Monday, December 16, 2013

Key West//Day 4

Today is Sunday 17th.. We made it a whole year!
How awesome was it that it turned out to be a GORGEOUS day with lots of sunshine and no rain!
Like I said before, I am pretty annoying when it comes to the beach, so I set my alarm for EARLY in the AM, YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU ARE HOME! IT'S ALMOST LIKE WHEN PEOPLE GO TO THE BEACH AND ALL THEY DO IS GO TO THE POOL. WHY EVEN BOTHER?? I want my toes in the sand for as long as possible!!!

This was on our walk to the beach.

The closest beach to us was Fort Zachary Taylor Sate Park. It was actually just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our hotel. We did have to pay $5 to get in every time we went but no biggie. Rentals, bathrooms, and concession were all together and not far at all where our chairs were set up every time. 
The scenery was absolutely gorgeous!! 

It was SOOO rocky! I couldn't get over how the beach was lined with so many rocks. Coach had just a little bit of trouble walking over these to get to the water. Hee hee.
The temp was an awesome 81* which wasn't bad at all because the wind was bloooowwwing. The water was absolutely freezing! I could seriously only keep my feet in for a few minutes. Coach went all in. Noooo thank you!

We wrapped it up at the beach early so we could make our anniversary dinner reservations at the Grand Cafe. The second day we were there I browsed around for restaurants and came across this one, it looked so heavenly and romantic so I went ahead and booked!
It ended up being absolutely perfect!
We requested inside, and kept it that way, and I'm soo glad we did! We had the room all to ourselves! It was so romantic and did I say perfect yet? 
Our server was Jessica and she was great! I love some Mahi so I ordered it blackened when I got it the fish was wrapped in a banana leaf for added flavor the dish came with rice, black beans, plantains, and mango salsa. I LOVE some plantains and haven't had them in forever. I had them a few years ago in Panama City and I had forgotten about them and how good they were. 
Coach had one of the specials which was his favorite, a Ribeye. It came with a lobster tail, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. 
To say the least, everything was JAM UP!!

Someone got a little fried at the beach AAAAAND forgot their wedding band at the hotel. 

You can't go without having a dessert on your anniversary dinner.. a chocolate one too may I add. Molten Lava cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. 

I think we were pretty much too stuffed to go anywhere else and do anything that we took it to the room... after I was, again, hit on by another girl. I'm telling ya those chicks just don't care, even with your husband standing right beside you!!



Tammy Jo said...

annnnnd now I wanna go to Key West :)

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