Friday, December 27, 2013

Key West//Day 6

Another beautiful day in the Keys! We started out with brunch back at Jack Flats.. so yummy once again. 
We had talked about renting bikes and what did we pass on our walk to the beach? A bike rental shop! Didn't take us much time to get set up and we were on our way! I haven't been on a bike in so long I have to admit it maybe took me a split second to learn to ride again. We got our bikes locked up in the designated areas, got set up on the beach, and made our way into the water. It was SO much warmer this day and bearable for me to get in. We made our way to the rocks that were closest to us and saw so many fish! They were so pretty. 

So serious.

I told my peeps at the salon I just wanted to faceplant into the sand.. so here I am.. faceplanting.

How many pictures do you need with a sailboat?? I don't know.. Coach got a little snap happy..

We watched the sun go down at the beach and Coach had fun experimenting with the camera. There were so many sunset pictures I tried to narrow them down as much as I could. Still be prepared for picture overload.

We were sordove over seafood to say the least so we opted for Italian. We decided on THE best Italian on the island, Antonia's, but it was closed that night for a private party. We walked away with our tails tucked between our legs, but almost immediately ran into La Trattoria's. Once again, we landed at a corner window table and felt like we had the place all to ourselves!
If this place was hands down the best Italian we have had, I would LOVE to see how awesome Antonia's is. Guess we'll just have to make a trip back to find out! Hee hee!



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