Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hopper's Christmas 2013

We continued on with tradition getting our tree on Thanksgiving Day. It had gotten REALLY cold this day but we trucked out into it and found our perfect tree this year. 

Coach gets it all set up and then I get to work on decorating!

Mara gets into the lights every year!

I went with the whimsical theme this year and was so happy with it! I can't help but to stare at it when I walk by. I am still not ready to take it down yet and need to get a family photo in front of it. I was hoping we would get one on Christmas Day but I was feeling like POO!!! I didn't even put on a stitch of makeup or get out of leggings and baggy sweatshirt. Turns out I had the flu. I don't ever want to get this crud ever again!

Here is a little peek into our home!

Some of our family came over on Christmas Day for some deer meat spaghetti, desserts, and more. We had a couple of friends stop by afterwards and then Coach and I crashed!! I hope I didn't get anyone sick!

This was a coffee punch! Absolutely delish!!

Coach gave me this gorgeous Mother of Pearl Pandora set! I had this ring a few years ago and it was stolen out of my house when me and my roommate got broken into. It was one of my favorites! I heard it was being retired and it matches my Ippolita bracelet he got me a couple of years ago perfect!! I was soooo surprised and just absolutely love love love it! Thank you so much Coach!

Caught Kyli a couple of times relaxing in front of the fire. She absolutely loves it and don't you just love those PJ's?

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!



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