Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shreddin' Powder

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a run on the mountain!

It was so sunny Coach and I have a nice red lower face.

I had been watching the weather for Cataloochee for a couple of weeks now. Monday's forecast was great and it was! I have been chomping at the bit to go! It's been two years since we went last. 

Coach had a beard and my hair was super short!

We went for New Years and had a blast! It was the first time that Coach had been on the mountain with a snowboard and he did awesome. Being a 'professional', he's got some major competition in his bones and he ripped up and down those slopes like it was no big deal. 

We got up to Maggie Valley around 9 Sunday evening and boy was it a cold night!

At one point the car even said 23*! 
Whew it was cold. I couldn't imagine being on the slopes Sunday. It was 19* on the mountain!
I don't know that my bones could handle that.

Anyyywhooo, we got a quick dinner at Subway and got settled into our room.
We had the heater cranked up to 80.. It sounded like The Little Engine that Could.
After I got NO sleep....


We got ready, grabbed breakfast, and started to the slopes. 
And then I heard the words, "Maybe I should just go into this Skis and Tees and buy a board."
Now if you knew how excited I was to get up there and shred some powder, and if anyone reading this has bought a board, it can take some thinking time, trying on boots, seeing what bindings you like with your board, etc., I was like HURRY UP.

Coach did a U-turn in the median and before I knew it we were at Skis and Tees.
I promise you I think we were in and out of there in 45 minutes.

He is talking saying "oh boy.. and the pictures have started." 

I was sooo excited for Coach! Those rentals are so heavy and bulky and now he had his very own, personalized, Burton Shaun White Collection snowboard!
I'm tellin' you, it is good lookin'.

OK, so now we are headed up the mountain.

Here's the snow!

We got our lift tickets, 

no more waiting in line for rentals!!

and we were on our way!

Strapping in for the first run!

We went down the first run about 5 times to get back in the groove and then we were headed up even higher!

It was such a blast!!

No broken bones but Coach did wipe out a few times.
Shhh, don't tell him I told you.
His board was so slick and I think the more he tried to coast the more he wiped out.. So from then on out he only knew one speed and I'll just let you guess what speed that was. 

Now me on the other hand I like to coast a little more. If I get going too fast it makes me a little nervous. While Coach was waiting on me to come down at one point he got this little video..

I had no idea he was videoing until I got almost to him.
I mean I know it's not flips or jumps off the rails but dang I thought I looked OK!

And that concludes our trip! And of course, I cannot wait to get back to our next one!
Maybe we can even go on a bigger trip next year. On real powder. And if we don't, that's OK too, I am perfectly all right with a 3 hour drive to CAT. 

This was on the way home. The picture does no justice for this river.
Its. Beautiful.

Until the next run...


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