Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Finley // Week 15


We are so thankful and feel so blessed that you are a healthy baby! Your diaper rash has cleared up, your teething has seemed to get better (you are still gnawing tho and you have even sucked your thumb a couple of times) I've prayed for your reflux/spit up to get better, your baby acne hasn't returned at all, and except when you have a tummy ache, need to burp, or you are fighting sleep, you are ALL smiles! 

On Tuesday November 3rd, we did notice you weren't smiling as much, so I checked Wonder Weeks and it said you were going thru a leap and it's exact words were that 'you would seem like you have lost your spunk'. Definitely could tell a huge difference in you.. 


You are eating 6oz about every 4 hours except when you are sleeping at night, you can go longer.


On Thursday night, you slept for 11 hours! You had stayed up pretty much the whole day before .. no naps at all.. so I can imagine that you were exhausted! 


They are loving the back deck! It has done nothing but rain here for what seems like forever, there are memes going around on facebook about Atlanta being 'Seattle, Georgia'. 

I LOVE this picture of you and Mara!

You love your 4 legged sisters and they love you!


You still smile ALL the time..
You are cooing and babbling all the time too! Me and your Daddy are certain you are gonna love talking (wink wink)..

You still don't like tummy time but we are working on that! ..

You were my cooking partner in the kitchen this week! You were happy, happy, happy and we 'talked' the whole time..

You still love bath time! And you have done this since you were born..
You hold your right fingers like this...

And your left fingers like this...

cracks me up! I love it!

I love these precious smiles and your cheeks! I could just smooch the mess out of them all day long and that's pretty much what I've done every chance I get! Ahhh! Soaking up all the precious moments with you!! Time flies by so quickly!

You love watching TV with your Daddy.. especially MLB .. it's y'alls favorite channel!

You celebrated your 1st Halloween! You were not too thrilled about this tutu for sure. 

We went to Mama Jane's for a painting class Mom put together and this is how you were pretty much the whole time except when we first got there and of course when you ate.. Halloween wore you out!

 You did let me get a few more pics at home before you called it d. o. n. e.

I wanted to dress up with you but didn't have a costume so I started Googling last minute costumes and found a deer. I wanted to do some kind of antlers but totally forgot about it by the time we got home. I'm so excited for future Halloween for us to dress up as a family!

Thank you to Whiiii for letting you borrow Brynn's elephant costume!

Mommy finally got this shirt washed and we wore it after Halloween. But hey, that's OK and you rocked it! And, a funny story, (well its funny to me anyway), you were sitting in my lap and we were having our latest conversation .. you completely paused for a little bathroom break and Mommy started singing smelly cat to you.. "smelly cat smelly cat what are they feeding you!" ... I'll explain later. Hahaha! 

(I hope this post shows up good! I'm having to finish from my phone because my laptop completely froze up. A trip to apple is in store for me because I need to learn how to clean my laptop off and hopefully get an upgrade!)


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