Thursday, November 19, 2015

Finley // Week 17

** Mommy did such a better job on writing down your milestones for this week in my blogging journal. I love looking back on these posts and I hope you enjoy them when you get older, too. 


You must have hit a super duper growth spurt starting on Tuesday. Daddy told me how much you ate in one day when I got home from work and I was shocked!! Goodness gracious you are growing so fast little girl!

No diaper rash.. no baby acne.. no illnesses.. 
Still have a little bit of reflux but from what I've read, more spit up can happen due to swallowing spit from the drool during teething.
Speaking of teething.. you have really started to drool!!

Seeee??? If you look closely you can totally see that lengthy string of drool. Ha!
Your facial expressions that you have been doing lately really crack me up!

And, I think it's safe to say we have a thumb sucker! You found your whittle thumb several times this week. I mean you SMACKED on it pretty good at times. Bless it, I hope you grow out of this before you get all your teeth! You take a pacifier and when it's close by you have learned to grab it and try to put it in your mouth by yourself but when you can't find it, I guess you grab the next best thing.

You are such a happy baby! Everyone that asks how you are doing asks if you are an easy baby.. while I don't have anything to compare it to I feel like you are.. you sure aren't screaming for hours at a time and the only time you have fussed is when you are hungry, burping, gassy, and sleepy. 

On Monday, you did have a low grade fever but I gave you some Tylenol and it didn't take too long to go back down. I know they say teething doesn't cause low grade fevers but I believe they do.. 

You learned how to hold this rattle this week and we have to supervise when you have it because you have completely knocked yourself in the head with it. Your Daddy sterilized it one afternoon and it somewhat formed a new shape.. oops.


You were steady at 6 oz about every 4 hours, and like I said earlier Tuesday, your Daddy said you chugged a TON! Wednesday you even took 7 and pushed taking 8 oz at one time.
You get SO MAD when we try and burp you.. I mean screaming fits. The only time you haven't done this is in church, thank Jesus. 


Friday, November 13th you slept in your crib ALL night long (10-5:30AM). Due to your reflux and you being uncomfortable, we continued to let you sleep in the hammock/bassinet chair Whitney let us borrow... but we noticed that you kept trying to stretch out and you would bow your back up so we moved you completely to your crib. You have slept in it ever since and haven't fussed about it one time. Mama Jane got you a wedge that goes underneath your sheet for elevation and that must have helped too!

You just sprawl out and you LOVE it!!

By the way, your Daddy does NOT like how big this hair bow is. It's Mommy's favorite one and I need to order you a couple more. 

I remember you were in such a great mood this day!
You love playing on your gym too. You are getting really good at grabbing the objects and at times you have found yourself in the mirror.

So I went to burp you here, and you got sooo upset and started pitching a fit, and before I knew it, you found your thumb and went to town. 

When you fall asleep like this I just smooch your precious cheeks and watch you sleep.

Mommy loves propping you up in my lap with your back up against my legs but you are getting so long and big I'm not sure how much longer we will be able to sit like this! And you are being such a big girl that you try and pull yourself up to sit up all the way.

Love how happy you are and those big smiles you smile!! They are contagious!


They LOVE you! Mara has especially this week been trying to kiss all over you more than she normally does..

And she was sitting right next to you on the floor before I took this picture.

Remember I mentioned that Kyli has seemed to get quite jealous? Well here is an example of just what she's been doing lately. 

Mommy may or may not have squeezed you in this NB onesie... (insert teary eyed emoji here) Mommy loves how healthy you are and we are so blessed you are growing the way God created us to be but it just doesn't last long at all and time flies by SO FAST. 

Not many more GA games left (only one I think???) so we had to dress up for Gameday!! Actually the picture before this one was the same day, and after you spit up all over me and you, Mommy remembered it was gameday and we dressed for the occasion.

And, you and Daddy matched for the day too!!

That win against Auburn wore you out! You love napping with your Daddy and this is how you love to sit with him.

EEkkk! I could smooch on your cheeks all day long!! Did I already say that? Yes I did but I'll tell you again angel baby!

Your Daddy laid you in your bassinet and at one point I heard you stirring around.. went to check on you and by the time I got to you this is how I found you.....

A few minutes later, you were passed out AGAIN, for at least a 2 hour nap. 


Tummy time is getting easier and easier! Sometimes we time it just right where you enjoy it and other times, you are good for a few roll overs and then you are done.

You are getting so good at holding your head up but when you get tired you are a little bit of a bobble head.

Whitney gave us Brynn's 3-6 month clothes and we had to dig into the barrel for some pant pj's one night. These are actually 6 months and were a little too big but at least it gave Mommy another day to get the laundry done. I think I do your laundry more than I do mine!

On our way to church Sunday! It was a little cool that morning but then warmed up pretty fast. You are a little heater so we shed this hat pretty fast. (FYI La La crocheted this for you)

We got home and it was nap time! In one of your favorite spots!

Mommy spent the afternoon cooking and took a break to feed you.. everyone was napping and you especially were in milk coma nap heaven.

You woke up shortly after ready to G-O!

Grandma Connie got this shirt for you!

Little stinker! You look almost mischevious here.

You are loving your teething toys! 

You definitely know what your bottle is and this week you have started to reach for it the closer it gets to your mouth. You even 'held' your bottle for the first time on November 17th.. wrapped your little hands around it the best you could.

Mommy came out of the bathroom after getting ready for work and this is how I found you! So precious. I did NOT want to leave home.

sidenote: Mommy and Daddy also celebrated their 3 year anniversary on November 17th.

A little tummy time on Wednesday! It's amazing to see just how much you develop/learn in just a couple days time! Sooo fun to watch!

After you had enough of tummy time, Mommy just happened to think, 'Hmm, I'll see if you fit in your rocking chair' .. oh my goodness you sat in you rocker like a big girl!! You looked like you were SO PROUD of yourself! I have noticed that you definitely like to sit up and you enjoyed yourself here for a good bit!

I haven't seen your hand near your face like you did when you were an infant so I had to capture this sweet moment...

.. And here, you held Mommy's hand while you slept. Be still my heart.

I love your hands here while you were sleeping. So absolutely precious.

You love chilling with your Daddy! Your little hand on the pillow just cracks me up here how you are all laid back!

Just a couple more things...

On Saturday 14th, you napped for 3 long hours! You woke up, ate, stayed up for 2 hours, started yawning, I held you in your favorite spot, and you fell back asleep with no trouble for fussing.
Sleep is actually getting better and better.. You went thru some spells where you didn't sleep at all during the day and I know the time change really messed your timing up.. but you've started napping a little bit during the day and you've really been giving off cues.. rubbing your eyes and yawning.. and sometimes even 'gibbering'. Like you just talk yourself to sleep.. and that's when me and you cuddle up and take a nap.
You also rolled over twice during tummy time..
When I gave you your bath and tried to really get in those neck rolls you started laughing out loud!! It was the cutest thing ever! 
You have started to laugh out loud at times but it's almost like you aren't quite sure how to get it out yet so it comes out pretty funny.


I kept noticing that no matter what I did the back of my thighs just ached.. well when I actually took a look at them it's apparent that my spider veins got a little worse.. that's the only thing that I know could be causing me discomfort...
The stretch marks on my right side have disappeared (they were hardly there to begin with) and the stretch marks on my left side have gone from purple to a pinkish color (maybe they are fading??) The farther the are on my left side that more purple they are.. Finley laid more on the left than my right side...
I've started having severe headaches this week and after having a conversation with one of my friends, I realized that maybe its hormonal changes in my body. She was explaining to me that after having her hysterectomy that her headaches got worse so that led me to believe that maybe that's whats happening with me.. the weather also doesn't know what it wants to do here in Georgia so I know that has to be apart of it too..
I put the scale away.. I have no idea what I weigh now and I don't want to know because I'm on Day 23 of the Jamie Eason LiveFit trainer and I've been lifting pretty heavy like the program has said to do. I did measure myself last week and I had lost 1 inch in my chest, 2 or 3 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips and 1 inch in my thighs. Coach watches Finley in the mornings for me before work (if she doesn't fall back to sleep) so I can go to the gym first thing. Such a great husband! He even got one of the personal trainers numbers for me in the gym this week that I've been wanting to train with and I am so excited to call her and get something started!! (This is something he promised me while I was pregnant and like I said I am so so excited about it!!) 
Tuesday I was digging digging digging in my closet and found a pair of jeans that actually went up with ease and buttoned!! No rubber band trick with these!! whoop whoop!! The last time I checked I still had about 12-13 lbs to go so I'm definitely not where I want to be but we are making progress!
I've mostly been trying to eat Paleo and have found some pretty good recipes on the Ultimate Paleo Guide. They have been really good but I'm killing Coach with all the spicy food. Oops! Gotta change it up. Ha!!


Finley, you bless us and bring us so much joy everyday! We are blessed beyond measure that you are here with us! We love seeing you grow and seeing you learn new things everyday.. from finding your hands to seeing you really starting to grab objects well to rolling over. I love watching you and your Daddy have conversations... yes! You really do have these and they are absolutely the most precious thing to watch! One of my favorite things is getting you from nap time and just watching your face light up and smile the biggest smile when we are there to get you! I, especially, am SO EXCITED about your first Thanksgiving and Christmas! It's going to be so much fun! 
I love being home with you and your Daddy and spending the day reading to you, having 'gym' time, cuddling, napping together, having conversations with you, taking strolls outside enjoying the sunshine, and I love being home giving you bath time at night, getting you in your pj's, and rocking you. It's one of the sweetest moments. I'm so thankful for a job that I can make my own hours so I can be at home with you as much as I can! We love you so much sweet Fin - Fin!

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