Monday, December 16, 2013

Key West//Day 3

It's Saturday the 16th and we slept in! Instead of getting breakfast at Fresh Fish we decided to go for brunch. We took a left out of our Key West home and ended up here at Caroline's. The whole restaurant was open so we got to enjoy some fresh air and people watch. 

Totally being goofy!

We had already talked about renting moped or some sort of scooter so we could go around the island and that's just what we did after we finished our good eats! This place was really yummy!
We got our moped, Coach had to do a test run, he passed, and we were on our way! We went all the way down Duval, around the public beach, ended up near the aiport, we kept circling around until we made our way back. 

Halfway between public beach and airport..

I need to blow this up.. as far as I could zoom in for the sign..

We found a baseball field! 
This marina seemed to be between the airport and downtown Duval.

We made it back to the Historic Seaport, also where we had dinner the first night at Half Shell, and stopped for some photos.. Coach was having fun getting action shots.

We could see this boat from downtown so we ventured to find it and get a closer look. I have never been on a cruise so I have actually never seen a huge monstrosity of a boat!

We were getting a little hungry to we made a pit stop at Island Dogs, grabbed an appetizer, and relaxed a bit watching some football. 

Since the sun was due to come out the next day we decided to go find the closest beach ahead of time so we would know exactly where we were going! This area was near the beach and while we were there the sun decided to show its face for our first sunset in KW! 
Get ready for sunset picture overload!

I told Coach to strike a pose and this is what I got..

Dinner was pretty casual and this place was recommended.. Supposedly they are known for their tator tots dipped in cheddar cheese and, well, that sounded pretty good to my husband.

These southwestern rolls were UUHH-mazing!

And, such an exciting night, we headed to bed early to rise early for the beach the next day, cuz I'm just annoying like that. 
I didn't even have to take my own hair down.. Coach was a sweetie and took out all my bobby pins for me!



Tammy Jo said...

Looks like such a great time!!!

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