Monday, November 2, 2015

Finley // Week 14

Finley, you are growing, growing SO fast and your little personality is shining! Mommy needs to get better about blogging and keeping up with your weeks so I don't forget anything but when you don't take naps it's hard for me just to put you in your chair and let you be while I'm typing away... 


You are one teething machine right now! Your fist seems to be a permanant fixture in your mouth these days and more on the right side. I feel like you try and fit your whole fist in there for sure.
Orajel is your BFF these days and it certainly calms you down when you are fussy. 

I started using Desitin on your bottom for your diaper rash and it's pretty much cleared up! I left it at home one day and used the Boudreaux's Butt Paste on you and it broke you out a little more. The mix the dr gave me to use, I still haven't tried because I still haven't been able to find one of the ingredient's.. but I'm not going to change it up now since the Desitin has certainly been working, thank goodness!!

You love your gym! You hung out here one morning while Mommy got ready for work. You've still been grabbing the rings with a firm grip!


You are still sucking down 5-6 oz. It takes you a good minute to burp most times and the rest of the time you belch like a man before we can even sit you up good. I try to burp you after every oz still to avoid you spitting up but you get MAD!! So I'll let you have about 2 oz and then we burp..
You've really been spitting up a lot more while we were waiting on your medicine to be refilled. We thought that you were on our insurance and your Daddy called last week and found out that the person who processed our info really didn't add you. What a mess its been!! I thought the doctor was going to make you come back in to get a refill but he didn't.. but, he did only give us a 30 day supply instead of 60, so I'm curious to see if you grow out of it by then or if we will be making another trip to the doctor's office.


You have still been putting yourself to bed between 7/7:30 and 8:30 and you have been sleeping until about 4AM. 
Your Daddy was gone on his last fall tournament and those mornings we went back to bed and napped.


Kyli is soooo sweet with you! This makes me so happy! When she wants attention she just patiently waits her turn.
This was one of the mornings you and I napped while Daddy was gone.. you woke up and Kyli just laid down right beside you. Her and Mara are getting to where they just really want to give you tons of kisses and I have to tell them no. You don't mind it tho when they sneak one in....

I wuv these whittle lips!!!

One night before bath time, I laid you on the bed to take your clothes off for bath time and OUT popped Kyli from underneath the comforter! She just snuggled with you while you laid there and you didn't mind at all.


You found your hands for the first time on Oct 23.. you have "found them" before but this time you REALLY looked at them.. it was so fun to watch! You've found them again several times since and you just stare at them.. sometimes you even get cross eyed bless your heart!

Your 3 month photo session! Ha!

 We are working on tummy time! Oh my goodness you get so upset...

.. but here you did OK. We are just going to continue working on it little by little..

La La brought you this shirt! 


And here you are right before church for Pastor Appreciation! 
You were sooooo happy!!

You are so at peace in church. And you are cracking me up throwing your arm over your face now when I hold you like this.. I just have to lift your arm off your face and make sure you are still breathing especially when you have long sleeves on.. and you always put your arm back no matter where I lay it off your face. Like Mommy like daughter... I most always have at least the end of the blanket over my eyes or something touching my face.

We stayed and ate lunch at the church.. You were ready to eat by the time we got in the fellowship hall. This sweet lady named Mindy came up to me and asked could she fix me a plate. I had never met her before and thought it was THE sweetest thing.. grateful there are still wonderful, thoughtful people left in this world. She fixed my plate, brought it to me, and said she had been in my shoes before. I was so thankful for her and then for Deneen who offered to finish feeding you so I could eat. I pray I can help someone too like that in the future and pay it forward.

Robbie and Deneen

Pastor Arlene.. She asked for you from across the room. 

You hold your bottles like a big girl at times!

You truly are happy, happy, happy most of the time and I'm so thankful for that. People ask are you an easy baby and while I don't have anything to compare that to, I do know that we aren't screaming for hours at a time, so I'd say YES you are! And me and your Daddy are pretty good at reading your signals too and knowing what's going on with you.

You are so happy in the mornings when we come to get you! Even when you have slept a long time, you are just cooing and doing your thing. I love to hear you 'talk'. I read to make the same noises back to you and I've learned that will keep you going most times!

You and I ran errands one afternoon, and you continued napping in your car seat for about 3 HOURS!! That was a first! You went to Pet Smart and TJ Maxx for the first time.. we even stopped by Ingles to get dog food for the 3 Amigas. You had no problem at all shopping all afternoon.. shop til you drop and you dropped! Mommy has a video of you waking up and being all smiles.. please see your personal inbox for that 

And oh my goodness, this is definitely one of my all time favorite pictures. I think it speaks 'why' for itself....

 You napped like this for a little bit this past week but your reflux has really been bothering you since we missed a few days of your meds.. Mama Jane got you a wedge for elevation (so we don't have to use towels under the mattress anymore) but you work your way down and you end up flat.. so that doesn't help your chest much.

Wednesday night before halloween, Whitney invited us to their church festival....

This was before.. you were gnawing like crazy..

We listened to some praise and worship while we were getting ready..

You slept all the way there..

And we got you in your costume and ready for some fun!

You were OK at first but they had to have it inside because of the rain and it was SO loud!
You didn't like it at all and was pretty upset the whole entire time we were there..

You and Briggs met up again!!
He was still trying to get to you.. he's such a happy go with the flow baby! Weeee held you for a while and calmed you down and I got to hold Brigg's for a little bit.. We even saw Molly Jewel and Brynn.
Y'all were cracking us up with your paci's! You two were both so tired.
I know you were hot too.. you turn into a little heater.


I started back in the gym with Jamie Eason and it. was. wonderful.!!! Finley had been getting up around 6 and 6:30ish and she eats and always goes back down for a few more hours. While her bottle was warming I would go ahead and take my Catalyst, MNS, Thermoplus and Spark and drink my shake. By the time I laid her back down, I was ready to go. I LOVE going that early because there is hardly no one there and I don't have to fight over the machines. People really do hog them and just take over and another thing that really annoys me is when they sit down on a machine on their phone. #aintnobodygottimefodat And, it really gets my blood pumping and gets me going and I'm done for the day. Whoop whoop! Coach has really been good about me having my time to go to the gym.. this is one thing we discussed before Finley joined us is that he would have no problem watching her so I could get back into a workout routine. 

I'm still holding around 145 and it will fluctuate to 148 sometimes. I really just need to put the scale up and stop obsessing. Don't ask me why but for some reason one morning I tried on my favorite jeans.. by some miracle they went on but there was no way I was wearing them out in public... I was walking pretty stiff legged and I just knew when I lifted my leg to get into the truck they would rip right down the crotch. Since it's getting cooler and I've had to look for long sleeved shirts, I have found that some are a little snug around the chest. My bras even cut into me and Coach told me to go buy some new ones but I think I'll just wait.


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