Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Was Dreaming of a White Christmas

When Coach and I had our first Christmas together well officially our second I found this artificial tree in the attic. Actually I found a TON of goodies up there and decorated the house so much it looked like Christmas had vomited all over the house. And he just sat back and let me do whatever my little heart desired. Such a smart husband, huh?
This year I got this little fellow back out again and went to town. I set it up in its place, began to fluff up the branches and realized it probably needed a little TLC. I thought I had some white spray paint left over from a couple of years ago, and sure enough I did! I took it out in the back yard, sprayed it down, and then decided it needed a little more something.
It needed snow.

I found this recipe and had to alter it a little bit because I didn't have any starch. I just substituted it with all purpose flour, and added it to the grated ivory soap. Just make sure to be even super careful than I was grating because it is possible you will slice a huge chunk out of your finger. Then, I whisked it as I was adding the hot water and added it to the tree using an old paint brush. 

It was SOOO easy! It had even sat for a little bit while I added branches to one of our dining room pieces and had gotten a little hard. I just added more hot water, whisked it again, and it was good to go!
(See our house decor in the next post!)

One of my clients told me she decorated one of her trees with sentimental ornaments that were passed down through the family or were given as gifts. I loved the idea!! We had several from our Christmas Shower last year and we had received a few from some of my clients and family also. Our most recent one was from my bestie, Amber, who brought back the Santa and Seashorse from Saint George Island when they went over fall break this year. 

Have you flocked your tree before?



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