Sunday, December 29, 2013

Friends Forever

When I was in high school, a group of our closest friends started getting together every Christmas at my house. We would have an assortment of finger foods and desserts and partake in a gift exchange. Once we went our separate ways after graduation, we missed out on a few years, but soon picked back up on getting together. We all LOVE Rafferty's in Athens and that would soon become our new meeting place sans the gift exchange. 
Over the past few years, there have been sweet mini-me's brought into the world and may I add they are all precious! This year EVERYONE was able to come over amidst the busy holiday and spend a few hours together. It was so great being together, catching up, and seeing all the little ones play. What I love about this group is we may not see each other all year but when we get back together we just pick up where we left off and never skip a beat! 

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4
Alissa holding Katelyn, Hayden, Ruby, Essie, and Alexia Grace

Jennifer and Essie

Jennifer, Essie, Jessica, and Lexi

I can't wait for next year ladies!


Annual Hopper Girl's Savannah Trip

Back in 2011, the Hopper girls took off to Savannah for the Christmas Tour of Homes. We were all so excited because we love decorating for Christmas! Connie and Tracie have been to several tour of homes, I have only helped decorate for one, and if memory serves me correctly, I do believe Tracie's house was on tour one year. I have only heard how gorgeous it was! 

Our first stop was to our favorite place.. the beach!

We then made our way near downtown Savannah to our cozy little house. We fell in love! 
Don't you just love this bed? 

This fireplace was beautiful!

We then made our way downtown for some good eats! Everything was decorated so beautifully for Christmas.

The next day we started on the Tour of Homes! I must admit we were all a tad bit dissapointed in it. The first house we started in was barely decorated and in all of the houses it was more about the history of the home than seeing it decorated. The second to the last house we toured was probably the most decorated and the last house was the coziest to me.. even tho we had to put covers on our shoes before we could even step foot in the place. They served delicious apple cider and their tree was gorgeous! I wish I could share more pictures with you but cameras were not allowed and I swear you would've gotten your arm chopped off if you were caught. I may or may not have gotten away with capturing a couple of my favorite things.

I fell in love with this staircase. One day...

This dining room set was to die for!

We then took it to River Street for some shopping...

... and some good eats at Paula Deen's restaurant!


The day we left we took it to the beach one more time. It was the WINDIEST I have ever seen. I could barely even stand to walk and people were doing some sort of wind surfing. I don't even know what you call this but it was very cool to watch!

Continuing on with a new tradition, we were able to get back to the Sav the first weekend of December this year. We left out on Friday, called and got a hotel on the way, and just had a relaxing, laid back weekend, enjoying the tent sales, shopping, and good eats. 

We took a couple of walks on the beach and found some sand dollars and a few pretty sea shells that were still in tact. 

 There were tons of these birds and didn't even seem phased by us.

No one was up for pictures this year so I hope you just enjoyed the pretty pics of downtown and the beach!

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