowed from a friend.. GO DAWGS!!...

.. And the bags were made by my BFF, Amber. 
You can see more of them up close HERE.

And here are our programs and some of our table decor inside the reception.


Megan said...

I adore the mantle as opposed to the typical arch. It added the rustic southern feel you were going for, as well as a hint of whimsy. Gorgeous!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Thank you Megan! I think we are going to finish the kitchen with it. (if it fits the fireplace) I love driving by on my way to work and seeing it in the pasture.. it takes me back and reminds me of all the wonderful things.. BUT it would be awesome to have that touch in the kitchen too!

Megan said...

If it doesn't fit, you should just leave it there. Plant a tree next to it on your anniversary or something? or a flower bed! It will be great family memory to share with your kids or grands one day.

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