Monday, December 16, 2013

Key West//Day 5

On Monday we woke up to another beautiful sunny day and a high of 81*.
We made our way down to the hotel restaurant, Jack's Seafood Shack, for breakfast. Coach was sordove disappointed because the omelet making man wasn't there.. He loooves some omelet's!! After breakfast, Coach went back to the room because, bless him, I don't think he was feeling well being sunburned like he was. I, on the other hand, was tanning quite nicely so I made my way down to the pool and relaxed with my book and Starbuck's green tea.

Source: Interent
It was a very laid back day. Well, every day that we were there was a laid back day but we just kinda hung out and did our own thing durning this day. Coach did try and go to the gym but that didn't work out for him either, so he came to the pool for a little bit and relaxed in the shade.
We eventually made our way back to the room to get ready for a sunset and dinner. The top of La Concha is open to the public to view the sunsets. On top of the roof you can see a lot of the island! It seems like the whole island shuts down at sunset to take the beauty of it all in. Any of these sunset pictures do NOT in any way justify just how gorgeous and breath taking the sunsets actually were. The rooftop was extremely quiet with the occasional click of the shutter from a camera.

Check out this tree in the middle of the photo!

This should be Duval Street buuuut??

I thought this church was gorgeous! We passed it on the street several times.

We had no idea where to go this night for dinner so we went back to Fogerty's... and ended up having the SAME server as we had the first time we were there! She remembered us too. She guided me to the Fish Tacos, which I hear is one of their populars on menu, and they were sooo yummy! As a matter of fact I don't think we had one bad thing on the whole island. We also had lettuce wraps that were served with a curry sauce. I don't think I have ever had curry before and it doesn't sound like it would be good together but it was delicious! I really need to try and recreate some of this food.
It was a really pretty night so we ended up walking to Sunset Pier where we hung out a little bit on our second day. Coach spotted some Tarpin swimming around the dock so we sat and watched them for a while. There were some pretty big ones and they were soo shiny! It seemed like they knew we were watching them and they would flip on their side under the light for us to see.



Tammy Jo said...

I dated a guy in the Navy and my favorite pictures he would send me would be when he had duty and would get to watch the sunrise. There is no prettier way to see a sunrise or sunset than over the water. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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